Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Just a quick post to say a huge thankyou to everyone for all the get well wishes and cards you've been sending, I'm overwhelmed!  I actually haven't been "ill" as unwell but a routine hospital appointment turned into a 5 day stay for some major observation. Needless to say I never do anything by halves and I've had half the specialist teams in Yorkshire scratching their heads trying to find out what the heck is going on because I was wandering around happy as Larry when they all thought I should be 6ft under! I've always said I'm built like a brick shithouse and they don't often fall down do they haha!(our shed is built around an old one in our yard LOL).
So I am home and fine although I will be taking a bit of time out of my schedule under instruction to take it a little easier, this past year certainly has been very demanding indeed, but I do know when I need to ease up.  Sorry if you were looking forward to the Letraset shows last weekend which were cancelled, but there will be more. I'm so so happy that I will be able to go to the GNPE event at Harrogate this weekend 10/11th September and my trusty elf Tracie, the pink haired elf will be there to keep an eye on me, as will the lovely Clare Curd who will be giving me a hand with the old demo schedule. I do hope she brings cake! :D
Thanks again to everyone who has messaged on twitter, facebook, the forums and email, I really do appreciate all your support, you lovely kind peeps.  mwaaah xxx