Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Clean and Simple...

Hey everyone, been absent for a little while as usual, nothing changes does it! I'm having a little sneaky day off today following a hectic day on Create and Craft yesterday, during which I got a bad migraine so I think I deserve a chillax day! Not that it's really a day off anyway as I've still been working away at home on the pooter anyway haha!

Anyway, I thought it was time to share a few makes as I've been absent! Last week I demo'd in our local Hobbycraft store where they asked me to show die-cutting. It was a bit of a damp squib even though it was baking hot outside, but I think lots of people had gone off for the day with it being the start of school holidays and such a beautiful day. Anyway, as I was sitting there, all on my lonesome it meant I had time to do what I wanted for a change and I decided to get all my lovely Sizzix dies at the ready and see what pretties I could make.

I've always been a massive Sizzix fan and consider them the original inspiration behind die-cutting. I saved like mad to buy my first red machine, which was a good 12 years ago now I think, and it was so hard to get hold of! They really did revolutionise crafting at the time and my red mosheen was an absolute must have - lots of people were very jealous of it I can tell you! My first dies I bought were an alphabet and numbers set and to this day I say everyone should posess a set of alphas, they are so versatile. And in fact, I have 3 or 4 Sizzix ones that I still use now, just goes to show that dies are a lifetime purchase really!  Anyway, I digress, now that technology has moved on I have my new machine, my beloved and very pretty Big Shot and I'm now saving fro my Pro! I have just the right sized space for it to go lol! Anyway, I am seeing SO many beautiful dies from Sizzix right now, I think they're really on the mark with designs. I'm so tired of seeing the same old frames and shapes all the time from the other brands, it's getting complete overload and a bit zzz's for my taste, lovely as they are. I personally think Sizzix put a lot of thought into their designs and give more shapes which can actually be used over and over to make something really lovely. Recently I've bought loads of great sets including some of the Susan's Garden sets which are just stunning, I'll show you some of those later on (in fact I love the current Sizzix ones so much that I've started to stock them in the shop here).

Anyway this card is one of the ones I made on Saturday...clean and simple and nothing else needed I think....

This uses the frame die Ornate Oval which I think is just stunning, plus a flower from the Intricate flowers set which has already become one of my most fave sets of all time - SO much you can do with this, it's a real staple!

All I did was use a paper from the Bonbon Belles CD (Marshmallow Fluff Colourburst) and then colour tinted my frame and the flower with Pan Pastels using Permanent Red and Phthalo Green with a little Orange in the centre underneath. So pretty even if I do say so myself! The sentiment is also from the CD and again colour tinted with Pan Pastels. Love 'em!

Right, I'll be back tomorrow with another! xx