Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Fluffy little Snowflakes...

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has a great Christmas with family and friends and that Santa brings you everything you wished for!

We are posting our last challenge of 2012 over at Elisabeth Bell's World today with the theme of Fluffy Snowflakes. I loved making this card, it took me quite a while for some reason, probably because I was faffing about with the colouring lol!

This is a new digi which is available this month in LissyBee's store and I coloured this with Promarkers and Flexmarkers.
I tried a new technique today - you can't really see very well on the photos but I used Tea Green around the edge of the image, using a blender pen to really blend it out smoothly. I could have used a Distress Ink instead but I then used the blender pen in the areas that were coloured with Tea Green to create snowflakes. I then took the Tea Green and dotted snowflakes into the white area closest to the image. This gives it a really soft fluffy look and enables you to cover the entire background without having to colour it if you get my drift. You might be able to see it better if you zoom in I hope. Finally I added more snowflakes with my white Inkssentials pen and distressed the edges. The only other things I used were some green Bazzill, die cuts and Martha Stewart punches and some gems for the snowflake centres. The sentiment and papers are my own from the Picknix 2 Collection.  Hope you like it!
I'll be back soon with some more lovelies for you to feast your eyes on, in the meantime Best Wishes for the Christmas season, it'll be over before we know it!
Merry Christmas!

To you and yours...

We would just like to wish you all a very
Thankyou for all your support and friendship during 2012 - have a wonderful 
festive season and we will see you all again very soon!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

One day later...bathgate...

Thanks so much for all your comments on yesterday's rant - it seems it's touched a nerve with lots of you and I am not alone in my pain haha!

Well, he came back today and finished off.
His version of it that is.
Quite honestly I've decided I cant be arsed to moan any more, he's clearly incapable of doing a good job and doesnt want to, he was barely civil today ignorant git (Mr Doodles said he made a point of telling him he'd given up his Sunday to finish the job!! SUCH a good job he didnt say it to me I'd have ripped his mucky neck off if he had, it would've sent me over the edge! I'd already secretly considered keying his stupid van when I left the house and it was parked outside, almost wish I had done now!)

He's replaced the chipped tile (which to be fair I didnt even ask him to do). The worst thing is I had to go to work and he caught me on my way out and asked me to look it over to make sure I was happy...obviously when I got home and had a proper look I could then see it properly when I wasnt rushing out the door grrr...
One of my main complaints was about the window sill which would get standing water behind the trim because the trim was sticking up about 5mm above the tiles...he's redone ALL the windowsill and angled the tiles so they slope to the front to drain the water off...just one problem though - yep, you guessed it, the trim still sticks above the freakin' tiles FFS!! He must be thick as.....
So now for life, I'm going to have to dry off that bloody window every time I have a flipping shower. Ok, thats only once every 3 years ; ) but even so!!
He's boxed in the pipes but left a gaping gap at one side and another down the side of the loo so it doesnt really look that neat, and the boxing in has actually shown that the tiles on the wall dont even match up to the floor where they meet, at one side of the boxing it's about 2" out!  I didnt see this at the time he asked me to check as he was stood at the offending end, I shouldve pushed him out of the room so I could see properly, AGH, I'm so stoopid!   I've already got some polyfilla to fill in the gaps myself because I knew he wouldnt do a good job of it (bought from Tesco, not out of my makeup bag thankyou very much!).  He's put the bath panel on and that's not even on right either, it's all stuck out here and there, I'm leaving that for the nice plumber to see cos I know he'll be peed off at that and do it right (unlike his crappo cousin, he prides himself on his work!)  He couldnt even be bothered to sweep his mess off the floor today, dirty bugger, says it all really, especially when I'd swept it and cleaned it before he got here so he was working in a clean area.

Overall I'm sure everyone would think it looks lovely and it is 1000% better than it was and I'm probably being very picky, but I am a nightmare when it comes to straight lines and stuff, I have a very annoying nack of being able to measure very accurately by eye only to within a couple of mm's, so you can imagine how things not being levelled and matched up are going to bug me!

I'm just going to have to shut my eyes when I sit down for a poo and not look at that damned ugly tile under the lovely radiator! I might even replace it myself if I can be bothered! The one saving grace of this bathroom is that they've tiled over where the airvent was and that means we wont get so many bloody 8 legged freaks in there now! I never could understand why there were so many till I saw the size of the hole behind the vent which looked like Hagrid's Spider forest in Harry Potter! Never seen so many cobwebs in all my LIFE! I swear there were a million eyes looking through it! eeek!

So, the final piece of the jigsaw is to get the shower screen in later this week which the good plumber is doing, yeehahh! I know that will go without a hitch.
I then need to paint the ceiling, scrape all the grout and plaster off the window, clean it head to toe and then paint all the woodwork and get a door back on. Thank god we hardly ever get visitors lol! When my mum sees the tiling she'd better not dare comment (she does tiles rather well) or I will put her in a bloody home and leave her there till she croaks!

So if you see me in the January sales I will be hunting down a skinny tallboy cabinet and some accessories that are bargains because the Doodlebank is well and truly brock and bankrupt now lol!

Did someone mention kitchens? Maybe 2014 will be the year!! 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

What a saga, hell of a week and a lesson to all!

It appears I have a nack for making u all chuckle at my daily adventures so I'm bored pant-less at being made to stay in the house all day today and feel the need to share a little amuse bouche with y'all. Yes I did say amuse bouche, I do know what it really means but I love the word bouche. So fermer la bouche and read on lol! (sorry this will be a giant post, if you get bored easy then move to another blog LOL, but if you're about to have any bathroom work done read on!)

As most of you probably know by now if you follow my twitter madness, me and Mr D are having a new bathroom fitted. Now, I've been waiting 12.5 years for this new bathroom. When we moved here I hated it and vowed it would have to be changed within a year or two at most cos it was hideous and old. And here we are. Mr D is no DIY'er, that I can tell you. We're talking about the man who made shelves from a cardboard tube and to this day thinks it's a proud achievement. I used to love decorating and DIY when I had nothing better to do in my pre-craft days, but the task of painting dark beige farmhouse style tiles white in my kitchen 7 times in a week to get rid of the brown kind of sapped all the DIY'ness from my aching arms forever. I've never picked up a paintbrush since and the kitchen remains half-done from where I had to go back to work. 12 years ago. Serious! And quite honestly I would rather do anything than DIY these days, ugh, it really did put me off for life.

So, back to the bathroom. 2 years ago I tripped as I got in the bath for a shower and put my size 8 through the side of the bath, creating a nice big 3" crack up the side. We couldnt afford to replace it at the time as I was determined I wanted the whole room doing and as it's always been tiled head to toe in there it was always going to be a big job, so it was good old Pinflair to the rescue! About 6 months later   I dropped a big heavy bottle of shampoo on the crack and it had a nice extension! More Pinflair!  Then about 3 months ago Mr Doodles had a bath one day and it decided to go even more, so finally enough is enough, after 2 years of Pinflair holding it together we had to admit defeat!  As always these things happen when you're broke but by hook or crook we've managed to scrape the money together to get it done even though it's escalated ridiculously cost-wise. I've been looking for months for a cheap bathroom suite and finally got one on an ebay auction of all things! A mega wide P shaped bath (which is mahoosive), shower screen, taps, sink, toilet, wastes and everything a girl could need, delivered to the door for a bargainous price. So we managed to get a plumber recommended and he came to fit it for us. Only the toilet was all scuffed and the seat didnt match. So I phoned up, complained and got another FOC within 3 days - great service! In the meantime the plumber's cousin came in to start the tiling. Only he didnt do it himself. Big boo boo Mr Tiler man! Now we are talking about a room that is 1.7m x 2m big here. The wall where the bath goes has a large window and we are using those big tiles (cheapest we could get of course although in the end turned out to be a good choice over the more expensive ones), so in all they are only putting back half as many tiles as were on in the first place. Except this guy has to be one of the worst tilers ever. I think I could have done as good a job myself. The only reason I didnt do it is because from experience I am rubbish at doing the cutting angles thing - I did our laminate flooring but I bodged it a bit round the edges and I really wanted a good job with this - I'm gonna have to look at it for years to come.
Anyway, the first day I wasnt v impressed with the quality of the tiling work, the 2nd day I was thinking maybe it wouldnt look too bad when it was finished (hopefully). The 3rd day...well the 3rd day a tile fell off the window and took a big chip out of the bath right near the plughole. Ok, so it was an accident but WHY o WHY didnt he put a dustsheet in the bath to protect it? SURELY you would, right?? Well, I would anyway, especially on a brand spanking new shiny white spotless bath that had only been used once??? No, we're talking about a man here and a numpty one at that. So Mr Boss Tiler said he knew a proper pro repair man who charged £120 he would get in to do it. Fine! I wasnt happy but as he was going to put it right and I know they do a good job and it wouldnt be visible it was an acceptable solution (yes I know, I'm VERY amicable, right!).
So the next day I get home to an absolute STENCH in the house and could hardly breathe. Mr Doodles was already outside mid asthma attack from hideous fumes through the whole house and managed to wheeze at me that it was the solution he'd used to fix the chip. HE, not THEY. Mr Boss tiler had taken it upon himself to save himself a few quid, bought a repair kit and done it himself. Only it was awful!! The hole had filled but you have to spray over it to seal it all and the spray had obviously spread and covered half the bath. Now, a woman would have known to CLEAN the bath first and knows how much dust can settle when workmen come in. Men (sorry I know men read this, but I am talking about the other 99% of the male population) men just dont think of these things. So, the acetone spray stuff (which is like a car spray varnish so u can imagine the stink) has a dull finish, not the bright shiny spotless white finish on my bath! And to boot - all the tile dust had obviously settled and got stuck in the spray so all the bottom and sides of the bath were all rough and felt like they were pitted! My bath was ruined!! :O
To make matters worse I then discovered he'd also done another area which we hadn't even noticed, so there had been 2 holes and he'd only admitted to one. I just couldnt believe how awful it was and that he thought this was acceptable!! To ruin someone's brand new bath, try to repair it and fail and then walk away without saying anything - horrendous! Of course I was completely livid about the whole thing and then looked at everything else that was wrong in there. The first thing was the trim around the windowsill - there was a lip of about 3-5mm of trim, so when you have a shower all the water will collect behind it on the sill...previously the sill sloped a little bit so it all drained off, but there was no great big fat trim overlap! I went to bed raging about it and instead of going to work waited for him to arrive the next morning.
I TOLD you it was a saga didnt I!!
So when I got up next morning it was the brightest day we'd had all week and to my horror I noticed the centre tile in the middle of one wall was also chipped - absolutely no excuse, the guy must have been blind not to see it. THEN, as I was looking at my broken bath again in amazement I noticed a THIRD chip on the side which we'd all missed before! THREE!! No way Jose!! The 2nd one hadn't filled properly anyway so there was still a dip and the whole bath didnt look new any more because of the difference between the matt finish and the shiny one. If I hadnt been so angry I would have wept!
So Boss Tiler breezes in (an hour late) and promptly gets told I want a new one, no arguments, it needs to be replaced at his cost. He had nothing to say except for going bright red. Hi numpty tiler man beat a very quick retreat back to the van I noticed. He was also told about the other stuff that wasnt right too and sent off with a flea in his ear. Yay, go me! I hate confrontation but no way was i putting up with this crap!
So I ordered another bath (bear in mind we're already on the 2nd toilet). When the receipt was emailed to me I noticed something odd in the description...luckily...when I queried it the idiot at the other end of the phone had ordered me a new shower screen!! FFS!!!!!!! Are all these people just DUMB?? How the hell does NEW BATH possibly sound like NEW SHOWER SCREEN??? Even a lipreading deaf person couldnt make that mistake?? Thank god I noticed the anomoly, I'd have slashed my wrists if another screen had turned up!
ANYWAY (you still awake yet, my life is one whole saga like this constantly!)...
So today the tiler came back to take the tiles back off the wall so the new bath can go in and the plumber comes back to fit the new bath, the sink and the new toilet...
The Tiler is coming back tomorrow to finish off the tiles...at last...YAY, it will be finished tomorrow!...
Until the plumber finishes tonight and can't put the shower screen on because it needs to go where the chipped tile was and of course, the tiler took it off again....
And then the OH notices that they fitted the new loo but have put the OLD seat which is the wrong colour and doesnt match back onto the NEW toilet...(Mr D has said he will do it, we daren't say anything else lol).
The tiler comes back tomorrow to finish off his bits. I havent even spoken about the grout. I havent even mentioned the ropey cutting under the radiator that I'll have to look at for life now because I think if I mention it the tiler might kill himself, or how lovely the plumber is and that he has done a brilliant job and called the tiler's mate a numpty today.
SOB. I just want my bathroom done...pleeeeeeeease!!

Our next project is the kitchen. The kitchen has been waiting 12.5yrs to be done too. The kitchen too is tiled head to toe. The kitchen will NOT, I state categorically NOT be tiled head to toe in future! I can't face it, give me painted walls and a splashback or I will not make it to be another year older!!

Over and out. Literally. Passed out with trauma for the 2nd time in a week.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Award update and a little something else...

I just wanted to give you all an update on the awards because so many of you are asking me if we heard anything yet?

The answer is not yet! The Awards are actually taking place nationally across lots of different regions, with each region choosing 3 winners.
There is then a further additional stage where 3 of those businesses will be selected to go head to head in a national competition, with the winner receiving a £10,000 prizefund and a years mentorship from Deborah Meaden of Dragons Den fame!  So we actually think the announcement will be on a specific date and all the regions will announce their winners at the same time. I'm sure it won't be too long though, they only gave us a week's notice to pitch as it was, so we will keep you posted!

Anyway, as you were all great enough to help us with our winning words (if you have no idea what the heck i'm talking about see the post below!).  As part of my pitch I chose 4 words which I believed represented what Polkadoodles is all about, and then asked you guys on Facebook and Twitter to tell me what words you would pick so I could see if we matched up.

The winning words were....


We think Polkadoodles is ALL these things - and apparently you do too!
I made little flags with the words on, stuck them into chocolate muffins and placed one of each into an exploding box for each of the 4 judges...they loved it! (and stuffed their faces haha!).

SO....I promised everyone who helped with the words a little prize of their own for helping me and I'm a few days late but here it is. I decided that as everyone had helped you all deserve a little treat, so below is a free download I've designed specially for this task - and a big thanks to all of YOU for helping us and supporting us every step of this very fabulous Polkadoodles journey! Enjoy your download! xx
(just right click on the image and save it to your PC, it's a PNG file)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Exciting few days!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to say a HUUUUGE thanks to all of you for your massive support over the past few days following the news we were up for a Local Business Award in the Yorkshire region - we've been overwhelmed by your support and well wishes!
This award scheme is supported by David Cameron (say nothing) and Deborah Meaden from Dragon's Den and is all about helping new businesses in local regions, with prizes of advertising campaigns and mentorships from some of the UK's leading business minds.

So today was D-day - or rather P-Day! Presentation day! I sent off the form for this way back in September and had totally forgotten all about it so when I received an email saying we'd got through to the final round I was speechless! The final shortlist in our area is down to 7 from 35 businesses and quite honestly I'm so proud of ourselves that even if we don't win I will be more than happy at this acheivement and recognition of the hard work we put into this business.

So today Mr Doodles and I jetted off to Leeds to see the 4 judges...I'd love to say it went without a hitch but as is always the case with Doodles and me, there is always some minor catastrophe which makes us chuckle and throws a spanner in the works! We had less than a week's notice to prepare for the judges and as we're busy preparing for a new launch next week it popped up when I had no spare time to prepare properly! We spent the weekend working on a presentation and went armed with some sample projects and our favourite products to help impress them.

In the meantime I asked my followers on Twitter and Facebook to describe 4 words which represent our Company and I would choose the best 4...(with a little prize for my winners).

So, I promised to take photos of why I needed the words and I completely forgot! (gutted.com!), but basically I made 4 exploding boxes (proper really good exploders they were, too!), placed a chocolate muffin in the centre and then made flags which had the words on them to stick in the top of the muffins.   The judges were VERY impressed that our customers had participated in this part of the process!
(I noticed out of my eye corner that they all scoffed them down, best way to a man's heart is his stomach every time, not that that was ever in my womanly manipulating mind haha!)...

The judges were all lovely and we were lucky to have someone who actually KNEW who Tim Holtz was as his family are avid crafters too - awesome! :D but there was a slight spanner in the works when there was no AV equipment in the room and they didn't give me any time to setup my laptop properly, so I ditched the technology and flew by the seat of my pants haha!(not really anything new there though lol).  My god I was bricking it! My voice was actually quivering and I was extremely Jazz Hands throughout the whole thing but I think I did ok in the end and they seemed quite positive, there were a few moments where they all scribbled fervently on their notepads which was good to see. So, in a flash it was all over and we were scurrying back to the muddy carpark.

So keep your fingers crossed for us my friends - we should hear very soon and if we win it will undoubtedly mean some great things for Polkadoodles so if u feel inclined to stick a little nightly prayer in there feel free! (however, the one thing they did say is that we give you FAR TOO MUCH product and need to increase our prices hahaha!! SERIOUS!) But I told them firmly to jog on with that suggestion, so you can relax on that one...for now at least! ; )

Anyway, as ever no day goes by uneventful in my world, especially with Mr Doodles and the Polka Pixie in tow (yes, she IS as mental as he is!) - so we get back to the muddy car park and find that one of the doors on the car wont close properly! So Doodles had to lock the seatbelt onto the handle but it still opened so he had to sit in the back seat holding the door all the way home hahaha, I was laughing all the way, especially when we went around the roundabouts - that was particularly amusing! Oh and it was quite cool on the M1 in rush hour too LOL!! So we get home, I go to get my bag, open the door and close it - and hey it was fine!! Whaddya know ay??!! He was completely distraught because he had arm-ache by this point lolol!
Poor Mr Doodles bless him. He does cheer me up with his Frank Spencer moments!

Right, I'm off - I will announce tomorrow who chose the winning words and the prizes and hopefully will be back with some great news to share! Remember to keep all those pinkies crossed please, and thankyou ALL so much for your enduring support, we genuinely love all our customers and try to constantly improve what we do in every way we can to bring you the best we can, always.
Much love from Doodles, Pixie and of course, from me xx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Different folds

Hey everyone, Happy Saturday! Well, it's the 25th of the month and that means another challenge over at Elisabeth Bell's World blog today! The theme this month is 'A different Fold'. Now I'm not massively into doing folds, I think because years ago I went fold crazy and made every mini book or origami project that ever existed and had a bit of a fold overload lol! So this month i've done a twist...well actually it's a slight fib, I misread the challenge and ended up doing something for the November 2013 challenge instead! I'm normally late, not a year early haha!!

So, join us over at the blog and enter the challenge and you could win a whole lotta goodies from Elisabeth PLUS be invited to join us as a Guest Designer in the New Year! It's a super-talented team! And in the meantime don't forget to join in our Blog Hop over at Digibells too!

Anyway, can you spot my fold? My twist is the flap fold on the top of my card, so you have to open the flap to get inside...I've used the lovely Cinnamon Twist image from Lissy's Little Cottage Cuties collection for Whimsy Stamps (adore this collection) and I decided to go for a monochrome feel to this one too, one of my fave looks at the moment as I'm sure you all know by now! This was quite quick to make again, I already had my image coloured but just took some browns and recoloured her into a single tone, then slapped loads of bits and pieces on there, just whatever I had hanging around my desk to be honest. The papers are from my Gingerbread Twist CD (although it's Christmas there are awesome all year round papers on there).
I used a Marianne's die (right) and coloured it brown with Promarkers and added a few little flowers to the stem. The other embellie (left) is made up of flowers, these amazing picks and I then added some leaves, again colouring with a brown Promarker to make them tone in with everything else. The buttons  at the top are from my stash (I was lucky enough to pickup a bunch of vintage ones from Etsy a while back that has all sorts of gems in there like the single hole one) with some little ones I made myself last year...I just took some air dry clay and pressed my buttons into it to make a mould, then when the moulds were set used Fimo to make my own buttons! The hardest thing is taking them OUT of the mould as they all came out quite rough but I actually LOVE them like this, it gives them tons of texture. Plus, if you make them from white Fimo or clay you can then colour them whatever colour you want, I made loads like this all in a batch to make it easy - only trouble is I like 'em so much i can't use 'em of course haha! I think this must be only the 3rd one I've every used! I'm hopeless, think I'm just a curator of beautiful stash! The other thing I love on here are the Bazzill Boshers - thats the brown donut thing with the string tied through if you've never seen these before...they've been around years but I don't think they ever really caught on much, but they're fab! Again I coloured it with a PM.

Right, that's it from me today! I'll be back soon! xx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy News!...

Hey everyone, Happy Friday! Thank goodness it's the weekend!

It's been an up and down kind of week around these here parts (oo-arr) but I try to be as positive as I can and always look at all the ups and try and forget the downs! It would make for a much happier world if more people thought this way!
Anyhow, I just want to share the happy news with you today...I was very lucky indeed this week when I was asked to be a Guest Designer over at Design Memory Craft's blog!

Wooohooo!! I've been admiring this team from afar for a while now and I am totally STOKED to be asked to join in for a while, they have some amazing products, and I can't wait to get creating to share them all with you! My first projects will be in the New Year so make sure you watch out for them soon!

I also had an awesome day yesterday with an extremely exciting meeting geek-stylee which I can't share right now, but 2013 is going to be a great year for sure! I know I'm teasing but as I work pretty much alone each and every day (if you dont count Mr Doodles and the Pixie of course) I literally get to bursting with excitement to share sometimes haha!

In other news, I'll be back on your screens on Create & Craft TV on 14th December - again something else I'm really excited about, haven't been at C&C since August and I have to admit I've been missing it lately! So make sure you tune in, times are 10 and 4pm and I think you might like it....

Right, gotta go, my fishfingers are burning I think! ttfn!! xx

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Holly's Happy Mail

Hi everyone! If you've arrived here from the stunningly talented

then you're in the right place! If not, then read on!

We're celebrating the release of a new Digi today over at Elisabeth Bell's World - which you all know I Looove! Elisabeth packs so much love and emotion into her images, they're fabulous.  So, to coincide with our new digi, we always have a monthly blog hope so I hope you'll join in the fun and you could win a great prize!  I hope you'll enjoy what the DT has in store for you!
We have an absolutely adorable new Digi, she's perfect for any season, crafting with her little scissors in her apron and would also make a great Christmas image as well...so please help us welcome...
Holly's Happy Mail
WANT TO WIN THIS DIGI? Then read on!

Here is what I made with this lovely image, I love Holly! This was such a great image to colour in, pretty quick and the overall card was very quick to make.
I coloured her with Flexmarkers only on this card, love my Flexies! If you covet Copics and can't afford the investment then Flexies are your solution as they are the same as Promarker inks but have a brush tip and are a dream to use. We stock them on some great deals in the Polkadoodles shop, I don't think you can get them for less anywhere else - and FREE worldwide shipping too! All the papers are from Polkadoodles, these were just scraps I had hanging about and I cut down the right hand side of the image to do something different. The die-cut is a new Marianne's we have in the shop too, together with Polkadoodles blooms and a mix of buttons I had in my stash. The red one is actually one I made from Fimo a couple of crimbo's ago so it's all rough and ready and gives a different dimension to the usually smooth shiny buttons, hard to see in the pic.

So, my friends, we are giving away this lovely digi to 2 lucky winners - just hop through the team blogs and leave comments on EACH blog, in order to better the chances to win! Two blogs at random will be chosen, and the winners will be picked from the comments. The hop will end at 9 AM Friday morning Arizona Time November 23rd. 
Are you all set to start hopping?  The winners will be picked and posted to the Digi Bells Blog on Saturday Nov 24th. 

Lets Get Started! From here all you need to do is either visit the lovely Sebrina  or if you've already completed the hop then go back to the Digi Bells Blog. Don't forget to leave me a comment under this post and follow my blog to be entered in the draw for the digi!
See ya soon! xx

Sunday, 28 October 2012

£50 giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone!
I don't have a project to share with you today but I just wanted to let you all know about the awesome candy we have for grabs at Studio 12 instead!

This month we're giving away candy up to the value of £50 (at least!) which will include CD's, Promarkers, stamps and embellies to one lucky follower who leaves us a comment on the blog!

If you've never visited my other blogs before then you don't know what you're missing... Polkadoodles is a challenge blog which publishes each Friday and has some awesome inspiration from our uber talented design team, with prizes up for grabs for winners each week. You can see what we've been up to here: http://polkadoodle.blogspot.co.uk/

In addition we now also have the Studio 12 blog...our aim with Studio 12 is to show you more creative ways to use your digi products every day and the Design Team are soooooo creative over there! We show you how to make quick cards for when you're in a time fix, or how you can also think outside the box and get all inky, painty and messy too - so many people think digital is all about colouring in a character and sticking it on a card but at Studio 12 and Polkadoodles we go waaay beyond this!

In addition, we also have an INTERNATIONAL DESIGN TEAM CALL going on!! So if you're one of my overseas followers why don't you check it out? we'd love to hear from you!

Soooo - why not head on over there now and grab a chance to win some goodies? You need to FOLLOW the blog and also leave us a COMMENT on the candy post to be in with a chance to win - go, go, go!!....http://studio12creative.blogspot.co.uk/

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lazin' Around...

I really hope you all managed to catch the Letraset shows on Create and Craft TV yesterday (think there may also be an hour or two today) and snapped up the DVD!

So, as promised here is the reveal of yesterday's sneaky peek card...

Little Jack & Bobbin Snoozin'....
This is another Whimsy Stamps Design from the Little cottage Cuties by Elisabeth Bell (I do colour other stuff too, honestly!)...I love this little image and I think it's a really versatile one, can be used for any number of different occasions I think...

I have to admit I really messed this up, I tried to get all arty with the circles on the blue paper and made a mess of it but hey ho, I just turned it to grunge instead lol! I used Zig 2 way glue to trace around the edge of the circles and pressed gold Perfect Pearls (one of my all time fave products EVER) into the dried glue. Only when I went to dust it off one of the circles wasnt dry and smudged it everywhere - oh noooo!! TRAGEDY!!!  As I'd already mounted the main image on top I really had to try and save it, I think I just about got away with it! 

On the main image I coloured him with Prisma's for a change and coloured the water with Pro and Flexmarkers. I cut the image around with a Martha Stewart punch to make the lush border which I thought worked really well and originally it was coloured green but I added the gold to give it a burnished, gilded look, just picking out some of the branches as it was enough without going full on gold everywhere which is so not me. It also tied in the mess of gold from the backing paper, hence why I got away with it looking distressed rather than a huge mistake! Least I think I did lol!
Finally, I added some embellies (just noticed i forgot to add string to my buttons, oh dear!), some faux stitching with my white pen and added a double bow and a sentiment. The brown nobbly round thing is   also a button but on the reverse, I was lucky enough to find someone selling an absolute stash of old vintagey buttons on Etsy a coupe of years ago. I confess I only use them on projects I adore haha, I'm such a stasher!!
To finish off I added glossy accents over the top of the messy dots, again this helped make it look like it was intentionally messy, and then added a few dots down the side to tie it in a bit. I like this card, it looks really vintagey to me.

Right that's it for me today - see you again soon!! xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Woohoo Wednesday!

Wow, where is the week disappearing to already? Can't believe the clocks go back in a week or so but I must confess Autumn is my favourite time of year and then followed by snowy winter - wooohoooo!

Anyways, I promised another peek today and here it is....

You'll have to tune in tomorrow to see what it is, but I have to say I looooove this one, it's a little beaut!

So tomorrow is the launch of my Colour Therapy DVD on Create and Craft TV! Another big wooohoooo!!  I've been wanting to make a DVD on colouring for an absolute age and finally got a gap in my schedule where I could plan it all out and get the filming done!  So today and tomorrow, Create and Craft have a double discount members event on (or you can get it direct from me for free P&P too ; )  ). At the moment I can't fit anything else into my schedule so I wont be Guest presenting this show which is full of yummy Letraset goodness too, but tune in as you might get a sneak of whats on the DVD and they will be showing some of my proper samples too! I think the shows are 1pm and 6pm!  Ive had some great feedback about the DVD and lots of you are saying how much you've learned and gleaned and practiced from having someone to hold your hand all the way so it's wonderful to know that it achieved what I wanted and that you're all finding it a useful tool. There are 7 tutorials over 100 minutes (doesnt sound long but we jam-packed the techniques in and I tried not to waffle, so it's an intensive colour-fest lol!) and it is great for beginners, intermediates and advanced too, I've included my fundamental and must-have techniques in there for you all! 
Right, time to go today, but come back tomorrow to see the above reveal!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It's all thrown in the mix!...

Well hello again! 2 days on the trot, get me!

So I promised you a make today after a very long sabbatical and here I am...we recently started to stock Whimsy Stamp designs in the Polkadoodles shop and I loooooove Whimsy designs! It's no secret that I love Elisabeth Bell's illustrations, they're just delish so I have been having a little play with some of my favourite's from the Cottage Cuties collection...
I have to say I do really like the colours on this card...I wanted to make a really autumnal card to go with the image and was inspired by both Halloween, Autumn and Christmas all in one lol, little bit of overkill maybe but I just couldnt resist putting those 2 mini gingers on there! (They're for kids and dont actually taste that great but look very cute haha!).  

The papers I've used are from the Gingerbread Twist collection - I took 3 papers and cut 3 squares of each and distressed the edges a little then overlaid them to make a background like a checkerboard but on an angle.  The sentiment is just a Kuretake Chalk Writer pen (couldve been neater but my pen was a little dry as I stored it the wrong way up like a muppet) onto a mini blackboard heart peg which I picked up for a snip somewhere and some of our lovely Blossoms finished it off.  The image itself is called Apple Blossom and I coloured her with a variety of different pens... Her face is done using Kuretake's Fine & Brush (like Kurecolors but with a brush tip which is like velvet and lush lush lush), the hair is done with Copics and her dress is done with a combo of Copics and Promarkers! So I'm sorry I can't tell you what colours I used as it's a mystery to me too - they were just a small selection of colours I had in a box with me at the time!  
I added the orange flowers just to pick out the little bit of peach on the dress and make her overall peachy skin pop a little bit and not be flat on the page, think it worked quite nicely.

So that's it from me today - pop in tomorrow as I might just have something else for you to look at! xx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Sneaky Peek

Woohoooooo I'm here at last!! Well in mind at least maybe!

I thought I'd give you a quick sneaky peek of something I've been doing the last few days...I looove this make, just have a couple of finishing touches to do and I'll reveal all tomorrow for you.

On another note, there are some Letraset shows on Create and Craft this Wednesday 17th - I'm sorry but I won't be Guest presenting these shows (dont worry I'll be back on your screens soon!) but make sure you tune in as it is the TV launch of my Colour Therapy DVD!! Make sure you tune in as I believe there is a bargain to be had (ssshhhh I can say no more!!)....

Right, I'd better be off and finish my make to show you tomorrow!

lorrahugs xx

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hi everyone, just wanted to stop by because I have been AWOL for a while, as usual lol! We have a lot going on right now at Polkadoodles and have been having some web issues at home so I havent been around online as much as usual, but it doesn't mean I'm not busy somewhere.

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up to watch our shows on 29th September with the uber talented Rosemary Merry who is certain to inspire you with some lovely crafty delights so please tune in!

We will be at GNPE Harrogate as usual (7-8 Oct I think) so pleeease come say hi on the stand, my lovely mad crafty friend NJ will be helping out and it's the first outing for the Polkadoodle Pixie who is extremely excited at being at her first craft show! Poor Pixie, we keep her so busy it drives her mad not being able to craft enough - she loves scrapbooking and cardmaking and I've promised her some lessons to get her into 'our' crafty ways but we're always so swamped she can only snatch 5 minutes here and there, poor little Pixie - I think I might get her making all my crimbo cards this year, that'll give her plenty of practice and will keep her quiet LOL!!...

Also, watch out online as we have some lush new stock about to land this week and a mega exciting new launch very soon which I think a lot of peeps have been waiting for!

My series of tutorials in Simply Cards & Papercrafts has ended for the time being, I simply seem to have no time these days, I've no idea where it all goes, it sure does fly faster as you get older!

Right I must dash, catch you all soon! x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Whimsy Day

Hi everyone! Just popped on to show you a sweet little card I made the other day. We are now stockists of Whimsy Stamps Wee Stamps and Little Cottage Cuties ranges which we all adore at PD towers! Soooo cute! The packaging on these is a little uninspiring I think with just plain black and white images so I'm in the process of colouring them all in to show you (hopefully) what you can do with them instead!

So my first one is possibly my favourite, I've loved this design for ages and it's Little Rose's Bike Ride, which I coloured with a mix of Copics, Kuretake Fine & Brush AND Pro and Flexmarkers would you believe lol!! All topped off with some elements I had hanging around in my stash, the sentiment is from Pretty Sweet I think and bits and pieces from Picknix 1...enjoy! xx

Friday, 17 August 2012

Pumpkin Fairy Ellora

!Hello everyone
Wow, I really didn't think I was going to get chance to post this month but I've scraped in by the skin of my teeth! It's been such a busy busy month for me, I've been scheduled schmeduled quite honestly! anyway, it's time for our wonderful team over at Digibells to host our monthly blog hop and launch of LissyBee's new digi for August which you can get here, which is just simply DEVINE!!
I heart this image a lot and I could not wait to colour her!!

So if you arrived here from the looovely Linda  then you hopped to the right place! This month we have the adorable Ellora Pumpkin Fairy image for you, isn't she a stunner?....
 I used my lovely lovely Kuretake Fine & Brush pens for this, as soon as I saw her I knew exactly what I wanted to do and the colours to use. I selected Fine & Brush because they are SO rich and sumptuous in colour, quite honestly in my opinion if you want a richness of tone to your work they blow Copic and Promarker out of the water in that respect I think. They are the same alcohol inks as the Kurecolor range but the Fine & Brush are brand new and again have the softest brush you've ever used! They literally feel like velvet to use and I genuinely don't want to stop colouring, it's bizarre to be gushing so much about a pen but I genuinely do feel this way! I just want more colours now, I've only got about 20 and I sincerely hope that Kuretake launch loads more, there will be the same quantity as Kurecolor which is currently 128. Funny how 3 different pen brands can all offer different things and results isn't it - I love them all for different reasons, but for richness of tone which is what I wanted with this image, F&B are the ones for me, can you believe I only used about half a dozen colours on this image too? I went a tad overboard on the flowers here but they are from our new bloomers range and the colours in this selection were just SO amazing I wanted to put them everywhere lol!
You can win this lovely digi image by just joining in our blog hop - so leave me a comment under this post and then hop on over to the wonderfully talented Alethea who is waiting to show you her uber gorgeous creation too!

The hop ends at 9am Friday 24th August (Arizona time so you UK peeps have until about 4pm by my reckoning!) - to be in with a chance to win the digi you need to leave comments on the Design Team blogs under their blog hop post and also please head over and have a look on the Digibells blog too - stunning inspiration from everyone and some superb colouring talent I think you'll agre!
So that's it from me for today, you'll see me on your screens on 1st September with Create and Craft, and I'll be back soon! ttfn! xx

Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer Challenge at Polkadoodles

It seems so long since I joined in a Polkadoodles challenge! This week's theme is Summer and you can win a copy of the Picknix CD if you join in, woohoo!

I chose this lovely digistamp from our exclusive Emma Canning range - Emma is a new up and coming designer I spotted a little while ago and I adore her range of quirky characters. There are loads to choose from and we will be adding more as we like to keep Em busy - they're already mega popular with customers because they're so great to practice colouring in with all your pens and markers, just fab!
Anyway, I decided to go a bit bright and girlie with this one...

Don't you think she's a cutipie?? I love all the little poses. I coloured her with my beloved Kuretake Fine & Brush, love the vibrancy and skintones you can get with these, they're a total dream to use but I neeeed more colours! There a few sneak peeks on this card but I'm sworn to secrecy about them so my lips are totes sealed Zippy styleee until I can reveal! It's gonna be a killer not telling you because they are lush lush lush!
Anyway, happy Friday - today is a great day because my lovely baby sis gave birth to my gorgeous new niece in the early hours of this morning, woohoo! I dont have a name or weight  yet but I'm seeing her tomorrow to give her a little squeeeze. From a distance that is, I don't do babies lol!
Have a great weekend everyone, don't forget we have candy galore going on with the Digibells hop below, Elisabeth Bells world and now Polkadoodles - and watch out on Sunday for more candy on offer over at Studio 12 - OMG what's a girl to do, more stash than you can poke a stick at!!

p.s just remembered another reason it's a good day...my brand new Silhouette machine arrived yesterday so I'm hoping I can play today! :D

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer Daze!

Time for our monthly post over at Elisabeth Bell's World today and lucky us we are sponsored by the wonderful peeps over at Whimsy Stamps!  So head on over to the delicious EBW blog and see all the amazeballs inspiration - this team sure does rock! There is always lush candy up for grabs so make sure you get on over there NOW!...

I have chosen this delightful new digi from our gorgeously talented Lissybee - released just this month I absolutely love love love this image! Ok, so I love aaaalll Lissybee's stuff anyway but I love this one extra lol!  I'm sorry I've used the same image on 2 consecutive posts but I was in a bit of a whirlytizz last minute making this one but I tried to colour it differently to last time...I just love colouring water! It's a real challenge getting reflections and depth to water so I love doing images like this...

Now I must confess I was colouring this one last night at home whilst also trying to eat tea and speak to my mum on the phone at the same time - I didn't notice the light was pretty poor in the room so my colouring on this could be a lot better, specially on the hair, I've lost all the shine (mainly because I only took home a handful of Flexmarkers so didnt have all the right colours with me and managed to print my image smaller than I wanted lol). I'm still not unpacked properly after last weekend so my workspace at the Studio is like a tip and I can't find anything as it's all in half empty boxed mixed up, it's completely doing my head in! (by the way, talking of pens, did you know that Letraset have just released the Autumn Promarkers Limited Edition sets? gorge!)...
Oh, and I just noticed the mark on the reed on the right hand side too - oh no! Ahh well, with the joy of digi it means I can just print as many as I like and do it again anyway! The card shape is a new one for me, I cut an 8x8 scallop blank in half and then folded half over at a diagonal, it's kind of like a twisted easel without the easel. It looks a little weird on the pic but I quite like it in real life, let me know what you think.

And did I mention Whimsy Stamps are sponsoring? Well, guess what? At Polkadoodles we are just expecting our first delivery of delicious offerings from Whimsy to add to the website - in our first delivery are Wee Stamps and the Cottage Cuties from Lissybee herself to add to our already amazing Belles n Whistles collection - rubber stamp heaven indeed, hurry up Mr Postman, I can't wait to get my mitts on the goodies!! So head on over to the blog now and get entering in the challenge to win some fab candy! woohoo!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Blog Hop

I have been SUCH a naughty blogger!! It's been such a long time, doesnt time fly! The truth is quite simply I've been run off my feet! Anyway, without further ado, it's time for our monthly blog hop over at Elisabeth Bell's World and it was the perfect excuse to make a card - sometimes it does you good to make time, I often find that the quick projects turn out awesomer than the ones you spend hours poring over!

So our lovely hop starts today and will end at 9am July 27th (Arizona time) so make sure you hop along with us and you wil get a chance to win some awesomeness!  We will choose 2 random winners which will be selected from the comments left on the Design Team blogs and the Digibells blog, so make sure you hop and leave us all a comment!

If you arrived here from the delightfully talented Mary Lou then you are in the right place!

So what exactly do you win?
Well, what more do you need than *Summer Daze* this scrumptious new Digistamp from Elisabeth which is available here...

Isn't this an adorable image? You can win this if you follow the rules! On my project here I've coloured it with Flexmarkers and added some bits and pieces from my Picknix 1 CD - I just adore that little lemonade stand! The sentiment is on the CD too but I handwrote it onto the sign and just added a few more bits, buttons and some lace.

So, what you need to do now is hop on over to Sofia and see what she's created, don't forget to leave us both a comment!

Ooo and before I go, just a quick heads up - did you know we're looking for Guest Designers over at Digibells? get your entries in everyone! They're a lovely friendly and uber talented team of designers so well worth having a go!
Right, that's it from me for now, toodlepip and enjoy hopping!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Here Comes Christmas!

Wooohoo!! time for a post at last!  I am SO bad!! Quite honestly I've been run off my feet since May LOL! No excuses, I just dont know if I'm coming or going! Nothing much changes there then I hear you all cry, but we have been exceptionally busy I must confess.

I want to say a MASSIVE thankyou to all the lovely peeps we met at Doncaster Summer Crafting last weekend, another great show although numbers seemed to be down a bit on last year, a sign of the times I think and the fact we're all looking after our pennies a bit more maybe. After all, as crafters we know that we can't resist those goodies! :O

Anyway, at the show we unveiled this little baby, our brand new, latest release for Polkadoodles...
Yep, in the craft world Crimbo has well and truly landed I'm afraid!! I've resisted as long as I could this year as I do draw a line at Crimbo in June, but when I think about it even at age 18 (yes all those aeons ago) I was involved in Crimbo in July even back then when I worked in newspapers and we had to run *Book Early for Christmas* features for restaurants!! Any of you who worked in papers will know the story LOL!!
Anyway, Here Comes Christmas is rather scrummy I think, it reminds me of childhood Christmases with a lovely vintagey feel with a Polkadoodley twist...

...and you can catch a good old sneg of this on Create and Craft TV this Saturday 21st July at 11 and 4pm with meeeeeee...(sorry no Rosemary this show, she's sunning herself in Cyprus!).  I will also be back on at 6pm with a Kuretake show and lots more yummy delights from them, so please email in if you're watching!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Quick update

Hi everyone - oh my goodness I'm so bad, it's been an age since I posted! We are UBER busy here at Doodley Towers since the launch of Picknix, things have gone ballistic and I'm having to really prioritise so I don't keel over, so I'm sorry I havent posted anything in ages, blogs and twitter are taking a bit of a backseat for me at the minute, I'm worn out LOL! I'm currently busy designing and hoping I don't drop all the juggling plates at once so I promise as soon as I can catch a breath I will update you on everything going on. In the meantime, we will be at Doncaster Summer Crafting 14/15th July and I will be back on Create & Craft 21st July with something delish!
See you all soon!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ultra Exciting News.com!

Well, I've been totally bursting for the last couple of months with a secret and now I can finally reveal, yipppeee!

I'm very proud to announce that TV's Rosemary Merry will be joining the Polkadoodles team from 9th June! Woohooooo! Welcome on board the doodleship, Rosemary!

Rosemary is one of the UK papercraft industry's longest serving experts and was the resident Scrapbooking expert on QVC for many many years, bringing a whole host of brands and creativity in scrapbooking to viewers. Rosemary has an absolute wealth of knowledge about papercrafting both in the UK and overseas, teaching and demonstrating and I just know that her creative style fits perfectly with my own and the Design Team at Polkadoodles so we think this will be a great partnership! Rosemary is really looking forward to getting to grips with all of our yummy goodies and bringing you some fantastic inspirational demo's, starting on 9th June. We will both be appearing on the Polkadoodles shows on Create & Craft TV at noon and 4pm so we hope you'll all join us!...but more about that below!...

But that's not all! As you know from the past couple of weeks, May is Polkadoodles 3rd Birthday so we decided this was a perfect time to also reveal our brand new Studio 12 range.

Studio 12 is still part of Polkadoodles but will be incorporating a slightly different feel which we think will appeal to everyone, including scrapbookers and anyone who loves altered media in any way. We are very excited to be able to offer some diversity in what we do, but don't worry, good old Polkadoodles is not going anywhere and die-hard fans need not worry! In fact, we just see it as a natural development which we've been wanting to do for some time! So if you are someone who loves messing about with anything digital in papercrafting you are just going to adore this range as it's very much all about hybrid papercrafting!

So tune in at noon on 9th June to see the first fabulous Studio 12 collection with myself and Rosemary at the helm - we are both so excited we will be like a pair of giddy aunts! ; D

See you on the 9th!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Friday, 25 May 2012

Little Lamb - Elisabeth Bells World May

Morning campers, it's time for an Elisabeth Bell's world challenge today! The lovely Lissy Bee has released this GAWGUSS digi stamp *Little Lamb* - isn't it sooo cute!! Today we have a sketch challenge at EBW which I personally ADORE! If you've never used a sketch before with your cardmaking (or anything else come to think of it) you really should give it a go, sketches are a fabulous tool to use, especially if you're stuck for inspiration or need to make loads of cards really fast. Just draw out a rough plan using circles, squares and rectangles and it helps keep your designs on track. I use sketches a lot when I'm prepping for TV shows where I need to maybe make 12 demo's in a day ready for loads of shows - they help  me make sure my projects are all different and stops me from sitting looking at an empty card blank for hours on end!
 I've used papers from the Sugarplum Daisy CD rom on this card together with the scrummy image from Elisabeth. All flowers and feathers are from the Polkadoodles website.
I've distressed the papers with Old Paper Distress Ink and then run round the edges again with a pale pink and coral Acrylic Paint Dabber from Ranger. I've had these for yonks and not really used them but now I'm in my new st st studio I can get to all my materials a whole lot better so I'm using all the stuff I've not been able to reach before now LOL! I then added some feathers and flowers (that big fabric flower is a Petaloo one and is to DIE for!!!) and we are just adding some brand new flower packs into stock on the website which are absolutely FLYING out the door. The little feathers are also from Petaloo and cruelty-free I was pleased to see on the pack as I was a bit distressed at first when I saw they are proper real feathers! I think they're duck ones, but they're sooo nice, just perfick size too. Right, that's it from me today, make sure you join in our challenge at EBW to be in with a chance of winning the fab Digi!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Happy Birthday to Us!

Woweeeee peeps! 
Today is Polkadoodles 3rd Birthday!! 
 (card is made from Sugarplum Daisy CD and coloured with Promarkers)
Yes, it's 3 years ago today since we launched the Polkadoodles blog and went live with our first product which was our Fab Sugar Birdies CD (nice to know that 3 years on and it's still a hot seller!!)! woooohoooo!! And here we are 3 years on, going strong, I'm on telly every now and then, who the heck woulda thought it ay - good things come to those who wait and work hard. I want to take time to thank the people who helped us along the way, it has been far from easy, particularly in the early days and we've had some awesome people who helped us in ways they probably don't even realise. First up are my 2 friends Maggie and Michele. Michele is one of those friends who's always there for you when you need her and I love her to bits although we don't see anywhere near enough of each other. Maggie I don't see any more but if you're reading this I want you to know that you have a special place in my heart and I think of you all the time, special lady. I also need to mention the awesome PD design team - those girls absolutely ROCK! There've been a few who have come and gone over the last 3 years but we still have some original teamies with us and a special big thankyou goes to En, Ruth and Lou who have been with me through thick and thin. They're honorary members now which just means they're barred from ever leaving the team really LOL. Of course, I have to thank my long suffering old man, Mr Doodles who does lots of the hard work while I just do all the nice stuff. He's the one who sends out all your orders every day and keeps me in line and on track, he's my rock and I couldnt do any of what we do without him.
Of course, more than all of this we thank all of you, our lovely followers and customers who buy the products and make it all worthwhile and keep the ninjas in the manner to which theyre accustomed. Without YOU lot we wouldnt be here so please know that we appreciate each and every order and thank our lucky stars that we have such a fab customer base - Polkadoodles customers are soooo nice!!

Anyway enough wafflage from me! To celebrate our birthday we're having a special celebration over on the Polkadoodles blog and you can win over £220 of blog candy so make sure you get on over there  NOW!!!
Go on, NOW, what are you waiting for??  chop, chop, off you go!! no more cake left here, it's crumbs only here....

Friday, 18 May 2012

Hi everyone, time for the Digibells May blog hop! Yes, I did say Digibells, the lovely teamies over there asked me to be a permanent DT member for Elisabeth Bell's World and part of my duties for that are to join in the blog hop each month, woohooo lucky me!! If you havent checked out the creations from my teamies you NEED to,they are an awesomely talented bunch of girls, AMAZING colouring skills over there!

So if you arrived here from Wendy's blog, you're in the right place! 

This time our theme is Stitching (faux or real) and to coincide with the hop our lovely Lissy Bee has designed a fabulous new Digi - and you can win this if you take part in the hop!  

To win the digi you will need to hop through all our team and leave a comment on each blog to improve your chances of winning.
2 random winners will be chosen from all the comments and you have until Fri 1st June at 9am (Arizona time) to do your bit. We'll be posting the winners on Sat 2nd June on the Digibells blog. Woohoo!
Also, you have a 2nd way to win too!...just make a card using Stitching (faux or real) as a theme and post it on the Digibells blog! Our only rule is that you need to use an Elisabeth Bell image - if you want to join in and don't have one get yourself over to Lissy Bee's digi store now! The challenge will also end1st June at 9am and be announced on the 2nd June.  So good luck everyone, get hopping and carry on reading to see where you need to go next! 

So, my card for this challenge...this image from Elisabeth is so adorable, I love it! Cute little lambie! I decided to go quite vibrant with my colour choices on this card and show how you can make red and green, which are always considered Christmas colours, look entirely different if you introduce another strong colour, here I chose blue (pic is yet again a bit ropey, I seriously need to get my camera head on!)
All the papers are from the Sugarplum Daisy CD and I added a fabric flower and some paper ones (coming soon to the website, watch out, they are LUSH!) and the heart is a Basically Bare chipboard one which I coloured with the Fine & Brush again to make an embellie.
I coloured this image with the awesome brand spanking new Kuretake Fine & Brush alcohol markers. These are just to die for and if you are a pen geek like me you will love the velvet soft brush on these - it makes blending an absolute dream! These are the same alcohol inks as the Kurecolors range but now have a super fine tip which is just great for getting into details and now with a brush tip which is ultra soft and is the nicest tip that I've used on ANY alcohol marker if I'm quite honest. You can't even hear the pen on the paper it's so smooth - I do wish Kuretake would extend their current colour range, 400 colours like Copic would be heaven, and as their colours are so rich and vibrant I think they would take over the world once everyone tried them LOL! The first sets which are available now are in the same colourways we did for the Kurecolors recently but the good news is there is a 12 pack of skintones which are a MUST HAVE!
Now dear readers, you need to carry on hopping...hoppity hoppity...
Please now hop over to Lynda to carry on  your creative journey!
And as an extra incentive - anyone who does the blog hop and leaves a comment on each blog will be in with a chance of receiving a free digi download from me too! this will include papers and allsorts of goodies, so make sure you leave me and my teamies a comment (I WILL Check!!)...I will choose one person from my comments list on a random generator once the hop has finished!! So you have THREE chances to win! woohooo!!

toodlepip!! xx

Big Celebration!

Hi everyone - make sure you pop over to the Polkadoodles blog today - we have some completely awesome Wedding projects to show you all - too good to miss! plus some exciting news about next week! x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Create and Craft

Hi everyone, just a very quick update - my Create & Craft hours for next week are (so far):
Monday 14/5: 8, 1 & 4pm;
Tues 15/5: 9 & 4pm;
Wed 16/5: 2 & 7pm;
Thurs 17/5: 8, 11 & 5pm...subject to change of course!
Letraset 4 Day Deal here we come! PLEASE email into the studio if you want to see anything in particular but please remember I'm restricted in what colours and products I can use - I can't do dark skintones on this show (I long for the day I can, believe me!) but we have some fab colours and exclusives and new...ooo I said too much already! Right, I'm off to pack the car up then I can have a leisurely day & a lie-in tomorrow before driving to the studio Sunday night to set up! ttfn! xx

p.s. - just want to say: I havent forgotten about the candy for naming the new studio! I HAVE picked a name but I just havent had time to sort everything out yet so I'll do it once I get back from C&C and can finally get the rest of my stash out of the house and into the studio and tidied up and organised properly, so please don't think I've reneged on my little competition cos I havent! xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Simply Cards & Papercrafts Issue 96 May

Today I have my project from Issue 96 to share with you. There are lots of different colouring hints and tips in the magazine for you this month, hope you like it! The next issue will be out the first week of June! I decided to go all Summery this month and now look at the weather, typical!
(I have been asked how many issues we're doing the colouring tutorials for and it is an ongoing feature so long as you don't get bored, I don't get boring and you are getting something out of it!! So if you have topics you'd like covered then please let me know or contact the magazine direct and let them know - I will genuinely do my best to try and show you what you want and it doesnt matter if it's been covered before, I'll still consider any suggestions you may have!) xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Verry quick update...

Just to let you all know I will be on Create & Craft next week from 8am Monday through to teatime Thursday with some fab deals! I do have a list of show times but very often these change, there are definitely 3 on Monday and then at least 2 per day. I'll try and update the times as soon as I know they're more definite x

Friday, 27 April 2012

L'il Janiel's Harvest Smack card

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a super Friday! I almost missed today's post for the Digibells, been so busy this week I completely forgot so I have just had to colour, make and post this card all in the space of an hour - with no scissors and only basic craft tools haha!! Pure testament to how gorgeous Lissy Bee's designs are and how you can make something lovely from nothing if you have one of her uber fabulous images I think! I chose L'il Janiel's Harvest for this card, one of my favourite images I think...

As I've been colouring for like aeons this week with my trusty Promarkers and Flexes, I decided to give my Copics a little outing for a change. It's amazing how different pens can feel even when they're all the same alcohol base, it's all in the delivery system and the flow of the ink. For me, I find Copics to be very very dry in comparison to Promarker, Flex and Kurecolors too and there's no getting away from the fact that Copic do have the ultimate range of colours - 400! 400! Wowser! Personally I think it's good for everyone to have a mix of different mediums - some days I find I prefer one over the other, it really depends what mood I'm in, what my ability is on that day (ie if I'm in spacker can't make a nice thing if I tried mode or creative everything I touch I love mode) and also what the weather is like! Yes, folks, the temperature sure can affect your pens! No idea if this is scientific fact or not but I am living proof - if it's hot I find those little beggars can just mis-perform for me sometimes!
Please don't ask me what colours I used on this image - I have no bloody idea, I just grabbed them and put it down as I had to colour this in about 15 minutes flat I think. I'm still mid-pack for the new studio (well, I say mid, more like I just 1/4 filled ONE box so far) and so I havent unpacked the car from this weeks TV shows yet. So of course I realised with horror I did not posess one single pair of scissors or a knife about my personage and had to do some rip-tearing away. Luckily I had papers sat half chopped as offcuts from a demo I prepped for the shows so I snaffled it and just tore into rough strips and then threw some paper flowers at it. Even this was tricky as I also only had a smidge of pinflair left in the bottom of a tube which I had to bite to get the last trickle out of to stick the flowers on haha! These have big stem bits at the back so it was a bit of a pain getting them stuck on enough for me to stand the card up to take a pic! I pulled out some fab new pom pom ribbons in lush colours that were perfick and then realised I couldnt cut those either - ARGHH! I pushed some mess...er I mean work in progress aside and luckily found a white ribbon hiding on the desk so smack - chucked it on and may Smack Card is finito!!! haha!

This is my last post as Guest Designer for the completely fabulous and super talented Digibells design team, so thanks to everyone for their kindness and wonderful comeraderie over the past 12 weeks - if you'd like to be on the Digibells design team for a guest spot make sure you get your entry in for the DT call - see the post  here!  I should have some exciting news soon so I'll be back soon! xx