Friday, 12 June 2015

Feeling the blues

Time for more colouring over at Graph'It blog today! Go see what's occurrin!

We're all trying to use colour palettes for inspiration to stretch our colour choices more but I have to admit I'm finding it rather hard LOL! I'm kind of a get on with it gal when it comes to my colouring and I just go with the flow but this was the palette I had in mind for this week...
Gorgeous tones! I'm such a muted fan it's really hard for me to venture into the 6150 area which is round where you will find cyan and the brighter blues shown on the palette here. Cyan is a cornerstone of any blue combination, it's one of the core colours which make up the entire colour wheel along with magenta, yellow and black, so it's important. When i'm trying to choose a blue I always look at cyan as my midtone and then tend to choose more of a muted version so the 61's are the colours I tend to use more in my colouring. I veered off this colour palette a little as I was viewing it on my phone and didnt realise I had a colour filter applied as I was viewing it haha! I'm such an idiot sometimes LOL! I basically used the palette as a guide but went with a more muted version of the colours as I wanted a really soft look to my sad little girl (this is Oddella Twigs from Polkadoodles).  
I actually added way more colour to this than I originally intended, I wanted to show you that you don't always have to colour really heavily, sometimes a few flicks of well placed colour is all you need so really I just paid attention to the face, hair and the water so this only took about an hour to colour...
I used:
Skin: 4105, 4150, 3105, 3120
Hair: 6101, 6105, 6110, 6119
Clothing: Dress 4110, 3210 Tights: 6180, 3210, 4110 with Grey brushliner Boots 3105, 3210, 4110
Water: Grey Brushliners plus 6150 applied over the top, 8120 for the grass
Graph'It White Shake, Graph'It Fineliner .005 and Graph'It Brushliner (all 4)

I am also loving using the brand new Graph'It waterbased Pigmented Fineliner pens - these are super fine and are available in a range of different size blacks which are perfect for getting into those tiny areas and adding some really dark black shadows just where you need to fill in - you know where you get a tiny bit of white that you just cant get even the finest nib into. The .003 Fineliner is just sublime and there is only one other pen brand that has this tiny size, it's so fine it's barely there but they finish off your images perfectly.

Graph'It have also just launched a new set of Black and Grey Fine Brushliners - and OMG you NEEEED these!!! The fine brush is just superb! These are currently available in black and 3 shades of grey and again are waterbased pigmented. I have been experimenting a little with these and I'm loving using them again just to finish off and add some extra definition to my work at the end. I used them here on the water under her feet - they blend a little but allow you to still get some texture and the brush is just amazing to work with, again if you find it hard to get the fine alcohol marker nib into some areas these are perfect for assisting you. They are really designed  for sketching and drawing but I am seriously in love with them.

See you soon! x