Thursday, 15 December 2016

Overwhelmed and Humble


I don't really know where to start with this post other than I feel I need to in some way express my thanks to everyone.
When I did my blogpost yesterday and posted about the fire it was to highlight the issue and if in some way I could stop just one person ever going through this my mission was complete. Little did I know!

My social media has gone ballistic LOL

But I have seen so many of you saying you have unplugged and will never leave them on again - thankyou!! Thankyou so much, phew! I've even seen some people cut the plugs off and I'm pleased about that too! We were actually throwing the Fusebox switch off when we were leaving work till we came in next day and realised the fridge stank and the milk was off LOL, so fusebox stays on but everything else goes off now.

And I don't know what to say, it seems like just saying thanks isn't enough, it can never be enough.
I keep choking up at all your messages but today is day 8 and at day 3 I vowed not to cry any more and I've tried to keep to it - not always succeeding but almost. The way I figure it is that sad doesn't make you happy it just sucks the life out of you. It's there yes but it won't win, positivity is the winner always.
But Kris and I just don't know where to start thanking everyone for all the 100s and 100s of amazingly kind thoughts, wishes and comments you've all thrown at us, it really is an incredibly humbling experience.  So many offers of help to decorate, send craft stuff, clothes, makeup, furniture, money, our jaws ache from dropping and we can never in a million years express how grateful we are that you all care enough to even offer to help.
That old saying you find out who your friends are when you need them - could not be more true. And I have found that I have the most amazingly generous and loving friends and family I could wish for and whom I will never be able to repay enough although I will do my damnedest to try.  And you guys - all of you, most of whom I don't even know other than that you craft or have maybe bought my products - you have all restored our faith in humanity this week, you've all just been incredible.

One thing we came to realise though within 24 hours....the things you need in life are not 'things' at all. The Fire Brigade took us into the house to recover anything we needed...we walked out with a pair of smokey trainers, a coat and medication and nothing else. We didnt need anything else and even after clearing most of downstairs (we can't get upstairs at the moment as there are no stairs LOL!) we have just taken 1 small carrier bag of stuff out that we didnt want to lose.

So please don't think we're ungrateful if you offer and we say we don't need anything. It's just true, and both of us are very adamant that going forward 'We will have less and give more'.  You read all this stuff and scoff when you see it, but genuinely, I totally get it.

Some amazingly kind and wonderful people from my crafty world have sent me craft stuff this week - thankyou ladies, you know who you are and I am forever grateful.

I know some of you have read between the lines and figured out we had no insurance - I won't even go there at how this ridiculousness has happened, but make sure yours is up to date.  Bizarrely I took out a new policy the other day - who knows, a lorry might come crashing through the front wall and what is left will just fall to a small heap of rubble LOL.
And overall in the face of adversity my only advice is this - make a plan. A long term plan or goal. I never liked this house there were a lot of things that needed fixing, updating and changing and we could never afford or had the time to do, we've had a lot of rubbish things happen while we lived in this house. So my plan is this...we're gonna fix this house now and in 7 years time it's our Silver Anniversary and we will be living in a lovely new house and it will be called the Silver House. So we have our Silver plan, it's realistic and achievable and it will happen. This is Silver day 8 already so I need to get a move on, I havent done much the past 7 days and theres a lot of things that need to be fixed.

And to leave you on a positive note about seeing the funny side of things....
1. We got a new bargain TV 4 weeks ago.... some bargain that was!
2. Because we got the new TV we had to get a new TV unit which made the TV not a bargain at all. The TV unit was a nightmare to put together - we both just looked at it and looked at each other and swore at it
3. The fire was Tuesday. The day before, Monday, we had a brand spanking new mattress delivered which we got in the Black Friday sale. It was a nightmare to get upstairs and we slept on it once LOL! You can't make it up!
4. The fire burned the cobwebs away
5. Mr Doodles pretended to the Fire Service the fire had wrecked the back bedroom when in fact the stuff all over was in fact just his mess strewn everywhere!
6. We were slighly disappointed that I'd moved a packet of corn kernels from the cupboard directly above the dryer to another one when in fact we could have walked in to a whole kitchen full of freshly popped popcorn which would have been hilarious
7. The only clothes left were IN the dryer - figure that one out.
8. When I was clearing the dreaded 'junk' drawer in the kitchen the guarantee & warranty for the dryer was still in there! #karma
9. A neighbour popped round with a tray of tea for us when we were clearing up - my dad pulled said washing out of the dryer exclaiming 'look at this, how are these not ash' , to my horror holding up the washing which is welded to a big clump of melted plastic and hanging from said clump by a thread was a pair of big blue horrid nickers. Thanks Dad!
10. I was intending to start decorating over Xmas - thank god I hadn't already done it I wouldve been livid LOL.

And this is why you gotta laugh. Cry, laugh, blow your nose, move on.
Millions and Millions of people with no homes, no sleeping bag, no food, no family, no money to buy new nickers.

Ciao you lovely lovely people xxx