Tuesday, 14 December 2010

negative and positive...

I always try to look on the bright side of things. At least, I try. As we all know, it doesnt always work. Maybe it's to do with getting older, the fact the crapola sticks a little stickier, I don't know, but we all have 'stuff' to deal with. I'm no angel, I know that for sure, as do the people who know me, but I rarely do anything out of malice, it's usually just plain stupidity and lack of thought. Apparently this is a big Aquarian trait according to my starsign. Aquarians are supposedly always thinking ahead to the next thing annd not thinking about the here and now and this makes us seem thoughtless and blase. But we're not. And I know I do that because I do it to myself too :D - I constantly have to reign myself back from what I want to do next week to here and now!  Anyway, I had a really difficult decision to make yesterday and it kinda started my day off in the negative.

And then I had a phone call with someone a couple of hours later and in 30mins that person, without knowing, had turned my day from negative to positive. I hope you know who you are ; )

Anyway, I wanted to share some pics that the lovely Caitlin sent me of her craft room. Have to say, I wish I had a craft room, I'm most jealous!! I think these pictures have been strategically placed not to show the mess maybe, I can't believe any crafter is that tidy! Wonder if her mum tidied up just before she did the pics tee hee, bet she did!
Apparently 14 year old Caitlin is a big PD fan - I don't know what gave it away haha, but I'm pretty amazed at how great her cards are, loving these!!    She cuts out loads of images at once and then bags them up for when she needs them later so she can craft whenever and wherever the mood takes her - SO organised! Maybe she can give me some lessons in organisation huh....and here she is with her best friend in the whole wide world...aww, can tell they get up to some mischief together I reckon...
...so when you're feeling a bit blue, always try to keep your chipper up (think that may be wrong but who cares!)...you never know what's around the corner or who you'll meet today...who knows, life is short, let's make the most of it and craft till your eyes go squiffy and your hands won't cut any more!!

over and out...xxx

Friday, 10 December 2010

been nawty...

Quickie post to say sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks, it's all gone a little bit mental here with one things and another...loads of snow...loads of missing parcels (mostly my presents I've bought, you know the ones, one for you, one for me!)...upcoming shows, short deadlines, missing stamps...as they would say in Phoenix Nights "it's all kickin off 'ere, it's all kickin off!"
So I havent forgotten my promise to do the Promarker demo but I just simply do not have the time at the moment but if Royal Mail pull their finger out and deliver the stamps I should be able to demo them on the next show which is 16th Dec at 9am!
So please don't desert me, watch out because I have some lovely candy coming up soon...
...so it's over and out from me, Crimbo is cancelled, as is today's wedding anniversary which I forgot, as usual...oops! (my excuse is I am now thinking about March 2011, not December 2010!)...ttfn campers x