Monday, 18 February 2013

Lots of sneak peeks!

Hi everyone - SO sorry it's been a while since I posted, but I have a very good excuse! We are currently in the middle of our Annual Craft Trade show here in the UK where it's used as a platform to launch all the new and latest products from all around the world! For the first time we have a stand this year so we're having a whale of a time talking to lots of shop from the UK, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Spain - all over the world, it's so exciting!
My feet are killing me and I've been up since 5am for 6 days running but before I hit the hay I just wanted to give you a tiny titchy sneak peek of some of the new yummy things we will be offering and are launching this week! These will be appearing on the website soon but I can't hold on any longer so all week I'm going to give you some little sneaks of exciting news and samples to whet your appetite before the big unveil in the next week...are u ready?... here we go...

So first up we have this canvas I made which has been created using inks, some acrylic paints and crackle medium and a fabulous new product we are very excited about (but more of that later). The canvas has been overstamped - yes I said STAMPED - with some brand new Studio 12 designs and some elements coloured in with alcohol markers....
 Next up...we are SO excited to reveal that we will be working with an amazing new designer at Studio 12...we're ultra excited about this and very happy to have the uber talented Canadian Designer Susan K Weckesser on board with us with her own range of STAMPS within the Studio 12 brand...we LOVE this little bird! Is it a bird, is it an owl?? You can decide, but whatever, it's LUSH!
We will be revealing lots of other Susie K stuff over the next few days, we know you will love her designs and Susie and I will be working really closely together this year to bring you lots of yumminess!
So that's my little sneaks today...see that lush background? We'll tell you more about that later in the week too, so keep your eyes PEELED!! Now I must go and soak my feet before they wither to a bloated fat stump! x