Saturday, 29 August 2015



Premium Art Brands recently asked me to be the UK Brand Ambassador for Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour Pencils and of course I had to say a massive YES and once I tried them it took me all of 30 seconds to make up my mind!
I will be bringing these to Create and Craft for you soon to show you how lovely they are in the flesh, but in the meantime we have started a brand new Pencil Challenge Blog for you to soak up the inspiration the team will be showing you every fortnight so please please head over and follow us at

I am so excited to be able to show you this fab range of pencils. I've been using a couple of other brands for years and I have to say that these exceeded my expectations considering the price of them - high quality for a low price and that's a winner in my book! So it was always a bit of a given that I was going to fall in love with these, wasn't it!
If you want to see more about the Rembrandt Polycolour range you can see a little short video I made just to show and introduce you to them here

I made a different image for this challenge but then I was playing around the other day with some ice effects and I thought I'd use this instead for my first make because it really shows you what you can do with these pencils I think....I have to thank Alyce Keegan for inspiring me with the ice, I was just doodling and wanted to make a kind of ice sculpture effect so it was a little weird! When I came to make the card I decided to cut the image out and bend the flower backwards, so this card is actually an easel folded although you can't really tell. I was so pleased I cut her out because it made the whole thing really 3D, goes to show what a little cutting can do....

The image is from the Polkadoodles Octavia Frosted Winter collection HERE.
I am ashamed to say I got so carried away with my colouring that as usual I forgot to write the colours down, shame on me! I actually coloured this on our 160gsm Ultimate Graphic paper which is very smooth but not quite super smooth. It just has enough tooth for me but I am definitely playing around with different papers and board to get different effects. If you don't understand what 'Tooth' means - it's the amount of layers of fibre within the paper - the more layers you have the more pigment you can lay down...think of it like little cells that have to absorb the colour - so the more cells and layers, the more colour you can lay down. Lots of people love watercolour board but this gives you loads of texture so just play around and find what YOU like, there is no right or wrong!
What I love about these pencils is the lumosity and vibrance of colour - the ice actually looks transparent here and believe me it's not, it's just the turquoises and blues on white card...

From memory I know I used: skin - medium flesh, brown ochre, rose madder lake, van dyck brown
Hair and Coat: the 3 purple tones that are actually more red!
clothing: the aqua colours - turquoise, peacock blue etc
boots and fur: blue violet, violet and aqua/turquoise

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