Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ho Ho Ho...Simply Homemade Magazine

Hey Dahhhlinks!!

Me again  - wow so many posts haha!...Again I'm back today with something else from issues of Simply Homemade Magazine which is one of my favourites here in the UK...

I lost track of the issue these were in but it was issue 61 and 62 I think (me bad, so sorry!)....

I was asked to do a little upcyling/ homespun kraft feely theme to some makes...
I used papers and elements from my Picknix Nordic Winter collection which you can get here either on CD or download if you love it as much as I do - it's great for getting a really modern but festive look to all your cards, decorations and gifts this year, I just love it.

I drew this Santa earlier in the year and I have to say I just adore him he's soooo cheerful and gorgeous you just pray this is actually what Santa does look like don't you - and I love having my Father Christmas dressed in non-red outfits, I just think it makes him a little different.

I have to thank my friend Susan as she inspired me with this amazing star shape! She made this last year on a sample for me and I vowed to make my own - it only took me a year but I got there in the end - thanks Aunty Sus!
Don't you just LOVE the height and depth you can get with this, it's amaaaazing!  There was a template for the star included in the magazine so try and find it - I tried but I couldnt get the link for some reason....
I don't know why but I think this is one of my fave Xmas cards I ever made, I just really like everything about it and it didnt take very long at all....

This whole card was made from the Picknix Nordic Winter collection - I just added some kraft card and lots of glitter. The flourish die is Tattered Lace.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Upcycled Festive Humbugs

Hey Dahhhlinks!!

So I totally forgot about some projects I did way back when for a couple of issues of Simply Homemade Magazine which is one of my favourites here in the UK...

There are a few so I'm going to share these with you over the next few days : ) 

I lost track of the issue these were in but it was issue 61 and 62 I think (me bad, so sorry!)....

I was asked to do a little upcyling/ homespun kraft feely theme to some makes...this jar was an absolute bargain snip at just £1 - from Poundland of course! LOL!
Filled with yummy humbugs although I have to confess they were a little stuck together when I tried to steal one out the jar before sending it off to the magazine haha. I just basically did a quick make by creating a wrap with kraft card and strips of papers, a few ready made embellies and bob's your uncle - a great £1 gift for a neighbour or a stocking filler - it would make a great favour to add to the place settings on the Christmas table too, I think I'd like to add the person's name to the front as an actual place setting, it would be really different and so much better than a naff cracker.

I used papers and elements from my Picknix Nordic Winter collection which you can get here either on CD or download if you love it as much as I do - it's great for getting a really modern but festive look to all your cards, decorations and gifts this year, I just love it.

I'll be back tomorrow with more loveliness from this collection xx

Sunday, 22 November 2015

We Love 2 Create and a Giveaway!

Hi! Happy Sunday!!

My turn to post over at We Love 2 Create challenge today and I am determined to make more 'me' time to craft my way that I really love so hopefully you'll be seeing a bit more mixed media from me in the coming months, it's very good to renew my creative juices LOL.

The We Love 2 Create challenge is ANYTHING GOES so you can all enter! Get over there now! 

As you all know I do love my colouring but I also adore creating mixed media - just letting go of all your inhibitions and just throwing it on whatever you're doing and see what the result is. I'm not one for making plans, I actually think creatively it can be very restrictive so I just go with the flow and see what happens, I really think a lot of people totally overthink it - just let it be what it is.

I'm actually going to choose a random commenter to receive this little piece of me as a giveaway so if you'd like to win this please leave me a comment below and I'll pick one out at random. 

I've had this Oddella fairy image printed off for ages and have been dying to do something funky with her but havent had chance to sit down properly with my Stampbord and PanPastels for a while.

I transferred this digistamp onto my Stampbord using a laser print and Acetone (just print with a laser printer then rub acetone over the image to transfer it onto virtually any surface). Nail varnish won't work because it's not pure Acetone by the way (well it doesnt for me anyway) - but you can get Acetone from Boots the chemist and it's only a couple of quid for a decent size bottle - just look in the nails section I think it was or ask at the counter.
Basically it's just like working your blender pen, it evaporates off really quickly just make sure you're in a ventilated space as it is a little stinkypoos...I apply it just with a tissue over the top of my paper.

I didnt get a brilliant outline (cheapo copy paper works better than printing on good card) but I quite like that as I then traced over the faint lines with a fineliner to outline them more and it meant I got more of a sketchy feel which was fine for this anyway....

This is a 3" Stampbord coaster. If you've never used Stampbord before it's a piece of hard wood with a white clay surface applied to one side. The clay is super silky smooth (it's sooooo tactile you wont be able to stop stroking it) but the clay will take any pigment virtually and it drinks up PanPastel pigments, paints, inks, watercolours, alcohol markers, alcohol inks - it just loves everything and gives you an amazingly smooth surface to stamp on. Also because it's clay you can scratch into the surface - but, want to know the best thing about Stampbord?

If you go wrong you can sand it back and start again with ZERO waste - yes, ZERO WASTE!

I just coloured the surface with various PanPastel colours, some went on dry with a Sofft tool or a small paintbrush, others I mixed up with a little water to paint on where I wanted a more vivid colour. I then scratched into the Stampbord to get some texture, scratched out the pink heart and some details as highlights and as we are all thinking of Paris this weekend, scratched out the word Peace as it just was the only thing that came to mind. 
The background is made using a star texture stamp and versamark ink, it just holds the pastel so well, and I sprayed with hairspray in between layers to seal them and enable me to layer the colour up properly. 
This is REALLY important - make sure you seal as you go, otherwise the PanPastels can actually mix too much and you end up with a brown sludgey colour - just use a cheap hairspray BUT...this will discolour and yellow over time so if you want an everlasting piece use an Artist Fixative or use the Maimeri Matte Medium in a spritz to seal instead (or another matt sealer but it needs to be sprayed or you'll smudge the pastel)....
Finally I edged the square with the Graph'It Glitter shake gold marker and added a few white dots using my Graph'It Shake white marker (best white in the world). 
I used the following products on my make: 

Stamp: Polkadoodles Oddella Fairy

The We Love 2 Create challenge is ANYTHING GOES so you can all enter! Get over there now! 


Don't forget - I'm actually going to choose a random commenter to receive this little piece of me as a giveaway so if you'd like to win this please leave me a comment below and I'll pick one out at random x

I've entered this make into the following challenge:

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Green green green - and Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils

It's time for a new pencil challenge over at the Pencil Cases! Please pop over and join in we have some lovely prizes and you can win a set of these amazing pencils too! YAY! 

I've not had much time this week but this was also the first real foray into the green section of my Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour tin LOL, so it was quite exciting mixing them all up! I had a jolly green time in the end just playing around - problem is as usual I forgot to write the numbers down but basically I mixed a bit of everything together! My favourite green is by far and away Veridian but it's more of a bluey green really but I have to use it somewhere! The dress was cedar I think...
The face is brown ochre with some cinnamon. 

So please pop over and join in the challenge - it's all about the greens!

See you here again tomorrow! 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Christmas colours at Graph'It colouring challenge

Wow the weeks are flying by right now! We are uber busy as ever at Polkadoodle towers but i'm managing to keep up - somehow- with some colouring challenges even though all my aches and pains are still with me...I'm trying not to moan about it too much as I know I have it pretty easy compared to most people but I guess it's all relative and when you're busy constantly it gives you a reality check and makes you remember how old you are LOL!....

So today is colour challenge day over at Graph'it and I had to try and remember the colour palettes from my teeny brain and I completely misinterpreted them but never mind...I wanted to keep the colours on this one really light and soft...
apologies this is completely out of focus but I was really struggling with the light and just after I photographed this I then used it for another project which has changed it completely so I couldn't retake the pic...
Which brings me on to backgrounds...they can completely transform your colouring...this is the same image 30 mins later after I added her to a journal page and used Pan Pastels and stamps to create a background for'd think it was a completely different image but I did nothing whatsoever to the image other than tear it out, glue it down and then sweep colour around it, the image itself is unchanged...
The image is from Polkadoodles Ickyink range available here.
Graph'It colours used:
skin: 4124, 4145 cheeks, 4150, 3105
hair: 7220, neutral grey 2, 4, 6, 8
clothes: 4145, 4135, 4105
Graph'It silver and gold glitter Shake, White Graph'It Shake

Please pop over and join in the challenge - it's all about Christmas colours this week so a nice easy one to enter and you can win some great prizes!  xxx

Friday, 13 November 2015

Sparkles and Christmas

Well as usual it's for me but I had this palette stored in my virtual mind when I cane to colour up this stunning image from our sponsors over on the Graph'It challenge today which is sponsored by MIC...check it out here....
I'm really struggling with some bad neck, shoulder and back pain at the moment (yes, caused by way too much colouring, surprise surprise!), so I'm trying to restrict myself to only colouring for an hour, I honestly can't take much more but man o man it makes you stop faffing about and just get on with it LOL...I think this was actually 1.5hrs in the end if i'm truthful and I'd have liked to spend more time on the shading really, I didnt get so much light and shade on Santa as I'd have normally done. But I really thought the richness of this colour palette worked for this image and it's nice to see Santa dressed a bit different - after all he kinda looks like a steampunk Santa lol!....I wanted it to look like he was taking a break so I added lots of snow onto him where it had begun to settle (I think I went a little OTT in the end haha)...
Colours I used:
Skin: 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105
Hat/Leggings - greens 3150, 3160, 3180
Coat: 7155, 7165, 7180, 7280, 6155
Reds: 5240, 2170, 6155
Sky: 6155, 6160 plus dots made with blender pen
Snow roof: 4110, 7105, 7220
Snow: Graph'It Shake white marker

See you soon! xx

Saturday, 7 November 2015

F = Fierce with Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils

Happy Saturday!
Come join us over on the Pencil Case today for a brand new challenge - you can enter ANY colouring and we have great prizes so come over and join in with us.

I chose this image from our sponsor which is quite Halloweeny but I wanted to colour her up in a non Halloween way which was a little tricky, but this is one of my favourite colour combo's of all time, I just love the retro feel of these colours. Sorry but I didnt get chance to make up a card...

Pop over to the blog HERE to find out what colours I used etc.

See you soon! 

Friday, 6 November 2015

Glittery Sparkles with Graph'It markers

Time to join in over on the Graph'It Colour challenge today, and our theme is everything sparkle and glitter - and what crafter doesnt love a little glitter, right?

Go join in the challenge here - you can win some lovely digis and markers - whoop!

This image is from this week's sponsor - you can find out more over on the blog.

My aim with this was to  do a glitter effect without actually using a glitter product so I hope I achieved it, I just literally used red and green markers to create dots then applied my white Graph'it Shake to highlight more dots and sparkles. 

I have to confess that the dark background was actually added with Pan Pastels as it was an afterthought just to give me a bit of a thing I do really love about doing this is if you apply Pan Pastel OVER the top of the White Graph'It Shake you get a really subtle effect - the PanPastel actually colourises the white so it's a really nice effect - purely by accident - but it helps to give you a more blended tone with your dots (and anything else obviously).

I have to say the GI White Shake is my must-have product I simply can't ever live without now - I have about 6 because I fear losing it and I am SO precious about it, it literally goes everywhere with me, people underestimate how important a white pen is in your stash!

Colours used: Mouse - 4120, 4145 & 4125 for cheeks and skin and nose, 7101, 7109 for shade
Red 5240, Green 8180, Hat = 8150, 8160, 8180
7101, 7109, 9504
2180 Mimosa for the middle of the sparkles
Graph'it shake white marker

See you again soon! 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Colouring with PanPastels at We Love 2 Create

It's time for a new challenge over at We Love 2 Create with Pan Pastels this week - make sure you pop over and join in!

PanPastels really are the most amazing product - VERY under-rated with the craft market but totally appreciated globally by Artists because they understand how versatile and easy they are to use.

If you don't know what they are and what makes them different, think of a normal Artist's Pastel stick - then grind it down to super super micronic (is that a word?) powder, compress it into a cute little pan that fits in your hand and voila!...Pan Pastel!

Basically it means you get less crumble and less crumbs and breakage than when you use a stick! Genius! And less waste, obviously so they literally last you for YEARS and YEARS. PanPastel is pure pigment which means it can be added to almost any other wet medium to create colour!...water, gesso, paint, glue, glitter, PVA, Glossy Accents, Clay - basically if it can be coloured, Pan Pastel will do the job. SO SO versatile, I dont know another craft product that does as much as this quite honestly.

Anyway, the Adult Colouring craze is growing more and more momentum and over at Polkadoodles we have embraced it 200% with my new range of digital colouring books and pages.
As crafters, we don't think about using PanPastel to colour in our images - DOH!! I realised this last year and the first time I tried it blew me away down the road at how easy and how great the results are. You just need the right tools....

which are...
Decent tooth paper - like Bristol or a smooth watercolour
PanPastel applicators - trust me, they ARE worth every penny!! There's a reason you need them. 

I really REALLY love colouring with my PanPastels, the super smoothness of the pigment makes it so easy to create really soft blending very easily and more importantly for me - very quickly.

I'm quite a speedy colourer inner anyway but this fish is A4 and can be found here  - and only took me about 2.5 hours from start to finish because you can cover such a large area and using the right PanPastel tools means the coverage is great.
In hindsight I wish I'd printed this image onto Bristol board or a smooth watercolour board as the results would've been much more vibrant but I didnt plan ahead, so this is just on a smooth paper (Ultimate Graphic from Polkadoodles). I had quite a lot of crumbles because it didnt really have enough tooth for me but I still like the results, just wanted a bit more colour. I used small paintbrushes dry and the PanPastel tiny applicators (like makeup applicators) to apply colour into the fine areas. The only other product I used was a grey Graph'It brushliner pen just to add some shadow detail back in on the fins as I lost it a little and the paper wouldnt let me add any more pastel, and the addition of the white dots with my Graph'It Shake White pen which I cant live without - it literally works on ANYTHING. Sorry I've not listed my colours I used as there was quite a lot on this piece, I just mixed everything I had to hand LOL.

Anyway, make sure you pop over to the blog at We Love 2 Create  - you can win goodies!!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

E= Eerie colours with Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils

So many blog posts, so little time LOL!
It's time for another pencil challenge with us over at the Pencil Cases blog...this week it's all about spooky Halloween/Autumn colours and of course, colouring with my amazzzzzzzinnnggg Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils which I am totally in love with. Sorry Prisma's, I know you're all lonely on that shelf over there but right now I need my Lyras because they're easier on my neck and hands...

My favourite season. This image is from the sponsor of the challenge, Oddball Art and I just adore her, check out the blog post to find out where you can get her. I was a bit of a div and forgot as usual to write my colours down as I went along, needless to say it was a selection from the 72 set LOL!

When I came to do my photo I hadnt had chance to make a card and she looked really dull just cut out so I threw - literally - a quick little canvas together using a watercolour art board. I had all my stash in the car and couldnt be bothered to get it all out so I mixed up some pan pastels with water to create a wash and then just dripped and splattered it on the canvasboard, and stamped a little sentiment. As I was splashing about a bit I got loads of splashes onto the image but I like it - gives her character I think!

Make sure you pop over and join in the challenge you can win some of these awesome pencils!