Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day 13

I think I miscounted my 15 days of Belles n Whistles...I'm only on Day 13 and it's the penultimate day LOL!!

I love this card. This particular paper which I shall call *strawberry pink* is just totally delicious, every time I see it and print one off the Pretty Sweet CD I just smile and hold it to my bosom cos I love it so much! Sad I know, but I have always been a big paper geek and I will go to the grave a paper geek. I love paper. 20 years ago I worked for an advertising agency and we used to get sent lots of different fancy schmancy paper samples from different manufacturers...my boss used to go mad cos he used to go back to the archives and would always find pages missing out of the sample books and swatch files...yep, you guessed it, he would have found them all hanging in clipframes on my flat walls LOL! People used to think I was well weirdo, they'd come round and go "err WHAT is that???" and point to a piece of paper 4 x 4" in a 20 x 20" frame on my wall. They just didnt get it. People still don't! And to this day you will find two large A1 clipframes on my living room wall which house sheets of those pretty handmade papers with flowers encapsulated between the layers. I just love it and I love what you can do with it. Have you ever made your own paper? It's awesome, I really must do another batch again I havent done it in years and I love it, you never quite know what you'll end up with!
So this lovely girl is called Braids & Patches - isn't she adorable?? I wanted to capture a certain light direction with this and I think I got it perfick. She's coloured with Prisma's mainly but also a hint of Promarker and Flexmarker in there too if I remember rightl. Love all the texture on her clothing and just the general colours I used here (I did this a few weeks ago so I'm now seeing it with fresh eyes again).
Talking of which - little tip for those of you who are always hard on yourselves...if you don't like something you made, walk away, come back later... 9 times out of 10 you will see it differently and if you still don't like it you can  usually see what the problem is if you've had a break from it. Try it, it works!
So that's it today - see you tomorrow for the final Belles n Whistles day! sob!