Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chasing shadows...

I remember the first time I heard that phrase and nearly died laughing...never heard it in my life before that!  Anyway, this week I kind of get it because I think I may spontaneously combust!...
I've been mega busy over the past few weeks leading up to a brand new product launch - anyone at the GNPE show at Harrogate this weekend will see the fruits of my 16 hour almost sleepless days of working my fingers to the bone...I'm in the nervous pre-launch phase where I'm always scared to death no-one will like it but I'm sure you will!
I am so excited to be at Harrogate this week because we have the very fabulous and funny Leonie Pujol joining me at the demo table for the weekend!! Woohooo!! I'm looking forward to seeing what craftiness she comes up with, no doubt it will be totally fab and I guarantee there will be mucho hilarity I think! But I will be working her "dead 'ard"!...and I just know I am going to have the thickest northern accent of my life by the time we get to Sunday night!
As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week (I may be back in the cardiac unit at this rate!) you will see me on your screens next Wednesday 21st March at 9pm on Ideal World to launch a new Pick of the Day - there is some fabulousness coming your way! It's top secret right now but we have LOADS of mega deals and new stuff you may not have seen....ohhh I'm saying way too much already....AND I will also be launching the new Polkadoodles CD on the Pick of the Day shows too - so it's a double whammy! I'll be there Wednesday night and all day Thursday between Ideal World and Create and Craft so I do hope you'll join me and keep me sane over the day!
AND as if THAT wasn't enough either, I am then back on Create and Craft at 8am Fri 23rd with a brand new Kuretake show launching some absolutely fab products you will LOVE and I'll be getting a little messy I think for a change!! In fact you'll get some sneaky peeks at Harrogate too if you're there! So whether you're a cardmaker OR a scrapper you will LOVE this show!!
So all in all a rather busy week and I don't know what to do first other than tell you all what I'm up to and why I've been AWOL the past 2 weeks! I will now see you on the other side sometime Sat 24th after I've woken up from an impending collapse I think!! Have fun! xx