Saturday, 7 April 2012

Busy Bunnies

Hello everyone - Happy Easter! Hope you're all having a relaxing weekend with mucho chocolat and eggy fun! I'm writing this post with a headache so not much choccie for me this weekend and I am busy prepping for the Paper Clinic shows on Create & Craft TV on Monday (11-1pm). Contrary to popular belief, the questions for the clinic are NOT invented just to sell you stuff and these shows actually take quite a lot of putting together for the team at C&C, it genuinely takes several weeks to get everything together for it. The questions are pulled together from emails received during shows where people ask specific questions and then the buyers try and put together a show featuring those products so we can make it informative and interesting.  This is my first Paper Clinic show I have to say, and knowing the questions and products we're showing I'm really looking forward to it! It always intrigues me how we all get in a total comfort zone where we're happy doing our own little thing in craft and I love it when I get pushed out of mine into using other products I wouldn't normally, quite frankly, touch with a barge pole! Not because I don't like those products, but probably because, just like everyone else, I've bought them all before and then never been inspired enough to use them so they sit in the bottom of a box of stuff you never use with the lid covered in an inch of dust. Very often these are basic things we all have had and maybe even thrown out because they're stuck on the shelf gathering dust! I think that might be the case with some of what I have on this show (judging by my own shelves) and I've had a great day of faffing about tinkering...stuff I know how to use but don't...but I have really enjoyed myself today and I think some of you might be wow'ed by what I'm going to show you.  See, we all need to be pushed sometimes and trying stuff you haven't done before or going back to basics can be a really good move sometimes.  Trends and techniques move on all the time so sometimes that thing you thought had been done to death and you were bored with 3 years ago may get a new lease of life when you look at it this time round from a new angle. I think we forget how much we all  move on very quickly in our quest for the latest, newest technique or gadget and we leave some of the great older ones behind along the way. Anyway, I hope you tune in cos I am totally addicted to what I've been doing today in a big way and I think it might become a bit of a little craze!
....simple things are always the best...

Anyhoo, I totally forgot to share my creations for Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine this month and it's been out a couple of weeks already. I now have a monthly article which is tutorial based in this title with an emphasis on colouring techniques and trying to inspire you with some different's getting harder and harder as the months are going on I have to say, though!

This month I show you some softer techniques and I love these projects so if you haven't snapped up a mag yet then grab one, in my opinion SCP is the best craft mag out there and there's some cool giveaways this month too...and obviously my How To on how to get the two great looks above...these images are from our Candy Doodles collection which j'adore...such a storybook feel to the updated Collectors Edition (I forgot how much yummy stuff is on this CD!). If you're a stamper and scared of CD's watch out as I will be doing a little tutorial to show you how EASY PEASY it is to use one of our CD's and how they are just like stamps!
(by the way did you spy that new Marianne Design Anja die on that sample - oh my word!! TO DIE FOR! so many possibilities with it, I just havent had proper time to play with it yet!)

Right, I must go-go-go, need to finish my prep and have a busy week ahead moving into my new Studio/Office...I need a name for it, it's next door to our main warehouse/office but will be my new Creative Space where I work and Craft from rather than being home-based. It will be very weird going off to work every day again after 3 years being at home with the ninja's and I think I'll miss the little furry fellas but I am craving getting a proper space and being able to claim my bedroom back from the complete chaos that is a work/design/craft room!  So with that in mind, I want you all to come up with some cool names for my new creative room that I can call it and my favourite one will receive some CANDY - woohooooo!! It will be a mix of candy including Polkadoodles and also some yumminess that I find amongst my stash when I move so it'll be a good one! Get your thinking caps on and leave me your suggestions in the comments!

I will leave you with a beautiful quote my gorgeous friend Josie told me recently...
"The whole difference between construction and creation is this: that a thing contructed can only be loved after  it is made; but a thing created is loved before it exists." (Charles Dickens).
What a clever chap he was.
And Josie made my heart warm when she said that I do the latter when I design because we were talking about how I always have a little story in my head for everything I draw, I call it my little land of fun and happiness. I love her for that, such a kind thing to say and made me feel very humble indeed, just hope she reads this and realises how inspiring SHE was to me that day, love ya J, you little tinker xx