Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This forward scheduling thing is kinda neat isn't it...I suppose I shouldn't really be telling you that I'm not really hunched over my puter typing furiously before I go on air! anyway, I'm scheduling this for 8am Wed 23rd and if you're reading it at this point - turn on Create and Craft, we're on!! :D
And if you've missed it we're on again at 10am with Dawn Bibby!

Anyway here is today's card from Belles n Whistles...something for Crimbo...

This stamp is called - funnily enough - Christmas Door. Funny that! She's such a cutie, I loved colouring this one and because it has so much detail you can keep the rest of the card really simple. I seem to be having a diamond phase right now, a shape I usually don't like, but I think it's more because yet again it breaks up the edge of the card here for me...
A Marianne's leaf die and papers from Magical Winter and a bit of ribbon and Bobs your Unc, Fanny's your aunt. Ooer missus.
I am going to give some more blog candy away today - one of these lovely Belles n Whistles stamps (not sure which it will be yet, depends on which I can bear to part with) to be in with a chance of winning tell me if this was you knocking on this door, who would you find on the other side of it?? Leave your answers in the comments below this post!!
See ya tomorrow.