Friday, 18 September 2015

Patterns and Palette with Graph'It alcohol markers

Time for another lovely colouring challenge over at Graph'It today!

I feel like I cheated a little with the pattern but I really really wanted to colour this and make all that water - it just seems to me like this is a porthole and she is swimming through it from the sea and all that water is gushing through....I used the Blues colour palette but I had to add some purples and greens so in the end it changed, but hey! that's what colour palettes are there for - to inspire us and help us along the way.
The image is from our special sponsor Niki Burnett and you can get it using the links over on the blog HERE....
The main challenge for me here was that I used the Blender and Mix It fluid and Palette very heavily on this image to give me loads of really lush blending and effects.

The Mix'It palette is a substrate which allows you to custom blend your Graph'It colours onto and then pick the colour up with a blender to give you a much softer instead of adding colour to the image and then trying to blend it out ON the paper, you mix the colour with Mix'It fluid, use the blender to pick it up and then apply - resulting in soft fluffy clouds like on this one - just keep using your blender pen to soften the edges as you build up the colour in layers....(you really need to do this with a brush nib)
I used the same palette technique on the water and on the tail - helping me create an almost luminous effect because you can add more and more layers without worring about blending everything out and making a mess - you need to practice a little first. I used my Graph'It Shake white pen (desert island product for me) to add definition to the water coming through the porthole and to add splashes.
Colours used:
Skin: 4101, 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105, 6110 lilac, 6130 Lilac cheeks 4145, 4135
Blues/greens on mermaid and sea: 7220, 7240, 7260, 7280, 6145, 6150, 6155, 6195
Reds: 5220, 5245, 5280