Friday, 12 August 2011

DT project

I'm determined to join the Polkadoodles challenge blog more! I am ashamed how little I manage to join in these days, I must get more organised and plan ahead a bit more.
Anyway I managed to join in this week's challenge which has a "Good Luck" theme by adapting a card I'd made as a sample for the Pick of the Day shows last week.
With this challenge I made a very simple 6 x 6" easel card using one of the Fairy images from Magic Winter. I really wanted to show with a little thought you can often make images which seem really specific more versatile if you think a bit laterally.
I coloured the Fairy with my brand new Flexmarkers (lush! eek! check out those gorge pale colours!!) and decorated the edge with my MS snowflake punch but they look like flowers.  I am also in love with Kuretake's products and am lucky enough to be working with them on a few things right now - every time I see Steph demo on Create and Craft she inspires me to pick up pens and markers and start doodling and doing Calligraphy! In reality I'm practicing for when I have to stand in and demo on the shows, I am a long long way from being as good as she is with the mighty pen, I'm rather intimidated!  This is a freehand calligraphy so I just doodled "Good Luck" and made it a bit swirly and embellished with some flowers. I've used the metallic calligraphy pens here and they are completely lush, you can mix colours to get fantastic looks right across the whole Kuretake range - I used the red and silver together to give a much softer look than just using one or the other as I wanted to keep away from a Christmas feel, considering this card was originally made as a Crimbo card!
I know a lot of people look at Calligraphy and are completely phased by it because it does look really complex but if you would like to have a go, look on the Kuretake website as they have some great practice sheets or just google - you will see an absolute array of different styles, there really are no rules and anyone can achieve a great look easily, no matter how poor your handwriting. I think we still think of "Olde English" when we think Calligraphy and old school calligraphers were always very strict on how letters were formed but there's no reason why you can't do your own take on it too. I have a very short attention span for rules (!) so I just go with the flow but you do need to have a bit of a practice and personally I do think you will get a much better result if you're using proper calligraphy products because you do need the angle of the tip to base it around. Go on, give it a try, it's so addictive! x