Thursday, 19 July 2012

Here Comes Christmas!

Wooohoo!! time for a post at last!  I am SO bad!! Quite honestly I've been run off my feet since May LOL! No excuses, I just dont know if I'm coming or going! Nothing much changes there then I hear you all cry, but we have been exceptionally busy I must confess.

I want to say a MASSIVE thankyou to all the lovely peeps we met at Doncaster Summer Crafting last weekend, another great show although numbers seemed to be down a bit on last year, a sign of the times I think and the fact we're all looking after our pennies a bit more maybe. After all, as crafters we know that we can't resist those goodies! :O

Anyway, at the show we unveiled this little baby, our brand new, latest release for Polkadoodles...
Yep, in the craft world Crimbo has well and truly landed I'm afraid!! I've resisted as long as I could this year as I do draw a line at Crimbo in June, but when I think about it even at age 18 (yes all those aeons ago) I was involved in Crimbo in July even back then when I worked in newspapers and we had to run *Book Early for Christmas* features for restaurants!! Any of you who worked in papers will know the story LOL!!
Anyway, Here Comes Christmas is rather scrummy I think, it reminds me of childhood Christmases with a lovely vintagey feel with a Polkadoodley twist...

...and you can catch a good old sneg of this on Create and Craft TV this Saturday 21st July at 11 and 4pm with meeeeeee...(sorry no Rosemary this show, she's sunning herself in Cyprus!).  I will also be back on at 6pm with a Kuretake show and lots more yummy delights from them, so please email in if you're watching!