Sunday, 24 May 2015 more ways than one.

Hi!! Thought today I'd share an image i just love from my new Serenity Fairy collection which you can find at the end of this post.

I'm not a patient crafter, I'm the kinda gal that needs instant gratification so if things take me too long I lose interest very quickly, I've never been the sort of person that can dip in and out of the same project over a few days like a lot of people gives me brain drain! even with decorating I'm the same - the whole entire room has to be done in the same day or it never gets finished, probably the reason I'm so desperately in need of decorating at home LOL.

Anyways, I've neglected my Prisma's for a while and I'm a big believer in just going with the flow and doing what you FEEL at that precise moment. I got the pencils out a few weeks back and I totes wasnt feeling the love so I put them away with a MEH! yesterday I got them out again, stroked and oo'd a little and got to work.

The reason I love pencils is the texture you can achieve and you can get such a soft look or you can layer and layer and get real depth depending on what you do with them. I see so much talk about using the blender pencil with Prisma's and I think this is a bit of a falsey really...yeah it's GREAT having the blender pencil but to be honest I think if you're treating your pencils right, you don't really need it and it prevents your work getting too 'waxy' if you keep it to a minimum.

As with any colouring medium, whether it's paint or watercolour or whatever - if you don't give yourself the skills of knowing about light and how colour works you'll never achieve 100% of what you can do and get what the medium can give you back.

With Prisma's, IN MY OPINION, it's very much about layering. Layer on layer on layer will produce the depth of colour and smoothness you want.
I also see a lot of hoohah about using xyz cardstock or paper for pencils....yada yada....

You can use ANY medium on ANY substrate and it will perform, it's just that it performs differently so it really depends on what you want to achieve. Again I see a lot of 'you should be using a paper with tooth like watercolour board'...erm for me, you should be using what you feel like! Ok so i know everyone wants to be the best they can but really, we should all stop trying to be what we perceive everyone else to be and just CREATE. If you let go of the chains of comparing your work to others who you perceive to be the best it will help you find the freedom in your work to improve as you see fit.
This whole thing is about DISCOVERY.
Discover what your Prisma's are like on a super smooth card compared to a watercolour card - you never know, you might like it!
Personally I much prefer my Prisma's on Super Smooth! Now admittedly, not every SS will be the same and as always I use my Ultimate Graphic 160gsm which for me performs for everything except watercolours. I dont like pencils on watercolour board unless it's a really really smooth board because the paper gives me more texture than I want. I want to dictate to the pencil how much texture I want, rather than the substrate dictating to me! Call me bossy I don't care, it's my piece and I want it how I want it! so there!

Anyway, so getting back to this, I like my points blunt so I can blend better and dont get hard lines, and I like my strokes verrrrrry soft like feathers.
Light feathery strokes.
Lots and Lots of layers - build up the colour gently and as you go you will find the blending happens on it's own with a softness you'll never achieve with a Blender pencil.
And remember - once you get that blender involved it pushes and waxes that pigment up so it becomes harder to then layer and move that colour around again.
I use the blender when i want to set the pencil basically. But that's my way.

I totally messed up the face on this by not leaving it alone when I should so I wanted to share my secret - I got a paintbrush and some Sansador fluid and basically removed some of the colour back out so I could restart on the face (it was the cheeks which I picked the wrong red up and ended up with an almost Aunt Sally across the cheek area). So brush it right out, really gently and slowly and then you can redo. a godsend.

By this time I'd lost the will to live I'd been faffing so long, so for once in my life I walked away. And finished it again this morning. Whoop! So in total I've spent about 3 or 4 hours on this compared to my normal max 1.5hr boredom threshold.

I forgot to add that I also added a titchy tiny bit of Vintage Photo Distress Ink...tiny bit with my DI marker in the hair to add definition in the darkest points and I used a paintbrush under her bum and legs on the mushroom just to get a nice smooth shadow (be wary if you try this, the inks sit ON the waxiness and move around a lot so you need a very light touch or you'll mess it up!)

And in the end I was quite chuffed, but mainly because I loved the mushroom.

The image is Serenity Blossom and you can get her here from the Polkadoodles website.