Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Well, first What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday for me - ever!
Not been creating much in terms of cards this week unless 36 Crimbo Cards counts - yes, I did finally get round to making them thanks to all the people on Twitter and Facebook making me go in a blind panic about not doing them yet! It wasn't until I got them all done I realised there's still another 12 days till Crimbo eve yet FGS! Some people do panic about stuff don't they! I have never seen such a drama over decorating the Christmas tree unfold ever - it seems this is a really big thing to the whole world except me, people seem to take days to put the thing up and then finish decorating it, twitter is rife with tree trauma I tell you, rife!  I'm bish bosh bash up and done in an hour, finito. Takes the cats 2 mins to dismantle it though! We haven't had one for the last few years, mainly because of the ninjapaws launching themselves at it like a cannonball and not enough room in our titchy house but I'm squeezing one into our living room this year for sure!

Right so onto WOYWW, pretty boring really and my desk (believe it or not) is actually quite tidy at the mo...

 I call this mission control on account of having 3 screens in a row plus 2 printers and the sky box stacked at the right hand side! The Christmas card is from the lovely Kay Carley and the huge tag is a promo thing sent to me - these have been installed there since last year LOL! I just forgot to take them down! I do have some little battery fairy lights that hang along the bunting but you can't tell they're on in the picture. Note the big pile of cards waiting to go out and the 3 boxes of Fortnum and Mason's chocolates and fudge waiting to go off to someone important...not me unfortunately!
The Purple and white thing is my brand new mini sewing machine which I bought off Ideal World last week - I ADORE it! For the price of it it's a great little machine and so light and portable I can actually put it on my desk, I've been wanting one like this for YEARS! The pink and blue thing next to it is my lush sewing box which I bought off QVC a couple of years back and I love it, I store allsorts in there. Hehe I had to just go back and edit this post as when I clicked on the image and it was larger I did notice something peeking under all the chaos - my bra!! I thought I'd lost it, must have been a bramagic kinda moment if I left it there!!!

But as you can see, it's a pretty tidy desk really as I'm in a bit of a designing week. I have to split my time up - I either design a lot or I create a lot, I can't mix them both up as I need to have my desk clear for my graphics tablet. The one you see there is a new emergency one because I brock my big momma who is now on her way to Deutschland for fixing. Me no likey new imposter, feels very difficult to use in comparison so can't wait to get Ida back.

Here's the other corner of my desk...Clip It Up installed nicely and about 1/3rd full. I tend to use it to hang up my WIP cards and stuff I can't tidy away yet. Notice the diary snooked behind the PC - all that tiny writing is THE LIST!....
...THE LIST of things to do which seems to never get any smaller and is always full of juicy secrets I can't share yet.  And my Tesco vouchers I always forget to use. That £10 one will be paying for my Turkey Crown this week!Sneaking behind my water is a nice pile of felt flowers I made on Sunday whilst watching X Factor.
And then I had to share this little monkey of a picture...caught in the act at the same time, emptying my rubbish bin so he can remove the DST and nosh on the bloody glue...he IS addicted...all that mess on the floor is HIS mess!
"Who, me?? I didn't do that!"
Yes Ninja, we know, it was a ghost ninja from Christmas past wasn't it you little....