Saturday, 26 September 2015

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils, the Pencil Case colouring challenge and me!

Hey!! It's the Pencil Cases 3rd challenge today whoop whoop!!  I love using pencils, don't you? Don't get me wrong I adore my Graph'It alcohol markers but I love all colouring mediums and I like to use them all - if I had my way they would ALL be on one piece! 
I have well and truly fallen in love with my Lyra Rembrandt Polycolours though and believe me when I say I have a LOT of pencils at home, I think I've tried them all haha! I was always a humongous fan - and still am- of Prismacolour but I have to admit they've kinda been ousted off the pedestal a little right now...I'm just finding these so much easier to use!

I've hurt my neck recently in one of those freakish things where you just wake up one day in agony...only it hasn't vanished and it's been a month now - yes getting better each day but it's really affecting my colouring ability in terms of the amount of pressure I can use but I've still been able to use my Polycolours even when it's been at it's worse and I havent even been able to move my head! So much easier on the hands too, I don't get any aching at all which is another thing I suffer with a lot....
Anyway, this is the make for today, using one of the sponsor's images which is pretty cute - look over on the blog here to find out about it and you can win some great prizes too!

Cara also coloured this image and did such an amazing job on hers and nicked one of the colours I wanted to use so I had to change tack a little and go down the green and purple route...
I really wanted to get a nice glow from the fairy wand so I left that area right to the end to make sure I could really get some great blending. I really didnt use that many colours on this image and just laid down lots and lots of layers to build up the colour...I don't know what paper I'd printed this on but it was pretty awful & didn't give a lot of tooth so I need to get rid so I don't end up with more LOL!....
Colours I used: Skin Fairy: 31 Medium Flesh, 82 Brown Ochre, 76 VD brown, 27 Lt Carmine cheeks
Hair: 37 Blue violeet, 36 Dark violet, 41 delft Blue
Dress: 67 Veridian   Wand glow: 83 Gold Ochre, 21 P Geranium Lake
Witch: Hat/dress/shoes: 39 Lt Violet, 37 Blue Violet - + 33 Wine Red on Dress, Cloak Black
Witches face - skin as per Fairy with a layer of 68 Moss Green over the top
Background colours: sky - 15 Dark Orange, Black, 24 Rose Carmine...landscape: Black + violets, Foreground: 67 Veridian + 83 Gold ochre

See ya soon!