Sunday, 16 December 2012

One day later...bathgate...

Thanks so much for all your comments on yesterday's rant - it seems it's touched a nerve with lots of you and I am not alone in my pain haha!

Well, he came back today and finished off.
His version of it that is.
Quite honestly I've decided I cant be arsed to moan any more, he's clearly incapable of doing a good job and doesnt want to, he was barely civil today ignorant git (Mr Doodles said he made a point of telling him he'd given up his Sunday to finish the job!! SUCH a good job he didnt say it to me I'd have ripped his mucky neck off if he had, it would've sent me over the edge! I'd already secretly considered keying his stupid van when I left the house and it was parked outside, almost wish I had done now!)

He's replaced the chipped tile (which to be fair I didnt even ask him to do). The worst thing is I had to go to work and he caught me on my way out and asked me to look it over to make sure I was happy...obviously when I got home and had a proper look I could then see it properly when I wasnt rushing out the door grrr...
One of my main complaints was about the window sill which would get standing water behind the trim because the trim was sticking up about 5mm above the tiles...he's redone ALL the windowsill and angled the tiles so they slope to the front to drain the water off...just one problem though - yep, you guessed it, the trim still sticks above the freakin' tiles FFS!! He must be thick as.....
So now for life, I'm going to have to dry off that bloody window every time I have a flipping shower. Ok, thats only once every 3 years ; ) but even so!!
He's boxed in the pipes but left a gaping gap at one side and another down the side of the loo so it doesnt really look that neat, and the boxing in has actually shown that the tiles on the wall dont even match up to the floor where they meet, at one side of the boxing it's about 2" out!  I didnt see this at the time he asked me to check as he was stood at the offending end, I shouldve pushed him out of the room so I could see properly, AGH, I'm so stoopid!   I've already got some polyfilla to fill in the gaps myself because I knew he wouldnt do a good job of it (bought from Tesco, not out of my makeup bag thankyou very much!).  He's put the bath panel on and that's not even on right either, it's all stuck out here and there, I'm leaving that for the nice plumber to see cos I know he'll be peed off at that and do it right (unlike his crappo cousin, he prides himself on his work!)  He couldnt even be bothered to sweep his mess off the floor today, dirty bugger, says it all really, especially when I'd swept it and cleaned it before he got here so he was working in a clean area.

Overall I'm sure everyone would think it looks lovely and it is 1000% better than it was and I'm probably being very picky, but I am a nightmare when it comes to straight lines and stuff, I have a very annoying nack of being able to measure very accurately by eye only to within a couple of mm's, so you can imagine how things not being levelled and matched up are going to bug me!

I'm just going to have to shut my eyes when I sit down for a poo and not look at that damned ugly tile under the lovely radiator! I might even replace it myself if I can be bothered! The one saving grace of this bathroom is that they've tiled over where the airvent was and that means we wont get so many bloody 8 legged freaks in there now! I never could understand why there were so many till I saw the size of the hole behind the vent which looked like Hagrid's Spider forest in Harry Potter! Never seen so many cobwebs in all my LIFE! I swear there were a million eyes looking through it! eeek!

So, the final piece of the jigsaw is to get the shower screen in later this week which the good plumber is doing, yeehahh! I know that will go without a hitch.
I then need to paint the ceiling, scrape all the grout and plaster off the window, clean it head to toe and then paint all the woodwork and get a door back on. Thank god we hardly ever get visitors lol! When my mum sees the tiling she'd better not dare comment (she does tiles rather well) or I will put her in a bloody home and leave her there till she croaks!

So if you see me in the January sales I will be hunting down a skinny tallboy cabinet and some accessories that are bargains because the Doodlebank is well and truly brock and bankrupt now lol!

Did someone mention kitchens? Maybe 2014 will be the year!!