Monday, 1 April 2013

Catching up!

Hi everyone!

Finally found my camera after looking high and low all week...must have searched my handbag like a zillion times and there it was in the inside pocket....grrr....

I hope you all enjoyed the Sunday Scrappers show last week with myself and the lovely Deano again, we had a great time and it was so nice to be able to do something different for a change...I had so many lovely comments after the show about the little book I made and many of you asked if I could blog it so here it is.  I'm sorry but I've been rushed off my feet this week so I haven't had chance to do anything with it yet so it's in a bit of a sorry half-finished state from the show LOL!!
If you didn't see the show, I made this using Heidi Swapp papers and embellies plus some Theresa Collins bits and pieces and my own Picknix collection...a really good mix of products! 
Here's how to make it...
1. Take some 8x8" papers (double-sided is best but not essential) and fold in half. These are actually going to make the pages of the book so you can fold as many as you wish. I have to say, these ones were really heavy weight and it would be much better with a thinner paper.
 2. Take a couple of the folded pages and cut them in half or thirds and intermingle them amongst the rest so you have some pages which more like flaps and the whole thing is random.
3. Take your hole punch and punch through them all at the same time then take some twine and thread it through the holes twice and then tie in a knot to hold the pages together like a book.
4. Take one page and fold again but this time I had to make a little spine as the pages were quite thick (hence why a thinner card/paper is better for the inside pages). You can do this really easily by just wrapping it around the inner and then creasing down the folds to get the correct size spine.
Add some hinges (these ones are Theresa Collins and are AMAZING!), securing into place down the spine with brads.  Insert the inner pages and use Washi tape to secure them to the front cover and again to the back cover. On the show I used Tim Holtz Tissue tape but Washi is usually much stickier so it will work better and be more secure.
5. Make a wrap to go around the open edge of the book - don't fart about, just measure it to fit!
6. The Theresa Collins embellies came in some heavyweight packaging that I just had to use - it was way too nice to throw away as it had an awesome big eyelet in the top! I just cut the top of the packaging off which was all shaped and nicey nice, sanded it back a bit then added gesso over the top (the pack was VERY shiny so wouldn't take any ink). Once the Gesso was half dry I added some Heidi Swapp black Spritz which is mega gorgeous and irridescent and then rubbed it into the Gesso to colourise it and left it to dry. This gives a great texture!
 Once this was dry it created an awesome flap to go with the wraparound - I took one of the Theresa Collins metal Buttons - these are like MAHOOSIVE brads!! Anyway to me they were crying out to be used as little handles (by the way, all these bits are available in a kit on the Create and Craft website, just do a search for TC and HS, I have to say I think the price for the quality of the kit was brilliant, these handles would be about £4.99 on their own in a pack I reckon, they are heavyweight!). Anyway, I just pushed it through the eyelet and voila, handle terrifique!!...
Next, attach this piece to the wraparound and then decorate it all up and add whatever you want to your book. I used the tape along the bottom of some of the pages to create little pockets and added a tab ready to decorate up properly but so far this is as far as I got lol!

I'm sorry I havent had chance to do more to this but it's been a kinda crazy week back at the ranch. I restarted my classes on Saturday and we have now opened our unit as a part-time Outlet so we've had a mega busy week getting everything ready in time. I just do not know where my time goes, I haven't had a day off since Christmas lol!

Right, I'll be back later with the layout I also did on the show as I also had comments to show a close up of that one. Phew, you guys do keep me busy!!