Monday, 3 December 2012

Exciting few days!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to say a HUUUUGE thanks to all of you for your massive support over the past few days following the news we were up for a Local Business Award in the Yorkshire region - we've been overwhelmed by your support and well wishes!
This award scheme is supported by David Cameron (say nothing) and Deborah Meaden from Dragon's Den and is all about helping new businesses in local regions, with prizes of advertising campaigns and mentorships from some of the UK's leading business minds.

So today was D-day - or rather P-Day! Presentation day! I sent off the form for this way back in September and had totally forgotten all about it so when I received an email saying we'd got through to the final round I was speechless! The final shortlist in our area is down to 7 from 35 businesses and quite honestly I'm so proud of ourselves that even if we don't win I will be more than happy at this acheivement and recognition of the hard work we put into this business.

So today Mr Doodles and I jetted off to Leeds to see the 4 judges...I'd love to say it went without a hitch but as is always the case with Doodles and me, there is always some minor catastrophe which makes us chuckle and throws a spanner in the works! We had less than a week's notice to prepare for the judges and as we're busy preparing for a new launch next week it popped up when I had no spare time to prepare properly! We spent the weekend working on a presentation and went armed with some sample projects and our favourite products to help impress them.

In the meantime I asked my followers on Twitter and Facebook to describe 4 words which represent our Company and I would choose the best 4...(with a little prize for my winners).

So, I promised to take photos of why I needed the words and I completely forgot! (!), but basically I made 4 exploding boxes (proper really good exploders they were, too!), placed a chocolate muffin in the centre and then made flags which had the words on them to stick in the top of the muffins.   The judges were VERY impressed that our customers had participated in this part of the process!
(I noticed out of my eye corner that they all scoffed them down, best way to a man's heart is his stomach every time, not that that was ever in my womanly manipulating mind haha!)...

The judges were all lovely and we were lucky to have someone who actually KNEW who Tim Holtz was as his family are avid crafters too - awesome! :D but there was a slight spanner in the works when there was no AV equipment in the room and they didn't give me any time to setup my laptop properly, so I ditched the technology and flew by the seat of my pants haha!(not really anything new there though lol).  My god I was bricking it! My voice was actually quivering and I was extremely Jazz Hands throughout the whole thing but I think I did ok in the end and they seemed quite positive, there were a few moments where they all scribbled fervently on their notepads which was good to see. So, in a flash it was all over and we were scurrying back to the muddy carpark.

So keep your fingers crossed for us my friends - we should hear very soon and if we win it will undoubtedly mean some great things for Polkadoodles so if u feel inclined to stick a little nightly prayer in there feel free! (however, the one thing they did say is that we give you FAR TOO MUCH product and need to increase our prices hahaha!! SERIOUS!) But I told them firmly to jog on with that suggestion, so you can relax on that one...for now at least! ; )

Anyway, as ever no day goes by uneventful in my world, especially with Mr Doodles and the Polka Pixie in tow (yes, she IS as mental as he is!) - so we get back to the muddy car park and find that one of the doors on the car wont close properly! So Doodles had to lock the seatbelt onto the handle but it still opened so he had to sit in the back seat holding the door all the way home hahaha, I was laughing all the way, especially when we went around the roundabouts - that was particularly amusing! Oh and it was quite cool on the M1 in rush hour too LOL!! So we get home, I go to get my bag, open the door and close it - and hey it was fine!! Whaddya know ay??!! He was completely distraught because he had arm-ache by this point lolol!
Poor Mr Doodles bless him. He does cheer me up with his Frank Spencer moments!

Right, I'm off - I will announce tomorrow who chose the winning words and the prizes and hopefully will be back with some great news to share! Remember to keep all those pinkies crossed please, and thankyou ALL so much for your enduring support, we genuinely love all our customers and try to constantly improve what we do in every way we can to bring you the best we can, always.
Much love from Doodles, Pixie and of course, from me xx