Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy Phew Year!

Eek, can't believe how long it's been since the last post, so sorry! Truth is I had a deadline turned upside down and thrown forward by a whole month would you believe so Christmas shmishmas round herre, it hasn't existed, I havent even given my poor family their pressies yet shamefully, just havent had time to do a thing since the last post! Thing is I feel well papster now too, some of these pressies just don't seem fitting a month after the event iykwim!! But my mum reckons she will cook another Christmas lunch whenever we get the chance to go see them which hopefully might be in about 10 days! I know people must think she should just MAKE time but sometimes when you work for yourself and run a business you just CAN'T have time off no matter how much you'd like to take a break. For us, we always seem to have a manic Dec right through to April which is when a lot of other businesses are really struggling so you just have to make the most of it unforcheroo.
Anyway, I really don't have time for a big post so this was just to say watch out for the 2 shows, yes 2, on Sat 8th Jan at 12 and seems there are some very eagle-eyed peeps out there already who have seen the pre-order I loaded late last night, no flies on you hey! So see you all Sat, promise to do a better blog this year and I have a couple of video tuts I need to make still with Promarkers to give away so please bear with me! ttfn x