Monday, 19 December 2011

Vader strikes again

So who is ready for Crimbo? You? How about You? me neither!
I decided we're staying home alone for Crimbo day this year instead of having to drive the 80 mile round trip to my family (don't do OH's family for crimbo, don't even go there with that one). We havent had a tree or any decs up for the past few years as we've been too busy/too tired/too grumpy and the house has been a tip but over the past couple of weeks I think we both decided we need to reclaim the living room! I went to see my lovely friend for lunch on Saturday, opened the door when I got home and nearly fell over in shock - he had emptied all the old shop stuff out and was actually sorting stuff out! OMG! If you could see our back bedroom which is his "den" you would realise why this is shocking as it looks like Mr Trebus lives in there, tidying is not my OH's strong point. Give him his due, he did sort out a load of stuff the other week which was actually loads of my old stamps which my classes used and then we found more old stock too so I parceled it up and sent it off to 5 different charitable crafty causes. To be honest I could've sent it to about 20 people there was that much stuff but I had to think about the postage! So anyway he's earned serious brownie points for shelf moving and clearing out at last and going to the tip, after all I've only been waiting 2.5 years. So this meant it was time for a good clean and I do like a spring clean before crimbo. I was savage I tell you, SAVAGE! There was enough ginger ninja fluff under the sofa to knit an Axminster and I have to admit I was thoroughly ashamed at the state of the place. 5 hours later and it was done though (not the whole house, that would take another week!), and the downstairs is now looking almost the best it can. So long as you ignore the wildlife that is living between the cooker and tumble dryer.
Anyhoo, thought I would share this little gem with you...
Here is my Darth Vader impresh. I look well happy don't I! I apparently have sleep apnoea, something I suspected but it seems it is much worse than I thought and is partly responsible for why I wake my OH every night chuntering and shouting in my sleep and bashing him in the ribs all the time. So I got summoned for an appointment and had no idea this was going to happen...hopefully it won't be too long but I really feel sorry for people who do have to wear this every night for life. It's not as bad as it looks because it's very relaxing, sounds like waves lapping on a beach so it makes you nod off very quick but I do keep waking up in the middle of the night and I don't have it on. It's all very bizarre, I obviously rip it off at some point, put it away neat and tidy and go back to sleep LOL! Clearly I am as bad as the nurse said I was haha!
Definitely a pash killer though so if you value your marriage I suggest your partner puts up with being punched in the ribs as there'll be nothing else happening once this enters your life I can tell you! x