Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New card.

Hi everyone, Happy New Year's Day!

I hope everyone had a lovely step forward from the old to the new and isn't suffering too many bad heads this morning! Although it's been Christmas and I was supposed to have some time off I am shattered, I've been so busy this week getting things ready for the new Pen & Paper Circle first issue and launching Diddydoodles, I feel like I havent stopped!

In my quest to be a better blogger this year I thought I would get off to a good start by sharing another Elisabeth Bell card with you all which I made this afternoon whilst watching the most atrocious New Years Eve TV! I decided to choose Flowers, Lace and Pearls as my tic tac toe (dont you just love that phrase, so much more poetic than the English Noughts and Crosses!) and as it's nearing my birthday (better to forget that  in hindsight!) I decided to use one of my favourite stamps...
 ...I love this stamp, she is treasuring that cupcake just the way I do myself...before I take a massive bite that is!!!  I'm not massively keen on the colouring on this, I was when I did it but now when I look back her tunic doesnt look finished, although I think it's the photo which is too high in contrast maybe, the shadows are much softer in real life and I think it's also down to the Flexmarkers still working their magic after you walk away! (sorry but I cant be bothered to re-photograph it when I've put my camera away and tidied up!).
I love the pink polka dot ribbon on this, it's actually fabric which I've had stashed for ages that I made into a ribbon. The flowers are handcut from felt (the rough look was intentional LOL) which I made one night...I seem to be really into making EVERYTHING at the moment rather than using shop produced stuff for some reason.
Now, before I go, come on, own up...who was it?
We saw a report yesterday which said our local sewage works had reported some of the strange things they'd found over Christmas...apparently there were several Christmas trees which people had  shoved down drains...WHAT THE??? WHO would do that????....I mean, COME ON, people!! REALLY?? Man, there are some stupid planks out there.... Not to mention loads of soft toys, decorations etc...the one that made us laugh most in this house though...the X Factor Little Mix Christmas CD single had also turned up!  No doubt flushed down the loo in a fit of rage by some ungrateful recipient do you think??!! I feel like emailing them to let them know how popular they are!...pppfffft!
See you all soon x