Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Quickie post

This will have to be a quickie post today, I'm struggling to keep up with my allegiance to post every day for this 15 days or whatever it is LOL! I've literally just finished prepping for Wednesday's shows and had to have a little mini sort out at the same time just so I could actually FIND stuff I need to take with me! This room is in some serious need of organisation and a damn good clean, it has a ginger carpet again. I bought a new hoover that could sit just inside the door thinking I would use it each week if I didnt have to lug the Dyson upstairs...yeah right, as IF! Twice, I say twice in 6 months is more like it!  Maybe 3 times.

So, Tracie will be on my shows with me this week, please give her your support as I think she's seriously bricking it, I've never known her so quiet ever, but she'll be fine. She actually has it easy anyway, I could've been really mean and made her do the entire show on her own first time bwaaahahah! Anyway she'll be great, I have no idea what she's worrying about tee hee...yeah ok easy for me to say 3 years down the line, I do remember how much I was quaking for my first show too! And all the rest afterwards! Now I just don't think about it any more. At NEC Create & Craft asked me to do a half hour show with them on their stand - I found that much more frightening, having an actual audience in front of me, I was papping my big girl pants I can tell you! Then I noticed the screen was so bad the poor audience couldnt even see what I was doing anyway, it was a complete waste of time really but we had a laugh.
Right, onto today's submission - are you sick of Belles n Whistles yet? Well I am on a mission to introduce this gorgeous range to you so it's bloody hard chedd., I loooove Elisabeth Bell's designs and I am rather starstruck as we've been emailing each other lately, she's such a sweetheart, but mad as an aussie hatter.
So what do we have today??...how about this beauty...

I do love this image, I think it has to be one of my favourites from Elisabeth, it so reminds me of my Sarah Kay duvet cover when I was a kid, it totally takes me back to being 18 LOL! Well, ok 10 then. This is called Happy Mail and it does make me happy each time I see it, it just evokes images of playing out in the summer holiday and yummy cold lemonade and baking with my mum and grandma for me. 

I've coloured this with Flexmarkers and Prisma's and I wanted those lovely soft vintagey tones which I love on here. Papers of course are yet again my 2nd fave combo from Pretty Sweet and that flower I made with one of the brand new EK Success punches which sorry, we sold out of at NEC! Love them, as did you!

I'm really into having everything falling off the sides of my cards at the mo, have you spotted it yet? and did you spot that ribbon again? oh my, yes I am actually using it LOL! I hope you've left comments on the last 2 days posts to be in with a chance of winning my blog candy this week...who knows, there might be some more to come yet so keep tuning in!...