Thursday, 8 December 2011

Blog Candy winners

I'm a little late I know, I know, I forgot, sorry!
Had my head up where the sun doesn't shine over the past week doing nasty paperwork and accounts which simply had to be done - Mr Taxman waiteth for no woman! Can't believe this time last week we were in the Dales at our lovely hideaway battling with Phil the Pheasant (if u have no idea what I'm on about see the post at the top of the page!)

Because I've been paperwork mental (have just shredded the HUGEST pile of paper ever, so satisfying!) I have no makes to share today but I will be back with some in the next few days, I promise.

Ok, madly I agreed to give away 6 lots of blog candy during my blogathon, what was I thinking! Anyway, here are the winners, well done folks, can you all please email me with your addresses and deets asap please:

Post 20th November - Jan (your comment on stealing the poinsettia heads made me snort!)
You will be winning a £7 voucher to spend online at Polkadoodles

Post 21st Nov, Kitch fail - Victoria - You have won the exclusive Amelia stamp woohoo! Only 9 exist in the whole world!

Post 23rd Nov - Ang - You have also won a £7 voucher to spend online at Polkadoodles

Post 30th Nov - the final. Chosen by a Random Number Generator to each win a £25 goody bag:

So well done to you all and thanks for all your lovely comments over the blogathon, I really appreciate it and I WILL be blogging more from now on!