Saturday, 12 May 2012

Create and Craft

Hi everyone, just a very quick update - my Create & Craft hours for next week are (so far):
Monday 14/5: 8, 1 & 4pm;
Tues 15/5: 9 & 4pm;
Wed 16/5: 2 & 7pm;
Thurs 17/5: 8, 11 & 5pm...subject to change of course!
Letraset 4 Day Deal here we come! PLEASE email into the studio if you want to see anything in particular but please remember I'm restricted in what colours and products I can use - I can't do dark skintones on this show (I long for the day I can, believe me!) but we have some fab colours and exclusives and I said too much already! Right, I'm off to pack the car up then I can have a leisurely day & a lie-in tomorrow before driving to the studio Sunday night to set up! ttfn! xx

p.s. - just want to say: I havent forgotten about the candy for naming the new studio! I HAVE picked a name but I just havent had time to sort everything out yet so I'll do it once I get back from C&C and can finally get the rest of my stash out of the house and into the studio and tidied up and organised properly, so please don't think I've reneged on my little competition cos I havent! xx