Friday, 27 April 2012

L'il Janiel's Harvest Smack card

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a super Friday! I almost missed today's post for the Digibells, been so busy this week I completely forgot so I have just had to colour, make and post this card all in the space of an hour - with no scissors and only basic craft tools haha!! Pure testament to how gorgeous Lissy Bee's designs are and how you can make something lovely from nothing if you have one of her uber fabulous images I think! I chose L'il Janiel's Harvest for this card, one of my favourite images I think...

As I've been colouring for like aeons this week with my trusty Promarkers and Flexes, I decided to give my Copics a little outing for a change. It's amazing how different pens can feel even when they're all the same alcohol base, it's all in the delivery system and the flow of the ink. For me, I find Copics to be very very dry in comparison to Promarker, Flex and Kurecolors too and there's no getting away from the fact that Copic do have the ultimate range of colours - 400! 400! Wowser! Personally I think it's good for everyone to have a mix of different mediums - some days I find I prefer one over the other, it really depends what mood I'm in, what my ability is on that day (ie if I'm in spacker can't make a nice thing if I tried mode or creative everything I touch I love mode) and also what the weather is like! Yes, folks, the temperature sure can affect your pens! No idea if this is scientific fact or not but I am living proof - if it's hot I find those little beggars can just mis-perform for me sometimes!
Please don't ask me what colours I used on this image - I have no bloody idea, I just grabbed them and put it down as I had to colour this in about 15 minutes flat I think. I'm still mid-pack for the new studio (well, I say mid, more like I just 1/4 filled ONE box so far) and so I havent unpacked the car from this weeks TV shows yet. So of course I realised with horror I did not posess one single pair of scissors or a knife about my personage and had to do some rip-tearing away. Luckily I had papers sat half chopped as offcuts from a demo I prepped for the shows so I snaffled it and just tore into rough strips and then threw some paper flowers at it. Even this was tricky as I also only had a smidge of pinflair left in the bottom of a tube which I had to bite to get the last trickle out of to stick the flowers on haha! These have big stem bits at the back so it was a bit of a pain getting them stuck on enough for me to stand the card up to take a pic! I pulled out some fab new pom pom ribbons in lush colours that were perfick and then realised I couldnt cut those either - ARGHH! I pushed some I mean work in progress aside and luckily found a white ribbon hiding on the desk so smack - chucked it on and may Smack Card is finito!!! haha!

This is my last post as Guest Designer for the completely fabulous and super talented Digibells design team, so thanks to everyone for their kindness and wonderful comeraderie over the past 12 weeks - if you'd like to be on the Digibells design team for a guest spot make sure you get your entry in for the DT call - see the post  here!  I should have some exciting news soon so I'll be back soon! xx