Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Woohoo Wednesday!

Wow, where is the week disappearing to already? Can't believe the clocks go back in a week or so but I must confess Autumn is my favourite time of year and then followed by snowy winter - wooohoooo!

Anyways, I promised another peek today and here it is....

You'll have to tune in tomorrow to see what it is, but I have to say I looooove this one, it's a little beaut!

So tomorrow is the launch of my Colour Therapy DVD on Create and Craft TV! Another big wooohoooo!!  I've been wanting to make a DVD on colouring for an absolute age and finally got a gap in my schedule where I could plan it all out and get the filming done!  So today and tomorrow, Create and Craft have a double discount members event on (or you can get it direct from me for free P&P too ; )  ). At the moment I can't fit anything else into my schedule so I wont be Guest presenting this show which is full of yummy Letraset goodness too, but tune in as you might get a sneak of whats on the DVD and they will be showing some of my proper samples too! I think the shows are 1pm and 6pm!  Ive had some great feedback about the DVD and lots of you are saying how much you've learned and gleaned and practiced from having someone to hold your hand all the way so it's wonderful to know that it achieved what I wanted and that you're all finding it a useful tool. There are 7 tutorials over 100 minutes (doesnt sound long but we jam-packed the techniques in and I tried not to waffle, so it's an intensive colour-fest lol!) and it is great for beginners, intermediates and advanced too, I've included my fundamental and must-have techniques in there for you all! 
Right, time to go today, but come back tomorrow to see the above reveal!