Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ultra Exciting!

Well, I've been totally bursting for the last couple of months with a secret and now I can finally reveal, yipppeee!

I'm very proud to announce that TV's Rosemary Merry will be joining the Polkadoodles team from 9th June! Woohooooo! Welcome on board the doodleship, Rosemary!

Rosemary is one of the UK papercraft industry's longest serving experts and was the resident Scrapbooking expert on QVC for many many years, bringing a whole host of brands and creativity in scrapbooking to viewers. Rosemary has an absolute wealth of knowledge about papercrafting both in the UK and overseas, teaching and demonstrating and I just know that her creative style fits perfectly with my own and the Design Team at Polkadoodles so we think this will be a great partnership! Rosemary is really looking forward to getting to grips with all of our yummy goodies and bringing you some fantastic inspirational demo's, starting on 9th June. We will both be appearing on the Polkadoodles shows on Create & Craft TV at noon and 4pm so we hope you'll all join us!...but more about that below!...

But that's not all! As you know from the past couple of weeks, May is Polkadoodles 3rd Birthday so we decided this was a perfect time to also reveal our brand new Studio 12 range.

Studio 12 is still part of Polkadoodles but will be incorporating a slightly different feel which we think will appeal to everyone, including scrapbookers and anyone who loves altered media in any way. We are very excited to be able to offer some diversity in what we do, but don't worry, good old Polkadoodles is not going anywhere and die-hard fans need not worry! In fact, we just see it as a natural development which we've been wanting to do for some time! So if you are someone who loves messing about with anything digital in papercrafting you are just going to adore this range as it's very much all about hybrid papercrafting!

So tune in at noon on 9th June to see the first fabulous Studio 12 collection with myself and Rosemary at the helm - we are both so excited we will be like a pair of giddy aunts! ; D

See you on the 9th!