Sunday, 14 April 2013

That Sunday feeling!

Hey my Lovelies!

Quick heads up today as I have a really busy week! I thought I had an easy week coming up after some hectic ones but who was I kidding, I really must read my diary every day to get a grip on reality haha!

You'll find me on Ideal World (Create & Craft's sister TV channel) at 5pm on Wednesday 17th with another Premium Art Brands show - I can't wait!!

I promise to be getting a little messy and oh my! you know what that means!! Yep, when I say messy I don't go half measures so I hope you can join me with some LOVELY brand new products we're bringing to you! The guys at PAB really know what us crafters love, for sure! Plus there'll be some old faves on there including Pan Pastels too which I know you all adore and love ; )

I have a family funeral to attend on Thursday so I hope I manage to get rid of the mess and my hands aren't too ugly or it won't do will it, Nanny will be on her little cloud above shaking her head at me if she sees me turn up in a state to wave her off LOL!

Then on Saturday I'll be at the York Hobbycraft store with a fabulous workshop with some lovely ladies. We had a last-minute cancellation on Friday I think so there might be 2 places left but please make sure you call us to book or book online.

I've been asked to blog the card I made on Friday's 8am show and I WILL do this but it will be after the weekend as I had to give the card away and I don't have time to remake it again before the workshop, but I promise to give you the instructions, just bear with me!

In the meantime, I've added all the show samples to the website gallery now for Fredericka, there are some real beauties in there!

And here is a little sneaky peek of something coming up on Tuesday too!

; D
see ya there!