Thursday, 11 November 2010

Oh Em Gee...

Today is EPIC for me. Anyone who knows me well probably thinks I'm not the most patient of people. At least, with people that is anyway. It's slightly unfair because I can have the patience of a saint so long as I believe that person genuinely deserves it. If I think you're yanking my chain or being awkward, forget it, my patience breaks like a brandy snap and I'm outta there, usually leaving a barrage of expletives behind me!
But then there's the other people who genuinely need my help. And I will honestly persevere to the ends of the earth if you genuinely need me.
And then there's days like today. Epic days. I remember one day our very glamourous tutor discussed the word tenacity with us. At the time none of us had heard it before and I know as a petulant moody 16yr old I thought "and where the hell am I ever gonna need to use that!". Well, today my tenaciousness (impressed?) knew no bounds and it paid off. After trying to master something for the best part of a year - well, I havent actually been doing it for a whole year but on and off I've tried numerous times and failed - I finally managed to create a proper animation all by myself. Ok, and with some online help maybe. But seriously, you cannot underestimate what this means to me - 10 hours I've been sat here working on this beaut, I just pray next time I need to do it I remember how the hell it works!!

And all to tell you this...

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