Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Saturday off...

Well, sort of...just nothing pressing rather than "off". But I decided I would spend a few hours with my Cuttlebug, Nesties and Marianne's dies just cutting shedloads in prep for when I need them. I get really annoyed with myself just cutting one thing at a time and can't be faffed so I have all these dies and never end up using them, so wasteful (2011 has really seen me try and USE my stash instead of it sitting looking pretty and all loney)!...
So to make the die-cuts work for me whenever I need them I decided to just cut from white card. This means you can have a massivo stack and then just ink and pretty them up to suit whatever you're making, whenever you need them, rather than cutting from loads of patterned papers and then never having the right shape to use in the right pattern - sods law this will never work in a month of Sundays.
...and yes, I still have my Cricut Expression and no doubt I could've cut all these in half the time and it would've been much easier but I really don't have room for it at home so I'm sad to say I havent used it since last Christmas! Shocking I know, but I will  use it any day now ; )
So here is the mountainous stack...
Excuse the naff pic - as I was cutting some really intricate flourishes I've learned my lesson before - they all get tangled up and it takes you as long to untangle them as it does to cut new ones! So I placed them in little piles on acetate to keep them together and fairly tidy and then layered up the stack trying to have some semblance of organisation.
...So I hear  you say, big deal! So what? Nothing remarkable there!...well yes I agree, I the only person on earth who gets really annoyed that the paper wont pop out of the dies easily? I was thinking about this a lot and after about an hour of being thoroughly annoyed with it I realised there was an easy peasy fix...I got a tealight and gently rubbed it across the die.
Guess what - BINGO!! Super doopy easy release!! It was instantaneous - AND it meant the ones which I was struggling to get to cut properly (note, Spellbinders new Doily) - suddenly cut much much more easily! AND I could also cut 2, sometimes 3 sheets of 160gsm at the same time! Now that is what I call a good day's work.  Ok, so there are downsides - obviously the paper WILL get wax on it so if you're going to ink any of the edges you might find its messy because you'll get a resist from the wax, but to be honest I really like having a nice crisp white frame so for me it's not an issue. I tend to use white flourishes and accents because it sometimes just gives your project a lift when it's all looking a bit overdone with patterned papers and coloured images etc.
So, if  you find  you struggle - give it a whirl! I'm sure someone else has done this before but I've never seen anyone else have as much of an issue as I seem to and it works for me so I'm happy.
edited: Just occurred to me it might be a cleaner option to use something like Mr Sheen wipes - this'll give you a waxy finish without getting it everywhere. Must buy some next time I do a shop! x
and edited again (sigh): yes, yes, tumble dryer sheets. Probs the best option overall. Will do it and report backski. (i am not editing again) x