Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 14 - the final. Sob. And more blog candy than you can poke a stick at.

So it is, my final day in this little mini tour of our Belles & Whistles stamp range with designs from Elisabeth Bell. Don't you just love it??
I do. 
Wholeheartedly, I just adore these images they are right up my street and I was like a whirling dervish when we got these in all the way from the States. There will be more from this range on this blog, I can guarantee it, but for now, it must end as I really must show some other things instead of just obliging my own fanciful cardmaking LOL!
This, my lovely bloggie readers is my favourite image I've done so far. I ADORE her. And I have to admit I totally adore this card, it is soooo vintage shabby chic for me. I coloured the image with Prisma pencils, apologies the close-up isn't better but my camera was playing up and I couldn't get it on the right setting for love nor money but hopefully you can see the shading and tones etc.I really like the colour palette I used here with those olive greeny trousers, just delish.
So, Belles and Whistles fans, that is it for this round.
I have enjoyed my blog marathon although it's been quite hard making sure I update every day or schedule a few days in a row! It's fine when I'm home but when I've been away twice this week I soon lose my routine! I am away a few days this coming week but I promise to try harder from now on and hopefully this little exercise has given me the mojo to keep going more regularly with my posts and got me into the routine of posting regularly.  As a special finale thankyou for all those of you who've read and commented this week, if you leave me a comment and I get 40 comments on this post I will issue blog candy worth at least £25 to 3 different people!
You have until 4th December to leave your comment to be in with a chance of winning and don't forget to leave comments on the other posts over the last 2 weeks to win the other candy too!

I will draw all the winners from the different posts and this one, on 4th December at noon! Thankyou and goodnight. For now at least!xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day 13

I think I miscounted my 15 days of Belles n Whistles...I'm only on Day 13 and it's the penultimate day LOL!!

I love this card. This particular paper which I shall call *strawberry pink* is just totally delicious, every time I see it and print one off the Pretty Sweet CD I just smile and hold it to my bosom cos I love it so much! Sad I know, but I have always been a big paper geek and I will go to the grave a paper geek. I love paper. 20 years ago I worked for an advertising agency and we used to get sent lots of different fancy schmancy paper samples from different boss used to go mad cos he used to go back to the archives and would always find pages missing out of the sample books and swatch files...yep, you guessed it, he would have found them all hanging in clipframes on my flat walls LOL! People used to think I was well weirdo, they'd come round and go "err WHAT is that???" and point to a piece of paper 4 x 4" in a 20 x 20" frame on my wall. They just didnt get it. People still don't! And to this day you will find two large A1 clipframes on my living room wall which house sheets of those pretty handmade papers with flowers encapsulated between the layers. I just love it and I love what you can do with it. Have you ever made your own paper? It's awesome, I really must do another batch again I havent done it in years and I love it, you never quite know what you'll end up with!
So this lovely girl is called Braids & Patches - isn't she adorable?? I wanted to capture a certain light direction with this and I think I got it perfick. She's coloured with Prisma's mainly but also a hint of Promarker and Flexmarker in there too if I remember rightl. Love all the texture on her clothing and just the general colours I used here (I did this a few weeks ago so I'm now seeing it with fresh eyes again).
Talking of which - little tip for those of you who are always hard on yourselves...if you don't like something you made, walk away, come back later... 9 times out of 10 you will see it differently and if you still don't like it you can  usually see what the problem is if you've had a break from it. Try it, it works!
So that's it today - see you tomorrow for the final Belles n Whistles day! sob!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 12

I am SO tired my eyelids are going doing this post - and it's only 7pm! Had the usual long busy and tiring day at Create and Craft but oh my, I do love it! It's the only opportunity you really get to catch up with fellow professionals in the green room and the only chance I ever get to see Nancy Watt. Now let me tell you...I love this woman. She absolutely cracks me up, she's so laid back she's horizontal, a position she's very familiar with in her usual gin-fuelled state LOL. She's such a sweetheart and although I don't know her that well I do know I would still count her as a friend cos she's so lovely. So it was a stayover last night in the hotel from hell...well not quite, but it was certainly a bit Fawlty Towers to say the least and it was the first time and last that I will be staying at Ramada Peterborough! No wonder it was cheap! So it was up at 5am today - half an hour early! The bed was SO uncomfortable I couldnt wait to get up, so I jumped out of bed and was ready super-early for a change. 
I know lots of you watched the 9am show because we sold out of the Letraset metallic markers in 15 minutes - woohooo!! I know you're all going to love them and try the little spellbinders trickypoo I showed you, I am addicted to that!
So, onto Day 12 of my Belles n Whistles showcase and I've saved my favourite cards till last, natch...
Here is the very lovely Wishing Well, which I just adoooore!!....
This one I've coloured with my Prisma's. I do love trying all the different colouring mediums I must admit, I'm a colouring magpie I think but you really do get what you pay for when you buy pens, paints and markers and from bitter experiences I never buy cheap as you will almost always regret have to look on pens as an investment in your toolkit and if you buy right they will last you a long time...
So again, yawn yawn, Pretty Sweet papers and the scallop die is a Marianne's I think, distressed and the little scallopy bits have a translucenty glitter on them. Again, ribbon roses and that lush velvet lace from the website. I love the colours on this card, it's so pretty and delicate even with the heavy distressing. Hope you like it! x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day 11 - Belles n Whistles

Funny how your life goes in peaks and troughs and left and right and sometimes backwards too, isn't it. I've said it many times before, but I strongly believe that different people come into your life for different reasons and some come and say hello for a short while and then off they pop again, never to be seen again. I find this a lot with work - you leave a job and then NEVER ever again see any of those people you spent 10 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week with - it's completely weird! Sometimes though YOU have to make the decision to remove yourself from some of these people for whatever reason. I see people getting in such a twist over how they've been treated by others, whether it be friends or family (family, groan!). We all have ups and downs in all our relationships, sometimes you just have to know when it's time to walk away (for your own mental health usually LOL). The world would be a much happier place if everyone learned to do this without guilt I think. Just learn to let go and move on because until you do, all those nice things and nice people that are waiting for you round the corner can't happen yet.
I must admit I'm in a bit of a cleansing phase right now, sometimes you just wake up and see things for what they are I guess...temporary. Much of life is temporary if you think about it, not much lasts forever. Yes, your ego may be a little bruised along the way but if you take off those rose-tinted specs and see life for what it is, it's much easier to cope with and you'll be ultimately happier along the way. Life is way too short to fit in all the good things so let's leave all the rubbish out of it!
Anyway, enough of the waffling, here is today's offering...
 Watering Flowers is the name of this delightful image...
And I coloured her with Flexmarkers. Papers and sentiment are yet again Pretty Sweet (what else) and the roses and die-cuts are from the website too. Cute.
If you're reading this and haven't realised - I'm on Create and Craft right now showcasing letraset products - tune in and send me your questions on an email to the studio, it really IS live TV you know! :D

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Day 10 of Blog Marathon

How do people find enough interesting things to blog about each and every day? My life must be duller than dishwater as I am seriously struggling here. Today I had cheesy scrambled eggs, a shower, chicken chow mein and a headache. The end. Interesting?? noooo, don't fink so!
My mojo has been lacking for sure that is for certain, I managed to make 8 cards before noon and then the rest of the day was a washout and seemed to involve a lot of shuffling stuff and not actually doing much so I am feeling mightily unprepared for Sunday's Letraset shows. I'm sure it will be fine, I just don't seem to have any samples or much to take with me which is making me slightly nervous, but I think it's just because it's a go-with-the-flow kinda show packed with techniques rather than cardmaking. We don't get anywhere near enough time with Letraset on C&C so I feel that I don't want to waste it sticking and glueing and would much rather dedicate the precious minutes to actually showing you how to use the products if that makes sense.
At this point I have to apologise that the Pretty Tuff gallery cards still aren't loaded online but the week has been a busy one and I have SO many samples to photograph I swear it's a full day job and this week it's not going to happen, there are more pressing matters I'm afraid. I WILL do them as the next priority job though, promise hand on heart!
So onto today's card from Belles n Whistles again...This is Belinda with Teddy...soo cute! Quite a simple layout on this one and very quick to make and colour. Those ribbon roses are de-lish and are on the website here. All I did was use a Nestie and little swirly die-cuts. Since I got my Grand Calibur I have been die-cutting crazy! Well, what I did was to spend a whole afternoon one Sunday about 5/6 weeks ago cutting out with all my dies, and I literally cut 100's and then laid them all out between sheets of acetate so they don't get all twisted up and's definitely a task worth doing rather than cutting one die at a time, I will definitely do it this way again, I now have a whole drawer of lovely shapes all ready for me to use. I tend not to use coloured cardstock that much which you've probably noticed. This is just a personal choice for me, I like to always have plain white on my cards somewhere, I find it really makes things pop off the card and looks really pretty in my opinion.
So I coloured Belinda and her Teddy with Flexmarkers here, again I just adore how I can get the faded jeans with a swish of a brush whereas in the past I've used 3 or 4 colours to achieve the same effect and still not got the fade as nice as these here, love it...
Right, that's it for today, I will try my hardest to do a post for Sunday but I may well be doing it from the Green Room between shows I think, it will be a busy and long day tomorrow and Sunday! x

Friday, 25 November 2011

Day 9 Belles n Whistles...

Day 9? but this seems to be taking forever! Note to self: before setting a 15 day post challenge next time make sure you have a clear diary and plenty of interesting stuff to talk about.
I am currently sitting prepping for Sunday's Letraset shows (9am and 12-2pm) and I'm using some products which are probably not really my bag. But sometimes it really does you good to get out of your comfort zone and try something different. The one thing with doing samples and demo's for TV is that you often have to use stuff you wouldn't normally look at and to top it all you have to really try and make it look good. So here I am working with metallics and things I normally steer well clear of and actually quite liking some of the results I have to say. I'm running out of steam and in a random act I have just discovered a new technique using a new product I will be showing on Sunday - and I LOVE it! woohoo!! nothing better than discovering something new in a happy random accident but it's just made me go from loving this product to adoring this product! I can't wait to show you, I think  you'll like it too.
So, onto today's card...let me see what we have here....
 I have to admit this photo is quite washed out and not really doing the image justice, her hair looks pretty poor on this image and the stamp is called Jam Jars. I coloured her with Prisma's and of course the papers are all Pretty Sweet, as is the sentiment. Another Marianne's die-cut too, which as you know by now, I am in love with.
 Did you spot the velvet ribbon again? Swooooon. This is the pink version, it really is orgas-mo.
Right, one must get on, time is a tocking and Sunday's a knocking!...
ttfn x
Oh by the way - if you havent checked the Polkadoodles blog today you must! Blog Candy is on offer!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Polar Bear dreams...

I woke up last night at 4am to the sight of my OH lurched over my desk mooching around in the dark. Now sometimes he is prone to a little sleepwalking, I often wake to find him trying to open the wardrobe doors or rattling stuff about, it can be amusing but also annoying if you're really tired.
But this was the first time I've seen him mooching round my desk..."What's that noise?" he said when I asked him what he was doing - ok, I know you're not meant to wake a sleepwalker but it looked like he was about to interfere with my desk and my desk is off limits! "It's just the traffic outside" I said, as he stood looking puzzled at me, "are you sleepwalking?"I asked, getting grumpy at his antics.  And off he shuffled to the loo, chuntering about "the noise, been listening to it for last half hour" blah blah blah. So as I went to go back to sleep it suddenly dawned that at 4am there IS no traffic and it sounded like we were next to a motorway outside, not on a quiet street with very little traffic I wondered what it was for all of 3 seconds...then I realised...just before I went to bed I'd been watching in the arctic and I'd left the page open on my PC! So it was the Cam's wind howling and blowing and it had been there for 4 hours LOL!  So I turned it off, chuckling to myself and hopped back into bed again. He came back, still chuntering on, so I thought I'd let it remain one of life's little mysteries for him tee heee. Go on, go check out and you'll hear the noise then  you'll understand why it was so funny!...

Anyway, I hope you managed to catch today's shows on Create and Craft where we launched the new Pretty Tuff CD to the TV audience. Wowser, this has been so popular, I can't believe how many we've sold already, we've had to order more production already and we only launched it at NEC 2 weeks ago! Needless to say it virtually sold out this morning which I'm not surprised at that price, I must have been asleep when we agreed that multibuy deal I think, outrageous! And did  you see Tracie on her tv debut - she did great I thought, never known her so quiet though lol.

So, onto whatever day it is for Belles n has lost count by now of how many days...
 This lovely design is called Sweet Summer Days. Oh, how I wish I could choose a fave but I just can't. I do have a thing about hats and I'm loving this one. This card was made in a snippet of time, i think it took 15 minutes from start to finish including the colouring with the ultra speedy Flexmarkers.
The thing I love about Flexmarkers - did I say that before? that I love Flexmarkers? the thing is they're just SO SO SO super speedy to use! You no longer need a blender pen, just sweep a flexy over the top and it blends itself - awesome! I have some Letraset shows on Create & Craft this Sunday 27th at 9am and then toolshed between 12 and 2pm - if you want to find out more about Flexies or any Letraset products (and I have something new to show you!) then tune in. Also if you have any techniquey questions you want answered, please let me know and I will try my best to answer as many as I can. I'll also be showing some fab stamps and the fab Safmat from Letraset too - again if you don't know what this is you NEEEEED it in your stashbox, so tune in and I'll show you why!
ttfn campers xxx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This forward scheduling thing is kinda neat isn't it...I suppose I shouldn't really be telling you that I'm not really hunched over my puter typing furiously before I go on air! anyway, I'm scheduling this for 8am Wed 23rd and if you're reading it at this point - turn on Create and Craft, we're on!! :D
And if you've missed it we're on again at 10am with Dawn Bibby!

Anyway here is today's card from Belles n Whistles...something for Crimbo...

This stamp is called - funnily enough - Christmas Door. Funny that! She's such a cutie, I loved colouring this one and because it has so much detail you can keep the rest of the card really simple. I seem to be having a diamond phase right now, a shape I usually don't like, but I think it's more because yet again it breaks up the edge of the card here for me...
A Marianne's leaf die and papers from Magical Winter and a bit of ribbon and Bobs your Unc, Fanny's your aunt. Ooer missus.
I am going to give some more blog candy away today - one of these lovely Belles n Whistles stamps (not sure which it will be yet, depends on which I can bear to part with) to be in with a chance of winning tell me if this was you knocking on this door, who would you find on the other side of it?? Leave your answers in the comments below this post!!
See ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Quickie post

This will have to be a quickie post today, I'm struggling to keep up with my allegiance to post every day for this 15 days or whatever it is LOL! I've literally just finished prepping for Wednesday's shows and had to have a little mini sort out at the same time just so I could actually FIND stuff I need to take with me! This room is in some serious need of organisation and a damn good clean, it has a ginger carpet again. I bought a new hoover that could sit just inside the door thinking I would use it each week if I didnt have to lug the Dyson upstairs...yeah right, as IF! Twice, I say twice in 6 months is more like it!  Maybe 3 times.

So, Tracie will be on my shows with me this week, please give her your support as I think she's seriously bricking it, I've never known her so quiet ever, but she'll be fine. She actually has it easy anyway, I could've been really mean and made her do the entire show on her own first time bwaaahahah! Anyway she'll be great, I have no idea what she's worrying about tee hee...yeah ok easy for me to say 3 years down the line, I do remember how much I was quaking for my first show too! And all the rest afterwards! Now I just don't think about it any more. At NEC Create & Craft asked me to do a half hour show with them on their stand - I found that much more frightening, having an actual audience in front of me, I was papping my big girl pants I can tell you! Then I noticed the screen was so bad the poor audience couldnt even see what I was doing anyway, it was a complete waste of time really but we had a laugh.
Right, onto today's submission - are you sick of Belles n Whistles yet? Well I am on a mission to introduce this gorgeous range to you so it's bloody hard chedd., I loooove Elisabeth Bell's designs and I am rather starstruck as we've been emailing each other lately, she's such a sweetheart, but mad as an aussie hatter.
So what do we have today?? about this beauty...

I do love this image, I think it has to be one of my favourites from Elisabeth, it so reminds me of my Sarah Kay duvet cover when I was a kid, it totally takes me back to being 18 LOL! Well, ok 10 then. This is called Happy Mail and it does make me happy each time I see it, it just evokes images of playing out in the summer holiday and yummy cold lemonade and baking with my mum and grandma for me. 

I've coloured this with Flexmarkers and Prisma's and I wanted those lovely soft vintagey tones which I love on here. Papers of course are yet again my 2nd fave combo from Pretty Sweet and that flower I made with one of the brand new EK Success punches which sorry, we sold out of at NEC! Love them, as did you!

I'm really into having everything falling off the sides of my cards at the mo, have you spotted it yet? and did you spot that ribbon again? oh my, yes I am actually using it LOL! I hope you've left comments on the last 2 days posts to be in with a chance of winning my blog candy this week...who knows, there might be some more to come yet so keep tuning in!...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Kitch Fail

I always considered myself a pretty decent cook but just lately I seem to be more Cant Cook Wont Cook than I have ever been in my life! I've had a string of kitch disasters lately, including sticky chicken which was so sticky it ruined by un-ruinable v expensive Woll pan and literally stuck our teef together so bad we couldnt eat it and ended up rolling about laughing at each other's sudden pearly whites turning into a shade of bonfire toffee brown! This was just one of the recent escapades until just tonight when I opened a lemon meringue pie to remember I'd dropped it as I put it in the fridge.
This is how it went in the oven, still in the dish and how it came out of the box , and how it came out again LOL - simply classic! Tastes yum, looks like shit!! 
It actually looks like something my OH would make. He is not a cook, in fact today I discovered he's never even "opened" an egg before. "Opened". Do I have to say any more? This is the man who told me he used to boil eggs in his kettle when he first left home, then wondered why they exploded and the kettle broke. Seriously. This is the man who, when I was seriously ill with bad gastroentiritis and laryngitis at same time came back from the shop with food (having been sent) armed with a chicken & mushroom pot noodle, 2 raspberry yoghurts and hobnobs. None of which I like when I am well, let alone when i'm sick and haven't eaten for 4 days. I rest my case.
Anyway, I could go on but I won't, I don't want to shock you any further!
I've been prepping for my Create and Craft shows on Wednesday today, after making so many projects this week I'm flagging a bit I must admit. I managed to finish my magazine projects yesterday but forgot I had all the step by step bits to do and it's like making part of the proj 4 times over again - twice! AND trying to get all the colouring exactly the same each time! I tell you, those who wish they could do magazine commissions sometimes have no idea how much work is involved!  But I've just made a lush project for Wednesday which I love, I think it will turn out pretty cute so long as I don't cock it all up when I glue it together like I usually do.
Anyway, onto today's little offering for Belles n Whistles using a stamp called Teatime. This is a relatively simple card using papers from Pretty Sweet CD (again - sorry but I heart these papers, the colour palette is one of my fave ever, especially that strawberry pink on the polka dot, swoon!) Again, I let the stamp do the work here and I've reverted back to my retro days of when I first started cardmaking lately doing the matting at jaunty angles look. I used to do this all the time and I loved it then and still love it now to be honest. I've just embellished this one with a die cut, ribbon flower from the website and some Viva Decor glass 3D paint. This image was coloured with a combo of Flexmarkers and Prisma's.
I've also decided to offer some more Blog Candy - if this post gets more than 20 comments I will choose one random person to receive a really cute special edition exclusive stamp.  This stamp was produced ONLY for my Class project yesterday and is an Amelia image from the Pretty Sweet collection but she has been specially drawn as an angel with wings specially for this project class and is limited to only 8 stamps in the whole entire world! She is waiting for Santa and leaving his mince pie for him on his travels...
I really had a lovely time at yesterday's class, there's always something lovely about the last one of the year and it was made especially nice with 5 new people all who'd travelled a fair old distance to join us (namely, Felixstowe, Chester and Durham!). I tried to make the project a special one so the people who'd travelled far wouldn't be disappointed and they all loved it as much as I did I think...
This is a lovely box card - the box being inside and 1.5" deep x 7x7". I think I must've seen this somewhere else as I woke up with it in my head and knew exactly what I was going to do with it, I am in love with these huge poinsettia flowers at the mo, I think they're really stunning. They're just plain old flowers on stems but once they're cut down they're perfect for putting on Christmas projects I think. I wanted it to be half in and half out of the aperture, which was of course cut with my favourite Nestie grand oval die.

We embellished the box with Marianne's die cuts again and some holly which we coloured with Promarkers. The Angel is the one which is up for today's blog candy - isn't she cute! 

So make sure you leave a comment under this post to be in with a chance of winning her and don't forget there is blog candy up for grabs on yesterday's post too! x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Giveaway Blog Candy

Woohooo! Today I have some blog candy for one lucky person who leaves me a comment! I will be picking whoever makes me laugh the most so leave me your wittiest comments please (not jokes, that's cheating!).

So it's Sunday and ordinarily that should mean a lie-in but anyone who has cats in the house knows full well that can't happen. Plus I am busy mid-prep on magazine commissions and TV demo's for this week so the OH will be gutted there's no Sunday lunch this week! Hah!

So today's Belles n Whistles lovely is this one, this stamp is called Star of Bethlehem. I adore this image! It barely needs anything doing to it but I had to get a glow from the star onto the girls the best I could whilst still keeping the simlicity of the image. This is coloured with Flexmarkers which enabled me to get the softest possible blending I could achieve. If you've not used Flexmarkers before - HELLO!- where have you been?? They are basically like a Copic marker but personally I find they blend better because they're slightly wetter.
This pic doesnt really do this justice, not sure what happened to my photography this week, it's a bit pants and out of focus for some reason. The dresses are coloured in Antique white and Linen. Papers, poinsettia's and gems are all from the website, papers from Magical Winter CD. The sentiment is also from the CD and has just been set into a Spellbinders Ironwork die-cut. I love how dramatic the poinsettia's are on this card. They could be overpowering but because the colouring is so clean looking it offsets the drama I think.

So make sure you leave me a comment (seriously, it doesnt have to be funny really) and I will choose someone to receive a copy of our Pretty Tuff CD, which is brand brand new and worth £14.99! The winner will be announced in the next few days!

See you tomorrow, hope you're having a relaxing day! x

Saturday, 19 November 2011

So how many days in a row is this blogger, I hear you say?? It is definitely a record on my part! Although I did almost get caught out as I almost forgot to schedule this one - eeek!
So what a busy week it's been, couldn't believe it was Friday already this morning. My life seems to be one long constant deadline and I don't know why this amazes me because quite honestly ever since I left school at 16 I've always had a job with big deadlines. You'd think I was used to it by now. In fact, I think I am kinda conditioned to be honest, I do find if I don't have a pressing deadline I kind of falter on the work front until I get behind and then have the pressure again! Must be a pyscho thing ; )
I did however, fail to check my diary properly since NEC and almost missed an important deadline this week which I really could have done without but hey ho. The VAT man will have to wait - again! I'm on Create and Craft next Wed at 8am and 10am and it will be Elfie Tracie's screen debut so please watch and email in to give her your support. I have no idea what she's doing, she's been extremely quiet so I hope she has been busy and hasn't just been sat quivering in a corner :D
I will also be back on air at 9am and 12noon on the following Sunday (27th) with Letraset shows if you're not bored to death of my colouring already. I'll also be showing you some great tricks with Safmat if you've not seen it before, an awesome product that basically lets you print off your own rub-ons! This should be in every crafter's wardrobe, full stop!
Anyway, before all that I have my last class of 2011 tomorrow and it's a full one this time which is good. There will be cake-a-plenty and we're making a lovely project which I have really enjoyed making this week using an exclusive stamp I've designed just for the class. I hope they like it, I think I will have achey breaky arms tomorrow after all the die-cutting I've had to do for the bloody thing!
So onto today's Belles n Whistles project of the day...have you fallen in love with this range of stamps yet? I know I have!...I chose this lovely stamp because online it's so hard to see the design clearly from the description and I think it's just lovely. Such a gentle image, this one and although it's really a Christmas one called Two Turtle Doves, I think you could use it for anniversaries and weddings and all sorts of other things too...

 A simple easel card using a scalloped card, lush ribbons and a Marianne's die-cut which is one of my fave dies ever. The papers and sentiment are from the Magical Winter CD. Coloured with Flexmarkers and Promarkers.

So that's my Saturday one. Tune in tomorrow when I'll be doing a blog candy giveaway! x

Friday, 18 November 2011

Alpaca's, bags, halloween and Birdhouses...

What a productive couple of days I've had! Woohoo! Nothing better than feeling like you've achieved something I think. Polkadoodles has some exciting things in the pipeline for the New Year and I can't wait to share them but for the moment I have to keep it under my bobble hat. Actually that should be my Button hat. This one. 

Adorable isn't it? A proper big wooden button that is humungous! The eagle eyed who were at NEC may have seen this beaut there and after 4 whole days of walking past said loveliness it had to be mine. It's made from Alpaca and is sooo soft. However I did nearly keel over when I had to part with my hard-earned moolah, those furry goat-deer-thingies must live on champagne and oysters the price they're charging! It seems I foiled a lovely secret gesture by the OH tho - as he'd already been and  bought me this bag about an hour before:
And he wasn't impressed that he bought brown and I bought grey! Only there was confusion as to what I bought and he got kerfuddled and went and swapped it for the wrong colour. Bless him! I was quite mortified acsh as I had already decided not to part with too much cash for the bag hence making do with the hat! He didn't tell me till we got home from NEC on the Sunday night, he's such a sweetheart really. I don't know why he didnt keep it for crimbo really, I think he just can't keep the secret long enough LOL!
Anyway, enough of bag and hat swoonage.
So I'm behind posting, as always. And it was halloween a few weeks ago which I adore!! Even though I was stacked I had to participate and made dairy free treats for Elfie Tracie's kiddywinks to enjoy...bless them they turned up full costume...
Little Jake had a particularly creepy face mask which freaked us all out A LOT! The dairy free treats are at the top and were rather nice I thought, they didnt last long, and the full on calorific full of crap packet mix worst cupcakes in the world ever are below. Thank goodness it was dark when I handed them out!

Each year we seem to get more trick or treaters and I think we're starting to get a rep for the pumpkin carving altho I was in a bit of a ruch this time and I didn't think they were a patch on last years...
We did have 3 but the other pics didn't come out great. I like the little hangman on this one tee hee...

Kuretake also had a Create and Craft show Halloween week and this picture is from one of the samples I made for the show, using Kurecolors, which are an alcohol based marker with really lush, rich pigments perfect for a strong scene like this one.
This is our Neighbours range of stamps again (of course, what else!) and I've freehand done the bats and cobwebs. Bit out of my normal colour realm this one but it fits the occasion, isn't that sky cool? Sadly I forgot to take a pic of the main card sample but it was fairly simples anyway as the pic did the talking.

So, onto the Card of the Day in my mini marathon.
As you know I am mad on Belles n Whistles and day 2 is this gorgeous stunner of a stamp...
 This is called Birdhouse Friends and is one of my favourites I must confess, you know me, hate
birds in real life but can't resist a birdhouse on a craft project! The card shape is created from Spellbinders Grand Nestabilities scallop dies - this die set is my fave of all time I think. I never quite "got" why you would want such a huge die but since I got my Calibur I totally get it now! Shaped cards for sure and this one is beyond versatile! I so hope they bring out more of these by Donna Salazar, they're awesome!
All I did was cut out the big scallop and fold it in half, cover with the polka dot paper which is from Pretty Sweet. I then took some of our gingham ruffle ribbon and glued it round the edge. In hindsight I wish I hadn't but hey, we all make mistakes! The rest is simples, bit of glitz and that was it really. I coloured this image with my Flexmarkers and prisma's but mainly the new Flex colours...
Those cute little flowers are one of our new lines on the website and are cheaper than chips so make sure you check them out, they're flying out the door right now.
See you tomorrow! xx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christmas Angel

Third post in a row, woohoo! Here is my next Belles n Whistles card for you. I do rather like this, it's my fave shape again I'm afraid, you might get a little bored of seeing this one soon!  I've taken strips of papers and looped them at the top spine of the card so they're sitting proud. I know you would need a box to place this into but I do love making wacky shaped projects and hate the idea of being restricted creatively just because it might cost an extra £1 to send through the post. I can never really understand people who moan about how much it costs to send handmade cards - I know postage can be expensive but in the general scheme of how much we spend on our stash and the time we take to make things, an extra £1 in stamps is kind of a drop in the ocean really LOL!!
Anyway, I coloured the delightful Angel with my prisma pencils this time round, used a nestie die to cut her out and some snowflake dies. The ribbon is again from the website and is my all time favourite ribbon EVER! Lush quality velvet attached to ivory cotton lace underneath, it costs a bomb per metre but it goes a long way because it can only really be used as trim, it's too thick to tie in a bow. The papers are all from the Pretty Sweet CD.

See ya on the next post! x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NEC and other stuff...

I love how people can think of really exciting titles for their posts, I am null and void of such things.
So get me, scheduling posts, what's THAT all about ay!

So firstly, NEC news - oh my, HOW busy were we?? We will have to get a bigger stand next time, apologies if you were amongst the people who couldn't see our lovely wares because of space issues, it seems on the Saturday it was particularly manic! Maybe we should get one of those red ropes and issue a ticket to take your turn like at the deli counter in Tesco LOL! But seriously, HUGE thanks to everyone for your support, it was lovely to see so many of you and put tweet and facebook names to faces at last, and also just to have a gossip and get your feedback and suggestions, we always try to listen to what you think and what you want.  The show organisers said we won prize for the best stocked stand which was pretty cool and we did add LOADS of new products specially for the show, the remains of which are now online too - no less than 150 new lines I have to add, 150!!!
Don't you just love these cute little button jars in proper glass jars - a bargain, I have them all lined up on my desk! There are loads more embellies and ribbons which are just to die for on the website.
Those of you who were there will know that we showcased the brand new Flexmarker colours and were and for some reason still are the only retailer who seems to be stocking the single pens so go and fill your boots on the website! We brought TONS of stock with us and sold out by noon on Friday so had to get a special order shipped to the show for 9am Saturday ready for the busiest 2 days. Yep, you guessed it, we sold out again! There are now an additional 28 colours which are currently only available as single pens, not in packs, and this takes the colour collection to 52 of the original 76 promised. I have it on good authority that the remaining 24 will probably be released after Christmas. We have these on a truly amazing price deal so make sure you snap them up, I defy you, defy you I say! to find them at a better price! :D (I may live to regret that statement!). The new colours are completely lush and again are not Promarker colours, these include loads of browns and blues perfect for hair and jeans! buy buy buy! You neeeeeeed them!!
Talking of Letraset, I will be on Create & Craft on 23rd Nov at 8 and 10am with the lovely Tracie who will be making her TV debut alongside me - woohooo, go Elfie! She will be fab! All those of you who have the Pretty Sweet and the latest Pretty Tuff CD's need to tune in and those of you who don't also need to tune in LOL!  Obvs, I will be using the lovely Letraset products and then on Sun 27th Nov I will be back for 3 hours of Letraset dedicated shows at 9am and then 12-2pm on the Toolshed where I will be showing all the Letraset wares and goodies.
You may have seen on a couple of posts ago that I am organising a Colour Studio Workshop weekend in York in January - places are getting booked up fast and it's a great opportunity to really try and improve your colouring skills or just have a fab chillout day crafting and colouring. There will be a fab goodie bag to take home, plenty to do and a yummy hot/cold 3 course lunch. It's a great excuse to ask for a Christmas pressie u actually WANT and will be useful instead of all those fattening chocs and fluffy slippers and as York is so lovely to visit, drag the OH along and they can go sightseeing for a romantic weekend away (see, this is how I would sell it to my OH!). Anyway, please don't delay as places are going quickly, details are here.
So, here is today's peek of my card...
This adorable image is one of the fab Belles n Whistles stamps coloured with the lovely new Flexmarker colours. Papers and sentiment are from the Magical Winter collection and finished with Spellbinders ironwork die, a Mariannes die and a fab ribbon. Love the colours on this, it gives a real vintagey feel which reminds me of my childhood.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Wowser where do I start? The last month has been manic! I have an absolute stack of lovely cards to share with you all that I made this week with the fabulous Belles n Whistles stamp range which we now stock online. I totally <3 this range of images from Elisabeth Bell and I was eager beaver to stock it as it's quite hard to get hold of here in the UK. So now we have it and I'm committed to keeping as much of the range as we can, getting it shipped all the way from the good ol' US of A as the new realeases happen. Talking of which we have just taken delivery this week of Elisabeth's new Christmas range, together with some of the favourites from last year, all adorable. I've gotten to know Elisabeth over the past couple of months by email and she is a total sweetheart, although she is far too beaut for her own good, I didn't know Australian's could be so good looking!
So anyway, trying not to make this too much of a mammoth post by droning on like I usually do. I found some lost piccies of my Craft Stamper projects which I made months and months ago to go with the freebie stamp I designed for the cover issue (better late than never). I was sent some gorge papers to use and for the life of me I can't remember what they were now but I was in love with them.  The little flower was the free stamp, from what I heard it seemed to be a really popular image...
Really simple to do, I just masked the image and stamped in a line straight onto the paper, then used glossy accents onto the actual flower head for some dimension...

This next card I totally adore, I must admit. I took an 8x8 card blank, cut it in half down the spine and then folded it in half again. I love this shape and it's one I'm using loads at the moment, I think it's really striking.
I folded different widths of paper over and tucked them under the stamped image to make loops. A bit of lace, paper twine, a felt button and a button made with my Epiphany button makes and some pins and bobs your uncle for this one, simples really but I think it's rather beaut...

This next one was rather complicated really. Or rather I made really hard work of it, you know when you just wish you'd never started, mainly because I cut all the paper down without measuring and then it didnt fit properly LOL!...

First I stamped a row of flowers and coloured them then cut them out in a long strip. These sit inside the frame at the back, with a sentiment stamp behind it.  I made lots of frames using strips of paper, making them fit one inside the other, tearing all the edges for some interest. I then made 2 concertina ends for the sides to make a sort of *tunnel* card, but with my take on it. I didn't like the top being uncovered so I made a roof type thing for it with the bits I had left. Finally I made some bunting and made it all criss cross to add a sense of depth and dimension. This really didn't photograph well, it's been skelling around on my desk for a month or so getting squished so it all looks out of kilter now LOL. It's not really a card, it's more a *thing* to sit on the mantelpiece LOL!
So that's it for today, I'm going to be posting all my other cards over the next 2 weeks! I think I have 15 to share so that's 15 days worth LOL!
ttfn! x