Saturday, 28 January 2012

Another "me" post

Wooahhh I'm getting so selfish! crafting for me! who'dathunk it! My world must have gone mad!

Y'all know by now how much I love and love and love Elisabeth Bell's designs so here I am with another make. This is one of my favourite stamps from our Belles n Whistles range. I made this heart box whilst I was supposed to be prepping for my last TV show, I had no idea why I was making it mid-prep, my fingers just suddenly went off in another direction and I knew I didnt have time to be getting distracted with being on such a tight deadline but make it I did. Then I decided it was too nice to get lost on TV and then get stuck in the samples box and filed away to only see daylight for another show and I kept it on the side waiting to be decorated up when I had more time and could be more girlified and more liberal with what I wanted to do with it (TV samples can be a bit restricted in what you're allowed to use). So here it is, my little Valentine's box, and I love it so I'm keeping it for me me me! I'm also entering this into the Elisabeth Bell's Hearts, Hearts, Hearts challenge this month too. This is pic heavy but below is also how to make it so I hope you all like it too...

To make the box all I did was make a big heart shape, use that as a template to make another but make it a couple of millimetres larger all the way around (or make one smaller if it's easier!). Then cut some long strips of card about 1.5" wide, score at 0.5" right along the edge and fringe that scored section at about 5mm intervals all the way along edge, cutting in to the score line. I had to make 2 to fit around the whole heart, join them together with a strong glue.

Now fold back all those little fringey bits and fit the strip around the edge of the smaller heart to make the sides of the box, gluing as you go with a nice strong wet glue. The neater you can be with the edges the better so you might find you need to snip into the segments a little more to make it fit better, and it is worth it for the neater finish. Either glue the fringe under the heart or inside if you're going to decorate inside the box. It's actually really easy but just a tad fiddley diddley so make sure you do it before you add any nice decorations.

Now you need to do exactly the same to make a lid but this time you have to make sure the lid fits outside the base, hence making that 2nd heart a little bigger. Little tip - if you actually make the heart for the lid even bigger you can have an overlap and that makes it a bit more forgiving in terms of getting it all neat and tidy. Hence having the ruffley ribbon as it is hiding a multitide of sins, dont think I sat making this for hours, it was a quick job I can tell you! Once you're happy it all fits you can decorate! Great for adding little chocolates inside as a giftbox! hmm may use it as a look what seems to have popped out when I took the lid off! ; )