Sunday, 7 November 2010

A bit of catchup drivel and dribble...

Finally managed to get my pics off the iphone (turns out the hub isnt working properly so it hasnt transferred them for like, MONTHS). So in the hope of making this blog slightly more interesting than the old one and actually having a few piccies here we go...
I've been playing around with Instagram and Hipstamatic this week - I downloaded Hipstamatic weeks ago after my friend Clare recommended it, she took an amazing pic of her dog on a beach near Brid and it was sooo atmospheric...turns out she used Hipstamatic so I've been dying to get my mitts on it ever since. Not entirely sure which one I prefer - I like Instagram because you can choose loads of different colours for the mood lighting and I havent yet found that option on Hipsta but then I've only taken a few pics so it could be just me. I'm rapidly becoming a right old techno duffer after years of being ahead of the game. Definite signs of senility setting in.
Anyway this lovely piccie to the right is my gorgeous man Mr Doodles (as the delivery man once called him & it's stuck, so funneee!). You can see how Hipsta has shaded all round the edges of the pic so the focus is really around the main image - not sure how I managed to get him off centre as I would swear it wasnt when I took it but in the end it worked out good cos it's applied the shade down the side of his face and he looks even moodier now. This is one of my fave pics of him now I think (could be cos he's wearing his Fishtail Parka & we all know how those make my eyes twinkle lol!). So to give you an idea of what these 2 apps do, here are a couple of other minging pics of my big fat sausage fingers showing off my fave ever ring...

This is the first - taken using Hipstamatic - you can see how it's
slightly brighter and definitely a clearer pic. Note how it makes
my hand look like it's dead and all vampirish...maybe it will
attract Stefan from Vampire Diaries to come and take a look...
a girl can hope...

This one is using Instagram - more of a greenish hue but you can
take your pick from about 10/12 different hues...

...and this is the other Instagram one - see how different it looks, kinda glowing...this would be great if you have a raging hangover and look
like death warmed up I reckon...

...So I shall continue playing with these 2 apps you can get them from the itunes store or just google them, Insta is free but Hipsta is a huge £1.19.

So, Halloween.  I adore Halloween and I really really hope it gets as big here as it does in the States. Sadly I fear the Bah Humbug culture in the UK will stop this, there's always someone ready to put the kaibosh on everything isnt there. We live bang next to a Primary school, but we seem to get hardly any trick or treaters. Then one year we had LOADS and I was shamed into not having much to give so I swore it wouldnt happen any more. Don't get me wrong I give the teens a stern look and tell 'em to get lost when they turn up but when all those little ones come a-knock-knock-knocking in their little skeletons and monsters and witchy wings I can't resist, they're just so adorable! So last year I made some awesome cones for the sweets and carved a couple of pumpkins. Of course, this set a bloody precadent and later on in the night loads of people came round (adults mainly lol) to see the pumpkins and we left them out a few days so the little kiddiwinkles could see them on the way to school. I could hear 'em from up here oohing and aahing bless their little witchy winklepickers.  So of course I had to do them this year too...hilariously, I actually had to SCHEDULE myself to make sure I did them as we had a C&C show on the Sunday and I was a bit stacked out, but I set aside the afternoon and got started.   3 craft blades later and hands like Ed Scissorhands and this was the results - those little ones were ace to cut but the big buggers were like flipping granite, my carpel tunnel raged up for 24 hrs in protest and I couldnt make tea cos my fingers took on a life of their own!

...was quite proud of myself really. Then some b*st*rds (sorry for the language but it's deserved) went and nicked the 3 "Trick of Treat" ones off the windowsill. I have a feeling it was some stupid teenage girls who I didnt answer to (well, if they will come after X Factor has started what do they expect!). I will get you next year you witches, I'm gonna mix wee and honey and smear them with it - Victory will be miiiiiiine mwaaahaha.

New bootage.
Anyone who knows me knows I am a total shoeaholic and always have been since I was a little kid. I remember my mum going ballistic missile (she was a bit fiery when I was a kid) cos I brought a note home from the head teacher who had overheard me bragging that I was going to get a pair of platform 2" heels. She made the mistake of telling my mum this was not appropriate for a child of 8. I think she really underestimated how much verbal diarrhoea she was going to get. Of course my ma had no intench of ever buying them for me and I knew those lovelies would never be mine as we didn't have a lot of spare cash for such frippery back then, but me and mum used to just like "window shopping" through the catalogue and writing a list of the item numbers we were going to buy in our dream lives where she'd won Ernie, whatever that was. I remember Mum being so livid she was acsh going to get them just to spite the teacher, but I was always very aware of things as a kid and I told her I didnt like them any more cos I knew she couldnt afford it. I don't think she will even remember any of this now but I do, quite clearly, and I remember those platform espadrille wedges with their lovely silky red, blue and pink ribbony ties...swoooon...
Anyway these beauts here were only £20 from Evans and they actually fit me which is a miracle. Boots never fit my elephant legs and feet. About 6 years ago I fell in love with a pair of Destroy boots which cost a complete forch and I just HAD to have them. They were way too small but I wedged those tootsies in and almost got the zip all the way up. I woke up at 3.30am on fire, desperate to get them off before I had to chop my feet off with a blunt axe - believe me when I tell you wearing new boots IN bed is not a good idea ladies - although it did stretch them a little bit but I will never forget thinking my feet didnt acsh belong to me any more.  I still love those beautiful boots but my cankles wont even allow me to get them on any more. Sigh.
...I quite like this card. This is one of the samples I made from Sundae of Seasons CD. This CD is my favourite one so far and to be honest I am struggling to know how to better it at this moment in time. I love all the images of baking and cooking and housey stuff, but I struggle sometimes to wonder how to put other ranges I've seen into a card. As crafters I always think WE know what it's all about and the inspiration behind our creations, but let's face it, most of the people we give our cards to really don't "get" it a lot of the time I think! So when I do make a card I always try to think "If someone gave this to me would I "get" it? And so when I design I try to make sure there are always sentiments that match if I can. The only thing I'd change on this card is to make the apron from fabric and the tops of the jars from fabric too - I may have to make it again as now I thought of it it will bug me till I do!
...and here from the same Summer Season on the CD is another card - you can tell I made this the same time can't you, same papers too hand, I'm suuuuch a lazy crafter!! Love the little bear and he appears throughout the CD - very cute but not in a "fluffy" forever friends/popcorn kinda way which is just too sickly sick for my tastes. Watch out for more of him, I think he will appear again sometime!

Ok, something a bit September we launched a small range of plastic template called Template everyone loves the Paper Boutique Series so much I decided to do the mylar templates for people who love my designs but aren't into CD crafting, or who just prefer to have the plastic instead of printing templates all the time.
There are 15 in the range and hopefully they're a little bit different to all the others that are on the market.  Most templates, I find, are so overly simple and I think they are completely overpriced for what they are. There's no reason for this other than needing the imagination and having faith that the customer will know what to do with it. As a real crafter I always want you to have more than one use from a product I design and this is the ethos behind everything I do.
This Poinsettia pop-out can also double up as a flower pop-out as well and it's done in a way that you have the template to just make stunning flowers - so 3 uses in one!
I love this project. This is a notelet/card folder I designed for a card class a few months back and I also used it to demo on C&C as well. This is so versatile we've actually done 3 or 4 different versions of it at class now, you can make it adapt in lots of different ways and despite looking really complicated it's such an easy thing to make.
All the papers here are from the Love and Cherish CD
(I think, eek!).
Apologies for the crappo pics with the pooter in the background!
This opens out and I made 2 little pockets and some small notelet cards and envelopes inside for a little pressie for someone. I like to make cards which are a gift, I'm not mean but in our family we don't go in for loads and loads of pressies and it means I can give something without making the other person feel bad they didnt get me something back.

Ok, this is my last post today, I've bored myself let alone anyone reading this mammoth sesh, but I had to show you my little friend here. A very lovely lady called Louise made this cute little fella for me ages and ages ago, bless her!! I think I'm becoming well known for loving anything owl, wonder if I shall die being known as that mad owl-lady!! hahah! So thankyou Louise, I love him and he sits on my desk next to my screen.

Right thats it from me now - are you still alive, or come to think of it, even awake???

Ahh well. See ya then zzzzz