Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year - Silver Day 25

Happy New Year!

We forget how lucky we are.
There is always someone so much worse off than you and I now remember this every day when I am about to complain about something.

Losing everything you ever had - or almost everything.

Kindness can help to conquer all these.
And unkindness can crush when you have just one.
Most people are just 1 or 2 paychecks away from losing their home.
In my book if you are not listed in any of these categories you're pretty damn lucky to be here on the planet with a good life.
So I'm grateful, truly grateful for everything.

It's there, all over my social media timeline...can't wait for 2017, what a sh*t year it's been etceteraaaa etceteraaaa.
Don't let one or two bad events, bad days, weeks, dictate your life.
Think negatively and you'll be negative and it will seem that negative things happen to you. I don't understand why we all insist on waking up each day with this mindset. You just have to sit and think about it for 10 minutes and it becomes SO obvious.  Even on the crappiest of days look at the positive things which have occurred and you will only see those. And the next day and so on. Positive people still have crap things happen on a daily basis, they're not special, sh*t happens to us all. Don't let it define you. I don't have sh*t days any more. Sh*tty five minutes yes, I experience sh*tty events that occur, hey ho.
I totally get that being ill can put a different spin on all of this of course, but being ill, however serious, doesn't mean you need to spend the rest of your days living in a negative mindset. On December 6th I could have died. Simple as that. If I had, I wouldnt really have known about it anyway, it's hardest for the people you leave behind. And when my time comes then so be it and the thought that the people who care whether I'm here or not will think of me being miserable fills me with horror, I want them to think of me as happy and a joy to be around not 'thank god the moaning minnie has shuffled off'.
We all have the choice unless we're so ill someone else has to turn off the machine.
So choose to make yourself happy, deal with the crapola, push it out of the way and continue on your way. When youre walking on the footpath you don't stop when you see the dogpoop in your way, you flick it away with a stick and walk around it.

For us, 2016 was...
  • working hard and feeling worn out ALL the time
  • battling with permanent deadlines which almost made me lose my sanity and give in at times
  • having the car stolen from outside my house whilst sitting 5ft away blissfully unaware
  • opening the door to see the thieves bring back the car, only for them to drive it away again
  • my hair starting to fall out
  • business partnerships which promised the earth and were exciting but let you down creatively to the point you wish you hadn't bothered wasting the time and effort
  • losing out on a business award and not winning £3000 because of a technicality that didnt exist
  • the fire and the loss of 2 kitties
  • realising you have no insurance because you were a dumbass and didnt read the letter properly
  • throwing out almost every posession you ever had due to fire/smoke damage
  • standing in the street with one carrier bag with 3 things in it and nothing else but the clothes on your back and the car...
  • being lucky to be self-employed and not having to answer to anyone else
  • the sense of achievement of getting through seemingly impossible deadlines
  • getting the car back 5 weeks later when it was found hiding in the next street
  • having our products launched in the US on the world's largest TV shopping network and working with amazing people that helped us to get there - being in a partnership with someone who totally 'gets me' and my ideas
  • being selected for a major business award and being told we'd have won if I had just explained something a little better, together with the great experience we had and having to make a proper speech in front of some very VIP people, and being proud that my speech was totally different to all the others even though the other people were clearly more corporate big businesses and should have been way way better than me
  • realising that winning the award didnt matter and really rooting for someone else to win over yourself and being more gutted they didnt win when you really felt they deserved to
  • throwing out 16 years of hoarding, stuff you don't need, never did need and never will need again without any regret other than all the money you wasted buying it in the first place
  • the realisation that finally you can actually do the house up and put right all the things you should've done when you first moved in but never had the time to do
  • realising how kind people actually are that complete strangers have your back and will offer a helping hand when you need it and are at your most vulnerable without even having to ask
  • feeling the most humble and grateful I have ever been
  • realising that it's ok to not be proud sometimes and that letting people help is an ok thing
  • truly valuing and being thankful for the people in your life that really mean something
  • being more forgiving and realising there are bigger issues in the world than your own even when you think your own world just came crashing in
  • realising that there is ALWAYS someone much worse off than you, even when you are at your lowest
  • realising that you are so strong nothing can actually break you because you won't let it
So to all of you who've helped me get through the past 3 weeks - yes it's only 3 weeks and it feels like 3 months...THANKYOU. Truly, Thankyou. Not enough but right now I can't say anything more powerful than that. Thankyou for your messages, your help, your support by buying our latest products, your offers of stash, furniture, hair products, offers to help come cleanup, even offers to buy us new cats. Thankyou all so so much. You will never know how much it has helped and is appreciated.

So, let's all have a very very Happy New Year.
Hello 2017!
Nice to meet you, can't wait to see what you have in store cos I'm ready and waiting!