Tuesday, 18 January 2011

world record...

3 posts in less than a week, must be a world record for me.

If you've come here for En's blog hop and don't want to read through my drivel for today CLICK HERE to go straight to the blog hop post instead! I understand, I'm not offended, sniff!

Feeling kinda crapola today, been fighting off the darned flu bug thingy that's doing the rounds so have been suffering a bit with hot sweats and not sleeping well during the night...and lack of sleep makes for a grumpy girl as my OH will tell you. So as I am totally unmotivated to work this afty and have been p*ssing in the wind as the saying goes, I decided to share some of my all time favo things with you. Not crafty things, but bootiful fings.

Numero uno...
...this is my all time favo material posesh (at the momento)...although I don't wear loads of jewellery and accessories I do love them soo much and over the past 10 years I have started to collect more "precious" jewellery as and when I've been able to afford the moolah. Not mega expensive pieces, jeez I am no rockerfeller, but maybe £100ish when I've had birthday money to spend etc. I have to say this is all QVC's fault - man does that channel suck me in. But pieces I know I will love forever and treasure and keep as heirlooms. I just like to think that when I keel over and croak there will be something of mine that can be passed on to someone and as I have no kids and never will, I decided it should be jewellery. I want someone to go on Antiques Roadshow in the year 2060 and go - oh she had good taste, she bought it from Woolies in 2006 but it's worth at least £10.50 now. You know what I mean! I have to say I don't buy much from QVC really, there is an awesome designer gallery in York called Pyramid Gallery and that's one of my fave haunts. I always look for up and coming designers as you can usually get amazing pieces for a snippet that way.
For my birthday last year Kris bought me this...sigh...

...I had to contribute a little bit of cash towards it myself as we're not big on birthdays and don't generally splash the cash much but hey, I don't drink and I don't smoke and I don't even buy much stash these days so I deserved it and it is my most favouritest posesh....the little house has a full on working lock on it, look how tiny the whole thing is...('scuse mingy yellow nails, closeups are a killer)....
...so the little door opens...and inside is tucked away a little surprise...
but that's not all, look on the other side...

So you see, it's " A Love Story" of me and Kris in our house and we're "Happy Ever After"...

only one word fits....adorable.

I had to stop wearing it on TV though as I have a habit of fiddling with it and one show I looked like I had a humoungous big growth on my neck where it had slid round the side!

Now you can see why it's my favest thing ever right?
And why I let my gorge hubby pick our wedding rings way back when, he knows my taste so well. (except in watches and shoes, funny that!)...

Anyway, so we just had Crimbo and guess what turned up...
I kinda had a suspicion this would be it this year, he made me do the Amazon wishlist - which incidentally is FABBO! you must do it! You add the wishlist button onto your web toolbar then as you go round the web at the click of a button you can add things to it - from ANY website, not just Amazon! So I'm using it as an ongoing shopping list, it's great to remind you where you saw things, I've got next, this year's shopping list for friends etc on the go already!

So you knew it wouldn't be just a little round thing with a window, right...

Hard to photograph this one as it's so tiny, but it hinges out into 3 pieces with Starry Starry night and a cute owl sitting on a branch (yes, me, owl, owl mad!) and then the back piece has a gold moon and stars in it. SO cute! I love it!
But I'm not just an expensivo kinda gal, I do the cheap tat too and now and then you know how you just come across a total "find"...well I found this in some shop or other a couple of years back now and I totally love it, I probably wear this more than any other, I don't know if it's because it's on a real long chain or what but it cost me all of about a fiver I think...
A much bigger piece, total costume metal, but was gutted that I lost a piece off it, I think it was a bead if my memory serves me right. I keep saying I'm going to make my own replacement and keep adding bits to it but you know how it is, manana, manana! Would be cool though and maybe one day I will!

So it's my birthday in a few days, who knows what the postie will bring this time??!! I think I need to get my ears repierced again so I can start the earring collection off!  My mum really makes me laugh so much - she does this every year, I don't think she trusts me not to open it beforehand! If only she knew, I never am tempted to open things early (not v often anyway) so she really doesnt need to do this haha...

Almost over! I just had to share this amazebob new woven ribbon which came in this week, all the way from Germany and the range is just adorable...this of course, had to be my fave I think but there are some other strong contenders for the crown, make sure you check them all out, they really are AMAZING!

And finally (hoorahh I hear you cry) I just had to share a dork moment with you.
Last night the OH reached across my desk "Ooo chocolate, just fancy a piece" he said, grabbing at a chunk.

THIS chunk...
The deckle blade off my WRMK trimmer...
Laugh? My t*ts nearly fell off.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Blog Hop - whoop whoop!

My lovely friend and fellow talented teamie Enfys is celebrating a huge 500,000 hits on her blog this week, whoop whoop En! Truly a milestone!! So to mark the occasion En is hosting a fantastic BLOG HOP with squillions of blog candy to give away (ok, slight exaggeration maybe, but like, LOADS)...

So, if you arrived here from Capadia's blog all the way over in the USA, you are on the right trail. 

Nearly the end of the hop, you need to click to follow me and leave me a comment under this post. Your letter is
Now all you need to do is go back to see Enfys and leave her a comment with the answer to the anagram.

Have fun hopping around and good luck with the candy!!!! xxx

Friday, 14 January 2011

pheweee what a week, what a week!

Cor blimey Guv'nor, it's manic round these here parts lately! I decided to give myself an overhaul, here I am, a blummin designer and there I was with someone else's blog clothing on!! Hope you like the new look.

I just don't know where the days, week's, hell month's go to, do you think ageing speeds up disproportionately as we get older? Well I think it does anyway. And that quizzy thing I took about 7 years ago says I'm a borderline genius so that means I must always be right. Right! ; D

Week 2 Sketch
This week it's my turn to host the challenge over on the Polka Doodles blog and I set a theme of Red, White and Blue with a little sketcheroo to follow. My lovely friend En is on the PD team and I've known her for a long time now in the crafting world, she travels back and forth between the UK and US lucky girl, so this theme was really inspired by her.  She is a super-talented lady and extremely well known in craft circles and has just achieved a massive 500,000 blog hits so we decided to celebrate it with her.  If you check in here or on En's blog on Monday there will be news of a totally smashing blog hop which she is hosting - LOADS of candy on offer, goodies galore!!

....Here is the sketch we have to follow.

I set the challenge to the girls weeks ago but I only got round to making my own effort today, not unfraught I have to say. Firstly, I had so many windows open on my mac and pc that I couldnt even run a CD so I decided to design something specially instead (yes u wldnt believe it would you!!), and then because I realised the OH had my box of basics stash in the back of the car with him, so I only had a pair of nail scissors to my name! 

You can get the freebie kit download here, there are 3 papers and a white and spotty version of the words which I've used in this card...

I managed to find my We R Memory Keepers rotary trimmer which I havent had long and havent used much but I do like it - nice and quick to slide the blades off and I've removed one end so I don't have to faff about with the locks, you really don't need it on there at all.
So I cut the red spotty paper with a scallop blade, then used a reel of sellotape to tear the stripey paper round and it ended up an oval! This was due to the idleness of not being bothered to move my lardass out of the chair to get nesties or anything else LOL!
I cut a strip of the harlequin with the nail scissors following the pattern to try and get some semblance of straight with a weeny pair of scissors and then the ribbon arrived. THE RIBBON ARRIVED. I've managed to source this most orgasmo ribbon which, quite honestly, could have been made by Polka Doodles. It's so up our street it lives here now. This particular one is the Stars and Stripes Liberty pattern which I got just for our lovely US customers! So I had to use it on this card of course!! This ribbon is heavily embroidered so it's totally gorge, no crapola prints or any of that cheapo rubbish here thankyou very much.  So I tied a little bit round the cupcake (from Sundae of Seasons CD). I then cut out the Happy word and stamped "Happy Everything" repeatedly up the right hand side (stamps from the Sensational Sentiments stamp set) and added the Scallop from Martha Stewart punch behind the text. I found the buttons in my button box.

...So my NY resolution of blogging more often has already been brocked but who cares, life's too short to get your nickers in a pickle over such fancies. The only fancies my nickers get in a twist over is Mr Kipling's French Fancies and I havent had one of those for about 2 years having eaten so many I can face them no longer.  So, I digress, as usual. As always we have loads going on here and we're about at 100% full throttle I can tell you, keeping Create & Craft viewers happy, keeping our own customers happy, shipping orders, shipping to retailers (if you want your local retailer to stock PD products then get nagging them!) and all the rest of it. New products, shows coming up, designing designing designing blah blah blahhh zzzz.

Last week I launched our brand new CD on Create & Craft, Paper Boutique 3, Projects Galore. My oh my was it busy and we had 2 shows on the same day which will happen more often now I think, as the channel is now live till 5pm every day. I do have it on good authoritahhh that they are desperately trying to sort out the old Freeview issue but the good news is you can watch all the shows on Catchup TV now, which is online. Hurrahh!  If you want to see what's occurring with the new CD you can check it out here.
Yet again, we are virtually out of stock of our lovely Neighbour Stamp range, think there may be a couple of sets left somewhere but new stock is due in again in the next week or so. These stamps have been mental, we've had to restock them 4 times now and we only launched in December, cwazy cwazy! I have promised to do a colouring tutorial with these as I have Promarkers to give away but I just haven't had the time so as soon as I get a spare afternoon I WILL do it I promiso!

This week is a busy one just trying to catch up with everything, finally on Saturday I will be going to my mum's to exchange the Christmas presents...yes, I DID say Christmas presents!! She only lives 40 miles away but as we had a proper working Crimbo this year and with all the snow we just didnt get to see my family and I'm miffed really as it kinda spoiled crimbo for me if I'm honest. Not that we really noticed, nose to grindstone and all that...I did stop to tweet at midnight on New Years but that was about it other than Christmas dinner. I keep looking at this huge pile of pressies and thinking some of them are just plain stupid now, loads of booze and choccies are fitting for the festivities but now it's all over it all seems a bit out of place! Still, it's my birthday next week so no doubt we will roll it all into one on Saturday and it will be nice to see everyone.

Right, enough waffling from me, I have loads of lush ribbons to load on the website and other "stuff" to get on with! Remember to check out the blog hop on Monday!! 9am!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy Phew Year!

Eek, can't believe how long it's been since the last post, so sorry! Truth is I had a deadline turned upside down and thrown forward by a whole month would you believe so Christmas shmishmas round herre, it hasn't existed, I havent even given my poor family their pressies yet shamefully, just havent had time to do a thing since the last post! Thing is I feel well papster now too, some of these pressies just don't seem fitting a month after the event iykwim!! But my mum reckons she will cook another Christmas lunch whenever we get the chance to go see them which hopefully might be in about 10 days! I know people must think she should just MAKE time but sometimes when you work for yourself and run a business you just CAN'T have time off no matter how much you'd like to take a break. For us, we always seem to have a manic Dec right through to April which is when a lot of other businesses are really struggling so you just have to make the most of it unforcheroo.
Anyway, I really don't have time for a big post so this was just to say watch out for the 2 shows, yes 2, on Sat 8th Jan at 12 and 3pm...it seems there are some very eagle-eyed peeps out there already who have seen the pre-order I loaded late last night, no flies on you hey! So see you all Sat, promise to do a better blog this year and I have a couple of video tuts I need to make still with Promarkers to give away so please bear with me! ttfn x