Friday, 26 August 2011

Polkadoodles Challenge - Stashbox stamp, spots and dots, week

Wowser, get me!! I am actually writing this post 2 weeks ahead of the challenge, woohooooo!! Clearly I am very ill and not of sound mind as this person is way too organised to be me.

Anyway, onto the card...
I am in luuuurve with Gorjuss, have been ever since the range was launched and we recently added the stamps to our website - I figure if I have to have 'em everyone else probs needs 'em too.
I actually had a day at home today - the first Sunday in months and I chose not to do any work. Didnt quite work out as I did do some but as soon as I got up I decided I wanted to make a card. A me card. Just for me.
Just lately I've been a little fed up and feeling like my cards are a bit stale and stuck in a rut. All I ever get to do these days is make samples and demo and very often as a pro maker that means you kinda compromise a bit on what you would maybe make if you were just doing cards for family and friends. When you make in this way you're always restricted in the materials you can use, especially with TV samples as we are not allowed by the TV commission to use lots of products which aren't available to actually buy on the shows. So if you sit there wondering why we never use pretty ribbons and gems etc etc that's the reason. The biggest restriction is time though...the days of being able to spend an hour colouring in and assembling a card are long gone for me. So today I just played...
I used the Gorguss stamps as my Stashbox treat and then the blue polka dot paper in the background is from the new Magical Winter CD, I just punched around the edge with my Martha Stewart punch.  I had a nestie shape already cut on my desk and then used this to cut around the shape on some felt and glued together as the background.
Excuse the slightly blurry piccie here. I made a little canopy on the top of the card here just by folding a strip of paper in half lengthways and again punching the edge with my scallop punch and glueing to the top edge of the card. I've been using Pinflair glue gel lately and if this is something you've never tried - WHAT are you thinking of, peeps?? EVERY crafter needs this glue, it's completely awesome and allows you to get loads of dimension, but completely manipulatable (is that a word?) so if you make a boo boo you're not nackered, to coin a phrase. In fact I've decided I love it so much we are going to be stocking it permanently on the website as soon as I can get in. Make sure you get it with the syringe!...why? well, lookeee ye here below what I did...
...I made this pic giant so you can see...look at the icicles! Squeeeeeeal!!!!!  I've used it in a similar way before to make ice which is really effective if you're making an acetate card because it is a completely crystal clear gel which most others aren't. Also it doesnt stink to high heaven either because it's not a silicon.  So using the syringe that comes with the glue I just ran it along the edge of the canopy and then went back and made the icicles. Little tip - squeeze gently then just pull the syringe away really slowly to get the daintiest little spikes you can. It takes about an hour to start going off so make sure you put it to dry without the icicles touching anything else, as long as they're not too heavy at the bottom they will just hang - it's MAGIC!
(another tip: even once it's cured it has a tendency to cling, especially to itself so make sure if you're giving the card you protect those little stelactites with something first before placing in an envelope or a box.

Anyway, I used a couple of ribbons, flowers, some twinkley bits etc to decorate the rest of the card. The sentiment I just did by hand because I was too lazy to get my fatass out the chair to go find a stamp that was suitable. Here are the coloured images, which were done with Promarkers.  Must admit I do think these are lush...x