Thursday, 15 August 2013

More more more!

Morning campers!

Just thought I'd share another quick make with you today and share a bit more of the Sizzix luuurve I have going on right now! And the Bonbon Belles luuuuurve too of course! ; )

This was SO quick to make! Take an 8 x 8" card, cut it down the spine and then fold one half to make an 8 x 4" card instead. I covered it with paper from the Bonbon Belles collection and a simple Butterfly topper with the gorgeous birdhouse on it.

I've always loved doing things at jaunty angles and my thang is to have stuff hanging off the edge I think. For some reason I've ALWAYS done this right from the very first card I ever made I think...I know this because I have always had issues finding envelopes to fit haha! Luckily when I first started crafting I worked for an envelope manufacturer so I can make envies to fit anything in a snip without the need for any kind of Envelope thingamajiggy! :D 

Anyhoo, I added another of my favourite Sizzix frames and more of those lush Intricate flowers (I make batches of them up at the same time and keep them bagged so I can snaffle a few when I need to) which were (yawwwwnn) yep you guessed it, coloured with my fave Pan Pastels! I tinted the frame too at the same time then just added some bunting, again from the CD.

So that's me for today! I have an uber busy week this week as I have a Create and Craft show coming up on Sunday 18th at 2pm which is a colouring show and then a top secret very exciting project to do on Monday 19th so it's a bit manic around here with lots of prep!

Oh! and make sure you tune in on the 18th as there is something fabulous and new which can be grabbed - 4 in fact and I can't wait because they're lush!