Friday, 10 December 2010

been nawty...

Quickie post to say sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks, it's all gone a little bit mental here with one things and another...loads of snow...loads of missing parcels (mostly my presents I've bought, you know the ones, one for you, one for me!)...upcoming shows, short deadlines, missing they would say in Phoenix Nights "it's all kickin off 'ere, it's all kickin off!"
So I havent forgotten my promise to do the Promarker demo but I just simply do not have the time at the moment but if Royal Mail pull their finger out and deliver the stamps I should be able to demo them on the next show which is 16th Dec at 9am!
So please don't desert me, watch out because I have some lovely candy coming up soon... it's over and out from me, Crimbo is cancelled, as is today's wedding anniversary which I forgot, as usual...oops! (my excuse is I am now thinking about March 2011, not December 2010!)...ttfn campers x