Friday, 21 June 2013

Busy Busy but exciting times!

Hello!! I apologise yet again for my absence but I seriously need a ghost blogger! I think my problem is I have to make things so far in advance that I then forget to blog them 2 or 3 months down the road!

Anyway I just popped in to give you some exciting news....this week we moved business premises to a larger and more versatile building - and we love it already! It's been a tough week and we are all shattered - it's amazing how moving turns into such an epic endurance test! We thought it would take us 3 days to move and unpack but man o man, it's turned into a 7 day event at least!

So why is this so exciting? Well, back in March we decided that we would open up our unit as an Outlet store - we have all this stock just sitting there so it makes sense that local people can come and visit to shop if they wish rather than just buying online, plus it coincided with the introduction of my regular monthly classes again...but we decided, more or less at the same time, to move and find somewhere bigger, so we haven't really advertised the outlet and with commitments we haven't been able to man it properly either. We currently have a small stock but will be adding items to this that we don't usually sell online for various reasons and hope to build up a good stock of basics including adhesives and cardstock which we know you need on a regular basis.

So the great thing is we now have a much bigger Outlet area - and instead of just being able to accommodate 10 people at a squeeze for a class, we can now comfortably fit 18 bodies and also move around the tables to shop comfortably too! :D Yay!!

PLUS, as we now have dedicated class space we are going to open this up FREE of charge to local crafting groups to come along and use (bookings only of course). We have the space so therefore we want you to use it!  There will still be times when the space is not available and the Outlet will not be open due to our other commitments such as shows and Create & Craft etc but we will post the Outlet Diary online and ensure it's updated regularly.  So watch out on the website for more information - we will be open for Outlet business from (grr cat is laid asleep on my diary and I dont have the heart to move him!)...Wednesday 26th June! ....just go check the website, I will add the dates tomorrow!

I'll be back soon, I promise with some makes! xx

(edited: forgot to tell you where we are!!
We are now located at Unit 15 Bull Commercial Centre, Stockton on Forest, York YO32 9LE (next door to the VERY lovely Deans Garden Centre which has an awesome cafe so is great for a little trip out, plus you can dump the OH at the garden centre and walk 20 yards to come to us!!!BONUS!)