Friday, 11 December 2015

Colouring challenge at Graph'It...

So it's time for another challenge over at Graph'It blog today  - head on over and join in, it's an easy theme to follow and join in with and you can win one of 3 random prizes! 

I havent had chance to put this little fella onto a card yet but he was really great to colour. 
Now I have to admit I was really lazy this week - I printed him onto a really duff 80gsm copy paper which just happened to be in the printer and didnt realise till i came to colour him, but I didnt have much option by then so I had to just go with the duff paper and the feeling of dread, knowing how much my markers would bleed.
What happened next was a complete accident really - yes, honestly! I coloured up really quickly and as the paper was almost like blotting paper it soaked the ink so fast I realised that I was getting a bit of a watercoloured look completely unintentionally so I just went with it. I just added my blender to smooth out the blends back into the white paper and left it at that, but was super careful with the reds and made sure I coloured inside the lines - I've got so used to Graph'its not bleeding ever that it was a real shock to the system, I felt like I was colouring with some of my markers from the bad old days LOL.
I wanted to give a feeling of depth and temperature so I added a little blue shadow snowman behind him for a background effect and lots of snowflakes and some snowballs. When you colour snow it's important to pay more attention to the shadows to give yourself a feeling of depth otherwise it just looks one dimensional - make sure you get blue greys and some neutral greys involved in the shadows too....

Colours used: 7101, 7105, 7110 cheeks 4145
Red 5245, Green 8110, 8120, orange 3150
Grey 9400, 9404, Blue grey 9101, 9104

Lots of blender

You can find out more about the image and where to get it over on the 
Graph'It blog 
so go and have a peek and don't forget to enter!

See you soon!

p.s. I havent picked my giveaway winner yet - I'll catch up with this over the Christmas period when I have more time! xx