Saturday, 26 November 2011

Day 10 of Blog Marathon

How do people find enough interesting things to blog about each and every day? My life must be duller than dishwater as I am seriously struggling here. Today I had cheesy scrambled eggs, a shower, chicken chow mein and a headache. The end. Interesting?? noooo, don't fink so!
My mojo has been lacking for sure that is for certain, I managed to make 8 cards before noon and then the rest of the day was a washout and seemed to involve a lot of shuffling stuff and not actually doing much so I am feeling mightily unprepared for Sunday's Letraset shows. I'm sure it will be fine, I just don't seem to have any samples or much to take with me which is making me slightly nervous, but I think it's just because it's a go-with-the-flow kinda show packed with techniques rather than cardmaking. We don't get anywhere near enough time with Letraset on C&C so I feel that I don't want to waste it sticking and glueing and would much rather dedicate the precious minutes to actually showing you how to use the products if that makes sense.
At this point I have to apologise that the Pretty Tuff gallery cards still aren't loaded online but the week has been a busy one and I have SO many samples to photograph I swear it's a full day job and this week it's not going to happen, there are more pressing matters I'm afraid. I WILL do them as the next priority job though, promise hand on heart!
So onto today's card from Belles n Whistles again...This is Belinda with Teddy...soo cute! Quite a simple layout on this one and very quick to make and colour. Those ribbon roses are de-lish and are on the website here. All I did was use a Nestie and little swirly die-cuts. Since I got my Grand Calibur I have been die-cutting crazy! Well, what I did was to spend a whole afternoon one Sunday about 5/6 weeks ago cutting out with all my dies, and I literally cut 100's and then laid them all out between sheets of acetate so they don't get all twisted up and's definitely a task worth doing rather than cutting one die at a time, I will definitely do it this way again, I now have a whole drawer of lovely shapes all ready for me to use. I tend not to use coloured cardstock that much which you've probably noticed. This is just a personal choice for me, I like to always have plain white on my cards somewhere, I find it really makes things pop off the card and looks really pretty in my opinion.
So I coloured Belinda and her Teddy with Flexmarkers here, again I just adore how I can get the faded jeans with a swish of a brush whereas in the past I've used 3 or 4 colours to achieve the same effect and still not got the fade as nice as these here, love it...
Right, that's it for today, I will try my hardest to do a post for Sunday but I may well be doing it from the Green Room between shows I think, it will be a busy and long day tomorrow and Sunday! x