Friday, 1 March 2013

Exciting news!

Hi guys - what a whirlwind fortnight!

I can now reveal some VERY exciting news which I've been holding close to my bosom for 2 weeks now and been bursting to share with you all.

The fabulous team over at Premium Art Brands who bring us the most gorgeous art products including Pan Pastels

The wonderful Graph'It markers...

and the amazingly versatile Maimeri mediums...

and lots more premium art brands (hence the name) which we all know and love, have asked me to demonstrate their wonderful products on Create and Craft for them - wooohoo!  Of course I was extremely flattered to be asked and as I already use Pan Pastel a lot and the Maimeri mediums are permanently on my desk these days I absolutely snapped their hands off at the opportunity!

The Graph'It markers are a new brand to me but they are wonderful and I am really looking forward to showing you what you can do with these lush alcohol know me, the colouring freaky geek and if there's something out there that can make my colouring better then I am all over it like a rash! I've been hearing some great things about this brand for several months now and where alcohol markers are concerned I am a firm believer in quality all the way, nothing less will do for me.

So, my friends, I hope you will join me on the 13th March on Create & Craft TV (channel 36 on freeview, 671 on Sky or if you're overseas you can watch it live on the website) at 6pm on the dot! Don't be late now, or you will all get detention and homework! ; )

love Nikky xx

p.s. make sure you keep checking back or following this blog as I will try and post some sneaky peeks in the buildup to the show! x
p.p.s. I'm even more excited about it now!

ppss I forgot to mention - if in the meantime you need to stock up on supplies, make sure you head on over to